Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jul 28th & 29th - Oufits #31 & 32 - And the Wildcard

Busy weekend! They just fly by!

Yesterday I went to WW and then to play Ultimate Frisbee. 
I didn't have time to photograph them, but earrings are a gift from Megan - thank you!
I've noticed that I've done more outfits this month than any other previously - I'm up to 33 and I still have two days to go! We've had a lot of days with multiple events on, so more outfits have been needed.

This turquoise dress (last worn here, 3rd outfit) has been great all month. It does have some grease marks on the front, so hopefully those will come out.

This is the Periodic Table of Awesome cardigan (last seen backwards here). I also have on a grey cami (not part of the capsule). It's hiding my sports bra!
I really wanted to wear these shoes (last worn here) one more time - I'm going to consign them. Let us all take a moment to say good-bye.

While I was waiting for the bus to go to WW, I saw a mother deer and four spotted fawns! It was amazing. They were crossing an intersection diagonally - all the cars stopped and people were taking pictures.

Cardigan (Smoking Lily), dress (no label, thrifted), cami (RW & Co.), shoes (Qupid), earrings (gift from Megan Mae).

Nearly the end of the month and no Wild Card outfit? No fear! Our friends Greg and Candace had a house party, so I got to wear one of my favourite dresses:
AKA The Lettuce Dress
I bought this dress back in July 2010. It's a cotton eyelet and was $27.00 at The Velvet Crease (hi, Sally!). I've worn it here (Aug 2011), here (also Aug 2011, scroll down past the gnome!), here (May 2011, with crazy shoes!), here (Sept 2011, for a job fair), and here (Aug 2010).

And look! An old friend returns (aw!) - the Prepare Guides, maybe my favourite pair of Fluevogs ever. I last wore them in May's capsule (summary here).

I added my turquoise Shi Studio leather cuff, my Death Star ring, my Wendy Brandes ring and my locally-made feather earrings.
I had bad muscle cramps in my quads from Ultimate, so I really needed the comfort of these shoes.

I mean, seriously, they are too fabulous.
I can't stop looking at them.

Dress (Taylor, consignment), shoes (Prepare Guides, Fluevog), cuff (Shi Studio), earrings (local), ring (Stone Flower), lapis ring (Wendy Brandes).

L is off on Pender Island playing disc golf with the boys today, and he took the camera. I actually took these pictures last night. I don't normally do that, but we only have one camera.
The lovely Lorinda of Everyday Endeavours and I went for brunch and shopping again today. We always have good luck when we shop together! I'll have some loot pictures, but not till tomorrow. She also gave me one of the postcards of her art - it's so cool! Another piece I need to frame!

We went to WIN (Women in Need) and to The Velvet Crease. Awesome purchases at both stores!
I'm wearing my MMD button lemon!
I think I got this dress (last seen here) when I thrifted with Lorinda before! I last wore the jacket here, and the sandals here (3rd outfit).

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), dress (Smoking Lily, thrifted), shoes (Naturalizer, consignment), buttonflower (MMD).

Speaking of Ms. Megan, look at what she sent me in the mail! I picked it up at the post office just before we went out to the party last night.
It's by Wilson's Leather, so yeah, it's leather. I love the distressed pale grey colour and all the cool seaming it has.

The back:
Even reinforced elbows! Next time I wear it, I'll take a picture of the lining - some of it is striped!

Thanks, Megan, I really love it!


  1. Goodbye shoes! Hopefully you'll get a good return and can find something shiny and new to replace them.

    Hellooo~ Two of my fav pieces in your wardrobe. That dress always reminds me of super-high-fashion runway looks. I love how funky and fun it looks with the Guides.

    Eee! I'm still so pumped that jacket fits you! It was such a gamble, and I can't believe it fit. It looks amazing on you.

  2. Oooooo, LOVE that green dress! That looks amazing on you!! And that's pretty ingenious to pair it with the bright blue shoes.


  3. Oh wow!! That leather jacket looks like it fits you perfectly. I love it!

  4. Sheila...I think everything is great. I admire your dedication to your capsule wardrobe.

    The green dress is especially striking! It's very unique!

  5. My God, that turquoise dress is lovely. And I'm obsessed with the whole wild card outfit: both the dress, the shoes... sigh. Well done, as always!

  6. That jacket is beautiful, what a lovely gift!

    I really like your wildcard outfit -t eh colour and detail on the dress are very nice.

    Sad to see an end to the grey shoes - they are so pretty!

  7. Oh why don't we have the same size feets!? I will miss those shoes but if it's time to let them go, then it's time. =)

    I love the lettuce dress. That shade of green is perfect with your red hair. Glad you wore the Fluevogs with your wild card outfit.

  8. We had a busy weekend too and they do just fly by sometimes!!

    I love that green dress, it's seriously amazing and made even better by the jacket from Megan! Very nice!

  9. Wow--you looked awesome all weekend!! The green wildcard dress is stunning and a fabulous color on you!!!
    the jacket is amazing!
    The aqua fluevogs--oh how I have missed their fabulosity!

  10. Wow.... you have had more outfits!
    These all look so well put together - the lettuce dress is a stunner.
    I love the grey shoes you are taking to consignment, however I can only imagine why they are going there: they've been bad!

  11. I had such a great time yesterday Sheila! Thanks again for your great eye and even sharing the Sheila Stance with me!! xx

  12. Love the lettuce dress. Love the cool leather jacket. Love the abundance of style that permeates your blog. Coming here is like getting a dose of style, wrapped in sweet amusement.

  13. I can't stop looking at your shoes and the wildcard dress either. So in love!

    So happy Megan sent you that jacket! It's lovely on you!

  14. Megan is spoiling you! Amazingly beautiful jacket. I love the green, "lettuce" dress as Ally calls it.

  15. That green dress is super cute. You are all legs in it!


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