Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18th - Outfit #20 - Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

Well, it's been a day. I made the best of it in yellow! and orange! and stained glass shoes!
This is my yellow dress and my "stained glass" 80s shoes (last worn here with these same shoes) with my orange sweater (last seen here, 2nd outfit) over top of it.

There are awards floating around in the fashion blogosphere and I've been gifted with several of them over the years. I don't pass them on - not because I don't value them - but I follow and read a lot of blogs, and there are simply too many that I love to narrow it down. I also do my own favourite blog awards ("It's a Major Award!") once a year, which you can view under "Awards" in the "Stuff About Me" tab.

Anyway, the lovely Lisa of Dangerous Curves has bestowed the honour of an award upon me. I encourage you to check her out - she loves old school glamour! As always, play along if you feel like it, but because this is my blog and I like to talk about me, here are 7 things about me.

1. I'm right handed.
2. We're having chicken curry for dinner (over brown rice). I like it spicy hot!
3. My current favourite band is Okkerville River.
4. I like watching people.
5. Apparently, I snore. I deny it.
6. I have no patience for shoes that hurt my feet.
7. I have a brown thumb. All plants I buy die.

Anyway, back to fashion!
Wee! I like how the yellow belt makes this dress look like a skirt - it fooled most people. These shoes are actually quite challenging to style, so I went simple with everything else.

The stuff:
To help tie in the white in the shoes, I wore this multi-strand pearl necklace and bigass pearl studs.


Okay, you ready? These 80s vintage shoes are disintegrating! The insides of them have gone all mushy and sticky. It's completely disgusting.
Be happy I didn't take a picture of the gunk on my feet!


So...much as I love how cool these shoes are, they are going into the donation bag. Aside from the incredibly awful feeling of shoes liquefying around my feet (the toes...*shudder*), the leather is also extremely rigid and is rubbing my feet raw. I am hereby enacting the 2nd instance of my "loosey goosey" rule (full rules here):

    Damaged, stained or otherwise ruined clothes may be substituted for a like item (i.e. a stained shirt can be traded for another shirt). 
I'll be swapping these for a pair of much-needed flatter shoes:
The Predictions shoes (as you can see by my wordage) are not the greatest shoes, but who doesn't love a nice dark red almost-flat shoe?

Well, the universe must have known that my vintage shoes would fail on me today, so it (in the form of the mailman) delivered me these beauties today from Fluevog!
They are the Impulse Presence by Fluevog (I link because I love, not for profit, freebies or discounts). These are on sale on the Fluevog website right now. I bought a 9.5 - I usually wear a 9.5 or a Euro 40. They are tight in the toes (I have narrow feet) and come up quite high at the back of the heel - they're very flat, but have nice padding inside. They will break in quickly, I think.

 As I've mentioned before, one major thing that this capsule challenge is teaching me is the value of good quality walkable shoes, whether those are flats, platforms or a kitten heel.

I had intended to use the cheapy red shoes above in a future capsule, but once July's is over, I'll be sending them to the pass-it-along pile and these lovely leather flats will take their place. All will be right with the world.
Admire the diamond shape on the heel!
I am very sad to say, however, that poor Megan, my East-coast twin was not so lucky in her purchase today. Sending you good vibes that your package is recovered soon!

Dress (Calvin Klein), sweater (Liz Claiborne, consignment), belt (Le Chateau), necklace (Plum), earrings (Aldo Accessories), shoes (vintage 80s, Elite, thrifted).


  1. Wowywowwowow! LOVE this look. I thought the dress was a skirt at first. I couldn't remember either of these pieces being in your capsule.

    Yipes about the shoes! That's similar to what happened to me with the gorgeous sandals I thrifted. I've pretty much learned not to buy any vintage shoes from now on because they've all done that.

    Hooray for the Vogs! They're super fabulous. I feel so bad for Megan. I've had very few issues with postal services/deliveries, but when they come up - they suck a lot. It's also why I'm so uneasy about shipping internationally - sometimes it can go awry!

    1. Yeah, it was really disappointing with the shoes - this is only the 2nd time I've had issues with thrifted shoes.

      I know, I hope it works out for her!

    2. Next time I will have my shoes mailed to my friend's store so she can sign for them.

      So sad. =(

  2. What a great pair of flats! I had no idea that Fleuvog made anything without the distinctive heel. Shame about the stained glass shoes, but I love the bold color-blocking of today's look.

    1. Thanks, Terri! Fluevog makes all kinds of shoes - I just happen to like the fancy ones. :) They do flat boots and very simple looks too.

  3. OH so bad about your lovely shoes!!! Are they beyond the help of a cobbler?

    1. Lisa, I wouldn't bother - they just aren't worth it to me to even try to fix.

  4. This fooled me too - i could have sworn it was a dress.
    Aw.... the mushy shoes. This happens to me a lot.Not vintage shoes but just shoes that do not get worn enough. Weather here is hot and humid and they fall apart :(

  5. Don't donate junk- even beautiful junk. Just throw those shoes away.

    BTW, I love your style and this blog!

  6. This outfit looks really pretty - it's happy. Also love the Fluevogs - I think the colour will be big come autumn.

    1. Narda, I agree! I think dark reds are going to be very big this year.

  7. It must be the glue that's eating away at the fabric/vinyl and causing it to create a new material that's alive with germs and fungus. haha Hope it's not eating away at your feet now.
    I do love those Fluevog flats. they're awesome, especially the detail on the back of the heel.
    That orange top over the yellow dress is very slenderizing on you.

    1. Joni, I think it's the actual lining of the shoes, which is not leather. The 80s version of PVC is probably just breaking down due to age.

  8. Your bright outfit is so cheerful! :)

    Such a shame that your shoes are falling apart, as they are so pretty! The new Fluevogs are gorgeous though, will be looking forward to seeing more of them in your future capsules :)

  9. Grinning because we were both wearing yellow skirts and multi-chain pearls on the same day. I love this look, and will be copying it (highest form of flattery), or at least taking inspiration from it with clothes I own. I do have a bright yellow skinny belt :)

    Oh, boy, yick on those lovely shoes, such a shame, but I agree squishy inside is just too icky to bear for long :o

  10. Yes, I am anxiously hoping that Canada Post will find my Black Impulse shoes. =( I haz a sad.

    I love the bright yellow and orange on you!

    And GROSS on the melting shoes! how disappointing. Is there nothing a cobbler could do to salvage them?

    1. Megan, I can imagine how expensive it would be to basically take the shoes apart, re-line them in leather and then put them back together. It's just not worth it for me.

      I haz a sad for you. :(

  11. Ack! for the shoe-goo. It must have felt yucky all day. I love, love your dress-as-skirt! And your new flats too - what a great color for fall (all year, actually : > )

  12. Like Megan, I thought the dress was a skirt at first too, but I still love it! I just told Lynne who also was wearing yellow, that I have a yellow skirt and I'm always looking for new ideas to style it - I think I may wear it with orange next based on this look of yours! I love this!

    And yikes about the shoes, I'd be getting rid of them too.

    I also apparently snore. And deny it. All the time. :)

  13. LOVING the outfit!!! The orange and yellow together is so vibrant on you!!
    Sad about the shoes----they were so cute, too. But the new Fluevogs are kickass!!

  14. Those shoes are soooo '80s! Can't believe they're ... rotting? Ew!

  15. Great outfit. It amazes me what you gals in the Advanced Class can do to transform items into other items. And it's nice learning more about you. I also refuse to admit I snore.


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