Monday, July 30, 2012

Jul 30th - Outfit #33 - Orange & Turquoise, Plus a Loot Shoot and August Preview

Monday, Monday, la la...

Well, there's lots to cover today, so let's get a move on.
Outfit! One last wear for everything here. The black boyfriend jacket (last seen here, yesterday, 3rd outfit) has been so good to me this month. Into the drycleaning bag it goes!

This awesome silk top (last worn here, 2nd outfit) is so beautiful - I'm going to miss it.
My peachy suede skirt (last seen here) has proven that you can wear leather in the summer! The shoes (last seen here) are fabulous, but we bid them a fond adieu until next spring.

I'm also wearing a new pair of earrings, but we'll get to those in a bit.

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Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), top (Le Chateau, thrifted), skirt (Co & Eddy, thrifted), shoes (Poetic License).

I'm really excited to get into my August wardrobe. Seriously, I feel like a kid in a candy store at the end of every month! What will I wear? Ooh, the possibilities!

The lovely Lorinda of Everyday Endeavours gave me one of her beautiful postcards yesterday:
It reminds me of waves and butterflies and bubbles...and my August capsule wardrobe!

I recovered the camera last night from L and took pictures of all my loot that I found while Lorinda and I were out. We both had good luck at the jewelry counter at WIN (pictures of the Women in Need thrift store here, from February).

I found these gold-filled earrings for only $7.50. I pulled one off the card so you can see how they just slide on.
They still had the original price of $19.50 on them. I love the lightness and how they look (go look at the first picture of this post again to see).

Isn't the necklace amazing? It was also $7.50 - there are no marks on it or anything, but it has nice weight and lays nicely on. I like the multi-tones of gold/brass and the large scrolly shapes. Very me.

I found this fabulous periwinkle blue linen maxi skirt for $12.50. Its label has been removed, but it's fully lined and feels wonderful.
I am on a linen binge, I think. Well, for me. This is about 3-4 pieces I have bought recently.

I completely and utterly fell in love with this skirt:
It's 100% silk and yes, that is a FARM print on it! Horses, barns, a stream, much to love. It's by Gap and I think it's over 10 years old, as the labels don't look like any of the modern Gap stuff I've bought. It was $14.50.

I also nabbed this fantastic double vest:
It fits very snug, like a corset almost. It could work with my steampunk stuff as well as in a capsule. It's by Le Chateau and was $10.50.

This was my major score of the day. I am so excited to wear this dress, I might not be able to save it for my December capsule!
Okay, I know, it doesn't look like much on the hanger, but it is thick satin, with a very fitted, boned top, and an almost-circle skirt. The sash is about 5" wide, so just picture how perfect of a cocktail dress this is on!

Just feeling it, you know it's quality. It's by Robin Jordan and was only $18.50. That's insane. It had to have sold for close to $200 originally, I'm sure.

I always check out the accessory section, and was rewarded with this autumnal-toned silk scarf:
I love the tessera-look of the edge. It's by "The Vero Studio" which makes me smile, because I have a good friend named Vero(nique). As you can see by the tag, it was $4.50.

From WIN, we headed over to The Velvet Crease. Lorinda really cleaned up there - she got a fantastic INC drapey top and the most gorgeous shift dress in brown and cream. Lorinda, you have to wear that to the next Art Gallery event!

I did pretty good myself, scoring this lovely red dress:
I love a dress with a sleeve! Why are they so rare? This is by Planet (the UK company), which is carried by The Bay in Canada, so I know the regular price would have been around $250. It was $40, and I know it's going to be an excellent basic. The draping in the middle is way more flattering than I thought it would be!

I am sticking to my resolve to try to get more good quality basic items! I found this simple reversible V and scoop necked sweater for $16.00.
It hangs funny, but fits like a dream. It's 50/50 silk and cashmere and is made in Scotland.

What do you think? What's your favourite of yesterday's items?

While you mull that over, here's a sneak peak at August's capsule wardrobe! The clothing:
I have an unprecedented 5 dresses in this wardrobe! There are some new acquisitions but some old favourites as well. The colour palette is green, yellow, pink, purple and red, with beige, white, olive and denim as the neutrals.

The shoes:
Just 6 pairs, but four of them are flats. This is the first month with no Fluevogs! Aw...


  1. I really have to try out this challenge with you one of these months. Your color palette for August is inspiring. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. That necklace is especially heavenly and so is your skirt! There's just not enough clothing out there in that color in my opinion. I'd love to find a warm coat that color, pants in that color, skirt in that color, shoes in that color, a car in that color....

  3. Oh wow! It's nearly the end of another month. I love the blue paired with the orange. And the shoes complete the look perfectly.

    You picked up some good scores. My eyes lit up when I saw the vest. Very steampunk while still being wearable every day. The cream sweater sounds like it feels amazing. Wish I had a better shopping place for knits!

