Friday, July 13, 2012

Jul 13th - Outfits #14 & 15 - Gold and Grey, and More Dragons

Happy Friday! 

I was awakened at 4 in the morning - by lightning! And rumbles of thunder. Very disconcerting - it rarely storms in Victoria, and when it does, it's usually in the fall. Crazy weather continued this morning, including tropical downpour and hail (!), until it finally decided to be sunny and clear again. 

And here I am in my thunder (grey) and lightning (gold).
Another fresh item for July's capsule (only 1 item left): this grey dress. I've had this since May 2010 - I bought it for $19.00 on trade-in consignment (so, free) at Leche's.

I first wore it here. I've also worn it here (July 2010, with all neutrals) here (Oct 2010), here (Feb 2011, 2nd outfit, winterizing it), and here (June 2011).
I noted when I bought it that it's "Holiday '08" from the Gap and that it has ridiculously inaccurate vanity sizing. It's a size 2. I am a size 6-8. NOT a size 2. Contrast this with the "anti-vanity" sizing that Megan's been encountering! Why you should always disregard the size and try on anything that looks like it might fit!

Anyway, I do like many things about this dress. I like that it has pockets, it's a fine wool/stretch blend, the ruffled scoop neckline. It's also a little short, and the sleeves are a little girly. But I get so many compliments when I wear it!

I've always been uncomfortable mixing gold and grey (and silver and brown) but it's really growing on me.
I last wore the gold shoes here. I love these - they are getting softer with all the wear this month.

The necklace and earrings I've had since 1983-84. Mom and Dad gave me the necklace from one of their trips abroad, I think, and the earrings are another item of Mom's that I "liberated." They used to be clip-ons; I converted them to hooks back when I acquired them.
It's an obvious difference in quality between the '80s necklace and the earlier earrings. I think the earrings are from the 70s - they're the same era as the gold chain belt I've worn recently (I used to wear all of this together - I've never been one to shy away from excess!).

Dress (Gap, consignment), shoes (Aldo, consignment), earrings (vintage 70s, Mom's), necklace (vintage 80s, gift from Mom and Dad).

Our friend's gallery is having an opening tonight, so I dressed up for us to walk down in about an hour.
Kind of revisting this outfit here (last wear of the top), but with the jacket off (and a convertible bra on!), my new black leather obi (purchased here for $14.00), and the same shoes I wore during the day. I last wore the pants here yesterday. All this remixing - it's making me giddy!

I like the semi-60s vibe of this:
My bigass gold bangle makes an appearance. It's too big for my wrist/hand, but I still like it.

Top (Le Chateau, thrifted), pants (Focus 2000), shoes (Aldo, consignment), obi (no label, consignment), earrings (Erica Weiner), bangle (Club Monaco).

On my way back from meeting L for a very brief lunch today, I walked past a consignment store and spotted these beauties outside on a rack:
I fell in love with the flowers, the two-tone red and the zig-zag leather over cork. They're Miz Mooz and are called "Lynn." They have no wear at all on the soles.
I'm totally putting these in next month's capsule. These were $49.00 marked down to $29.00, then the lady marked them down to $25.00 - nice!


  1. What bizarre weather. Hope everything is alright!

    Sizing is definitely wild. I usually try to look at the cut of a garment over the size. THEN check the size. THEN try it on.

    I love the spray of gold with the grey dress. It's got a very modern feel.

    A nice contrast to the retro feeling look of the pedal pushers and halter-esque blouse.

    How cute are the Miz Mooz! Great score.

  2. Something about that first outfit makes my eyes pop - in a good way. You look fantastic in this! Elegant. Cool. I am worried about mixing gold and silver, another old rule that needs breaking - you do it so well. And I hope you have fun at the opening, but maybe all eyes will be on you, not the art?!

  3. How do you DO that!? just happen upon the perfect pair of perfect fitting Miz Mooz... you look absolutely fabulous in both outfits. hope you have a great time tonight and are enjoying thunder storm 2.0!

  4. Super classy grey dress. And I love that coin jewelry. I'll definitely be voting for all these looks! ;) I'm gettin' the hang of this thing now.

  5. Be bold! Mix metals! You have my approval :-)

  6. The LeChateau top is so beautiful!!!!! I'm a little bit jealous...but in a good way. It's beautiful.

  7. Wow. Just wow. Sheila, we come here to see what unusual, creative and even wacky outfits you're putting together at the moment but this reminds us how conventionally beautiful you can be as well. The first outfit is amazing. Sophisticated, chic and uber-attractive.

  8. I was awakened at 5am and that storm kept going well into the day and evening.
    Love that big bangle and gold shoes.

  9. Ahh - the new shoes are brilliant. And I love the silver and gold mix in your first outfit. It's a great month for clothing, chez Sheila : >

  10. Those shoes might look really good with that grey dress. I love Miz Mooz!

    Your second outfit does look like an Asian/Beat fusion.

  11. Gorgeous outfits and I am SWOONING over your new shoes!!!

  12. Great find with the shoes! I really like your first thunder and lightening inspired outfit, that dress is beautiful :)

  13. I love, love, love the dress! Pockets! Size 2! (I was wearing a size *12P* in my biz nightgown post this week, go figure! 'Cause I'm usually 6-8 in dresses, too. Broad shoulders move me up from 4-6 in styles with sleeves.) You have great legs, and can totally do short skirts, but this dress looks like something that would layer nicely over longer skirts if you needed more length.

    I love that you guys can simply walk to all these glamorous events. Love that top and the obi emphasizes your tiny waist.

  14. Yowza on the gallery opening look! I don't think I have anything as small as a 2 in my wardrobe, but I have gradually learned to trust my eye in thrifting and I know I have anything from 4-12 in my closet.


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