    I'm seeing a lot of pink for next month! No Vogs, but those gorgeous new flats will make up for it.

  4. I love the satiny dress--is it brown? And the silk "farm" skirt and the new red dress!

  5. Your August capsule looks delicious - so many wonderful colours and textures. No Fluevogs for a month?! I think I like your farm skirt best on the hanger but I can only imagine that Robin Jordan dress on... All great buys!

    1. I know! But I don't have any "summery" Fluevogs! Hmm...this seems an oversight?

  6. Oooh, love the farm skirt, the vest and the cocktail dress. I wonder how soon each of them will be putting in an appearance?

    I always want to wear new things straight away, so I really admire your restraint in being able to save them for future capsules.

    1. The vest and farm skirt will both be in fall/winter capsules. I might wear the cocktail dress as a Wild Card outfit, but for sure it will be in the December capsule. Party month!

    2. Oh, and re: my restraint...that actually helps me rein in my impulse buying, knowing that I can't wear it right away. Thinking, " I really love this enough to let it sit for 4-6 months?" If not, I have to reconsider.

  7. Love the peek at the next month's capsule! I really like your last outfit for this capsule too, the orange and blue works well together :)

    So many pretty shopping purchases - I think the red dress is my favourite!

  8. Love, Love, LOVE the farm skirt. So cool! A month without Fluevogs is sad indeed but you have those lovely mauve Chie Mihara flats so I'm sure you'll do just fine. I'm interested to see how you mix those colours together in August.

    and yes! More Sleeves, please!

  9. I adore your loot pics :) It's almost like shopping vicariously.

    And your lovely skirt reminds me I do have an orange Talbot's jacket thrifted in Charleston in March. If only the durn weather would ease off a bit, I could wear it...and be cool like you :)

  10. Sheila: July was fun with all the beautiful colours, but August looks fabulous. I know you say dresses, but you can do so much with dresses - they can star as a top or a bottom. I know what you mean about having a shopping buddy that seems to bring the best of luck during the process. You will have to have a Christmas in Sept. party!!
    Peg - UI

    1. Oh, I know! That's one of the things I love about dresses is the ability to layer them with other items.

  11. Ah, so much beauty! May I say I LURVE that Gap skirt, and cannot wait to see it on you. Ditto the red dress and creamy "classic" top. Great shopping there, my friend!

  12. This is my favorite outfit of yours for July! The colors work together so well, it's so pretty!!!

    Looking forward to your looks for August!

  13. Love these colors together, you look fab. Looking forward to a new capsule.

  14. Oh the Gap "farm" skirt is gorgeous. Love that it's silk. The brown cocktail dress also looks gorgeous!

  15. Oh I love that vest! The scarf is gorgeous as is everything else. I love the farm pattern skirt, especially because the pattern is angled and it adds such a cool vibe!
    Love the outfit you are wearing. The shoes top it off so well. I crush on your style!

  16. What a haul! Well done. I like the look of the next capsule, some great purply-pinks in there.

  17. LOVE the outfit--and those shoes!! I too will miss them!!
    You scored BIG time--I think my favorite is the cocktail dress and the Gap farm skirt!!
    Can't wait for August's ensembles! The preview looks amazing!

  18. I am a total fan of your matchy-matchy shoes and outfit - plus i like how you brought in the boyfriend blazer to tone things down.
    AND your shopping.... your shopping Sheila is just amazing - the necklace and the scarf that has the exact print as antique floor tiling is my very VERY favorite. Oh, and i had never seen anything other than Scotch made in Scotland - makes me want to touch that top.

    1. Scotland is actually well known for its wool products, either woven (like kilts) or knit (thick sweaters).

  19. I am just WILD over that vest, then again I live for red dresses. Sooo dramatic. I thrifted a sweater very similar to yours, (without the beautiful fabric), and thought it would be great for fall, but wore mine the other day and died of heat stroke going between the door and the car. Won't try that in a heat index of 114F again. While that lovely peach suede has me wanting a suede skirt, I think it's not going to come out until late November. Think you could give us a sneak peek of you in that beautiful satin dress or are you going to tease us a while?

    1. Lol, I will wait for cooler weather to wear my sweater!

      Um...I might be wearing the dress this weekend - we have a birthday party to go to. ;)

  20. You are absolutely amazing! I can't keep up :) The skirt IS beautiful. Can't wait to see what you pair it with.

  21. yum, the August colors look sweeeet!

    but i have to say how much i've enjoyed the turquoise/orange combos on you. It really shows off your hair and complexion, suits your personality, and is especially fresh and inspiring this time of year. Yay!

    " Seriously, I feel like a kid in a candy store at the end of every month! What will I wear? Ooh, the possibilities!" that's great! i know some people have the idea that approaching your wardrobe with planning, discipline and forethought is just going to make things boring and dull and drain it of creativity.....but you're showing that if you do it right you keep things fresh and exciting. Yay again! Have fun!! steph


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