Friday, July 27, 2012

Jun 27th - Outfit #30 - Friday & A Loot Shoot

Happy Friday! Finally! I was in a great mood all day, and it was capped off with a little shop with Fiona.
I wasn't really dressed for shopping. This wrap-around sweater (last seen here, with the same shoes), is string-tastic - the black ties at the waist are about 2 feet long each, and they are a pain to undo and do up again over and over. However, I love the zigzag. So there's that.

I am having serious reservations about these pedal pushers (last worn here), although, yes, love the colour. I've washed them and they came out all wrinkly and they faded along the wrinkles. They also bag out in the butt. No one wants that!

The shoes (last worn here, last Friday) are great, but not for 3 1/2 hours of shopping. Fiona and I cruised through 4 shoe stores in and hour and a half (she bought a pair of red Tsubo mary-janes, yay!), and they were annoying to buckle and unbuckle. Plus, owie, not meant for that much walking.
But I liked the outfit!

I like how this pendant goes with other patterns.
It's nice to play with when I have it on; it's glass with steel on the back, and a layer of fabric sandwiched between.

Cardigan (Le Chateau, thrifted), cami (InWear), pants (Reitman's), shoes (Jones New York, consignment), pendant (Shi Studios).

As mentioned, I went shoe shopping with Fiona then spent another two hours on my own going through Dots. I haven't been there in a while, so I had to really go though everything. You guys, there is so much awesome stuff at Dots. If you ever come to Victoria, we'll go there.

Anyway, enough gushing, I did buy a couple of skirts.

Look, it's a big black blob!
Rectangle of doom!
Actually, it's amazing on. The hem is sewn under to the lining, so it has really interesting draping across the front and back when you wear it. The fabric is a medium-weight slightly rough jersey. It feels like wool, but it's not. It's by Isda & Co, and it's called the "Soft Structure Skirt." Regular price is $105; Dots price is $34.99. It'll look great with a chunky boot in winter!

Look, it's a blue blob!
You got a problem with blobs?
This is a sweater skirt with a thicker knit, like an actual sweater. In general, sweater skirts fill me with terror due to the dreaded "light bulb" effect on my butt and thighs. I had one in this same colour of indigo back in 1986-7 (only ankle-length) that I bought at Fairweather.

This one had everything: wide rib waistband, lining, good length (just below the knee), and a slightly flared hem (which gives it some swing). And it was $39.99, regular $100. The brand is Belamie - they make pretty funky stuff. This is probably one of the plainest items in their line. I really debated getting the matching sweater for this skirt. It had a wide drapey neck, and ruffly cuffs and hem. I didn't feel 100% in it, though, so I put it back. Maybe when I get a discount coupon.

I know these two skirts aren't my usual fun and groovy types of things, but I'm shopping new clothing at Dots and spending a bit more months, so I wanted to invest in a couple of good-quality neutral skirts for winter. See? I'm learning from my capsules and investing in good basics!

Speaking of good basics, check these out:
They're a steely-purple with grey suede flowers
I know! Again, they're a little different than my normal shoe purchases, but I've really noticed the past couple of months that I need more flat walking shoes in my wardrobe. I don't usually go for the ultra-flat ballet shoe, but the wee heel, the wrapped toe and the cluster of flowers just called to me.

These are Chie Mihara. Normally, I can't afford this brand - these were over $300 new! I got this pair for $90 because they were a return to the store. Yay for me! They are supremely comfortable and will be in August's capsule. I can't wait to wear them.


  1. Awww I really love the color combination, too bad about the pedal pushers. I know colored denims were trendy, but that doesn't mean we don't want our clothes to last in the wash!

    Congrats on the skirt scores! I'm doing similar things as you - minus the capsule. I realized how bad my turnover rate was getting with thrifting and had to stop it.

    I LOVE the toe on those shoes and the funky heel shape. I'm not a flat-ballet person either but they packed so much into one little flat. Major score on the price. Chie Mihara has always made lust-for items, but I've never shelled out for a pair. I think you'll get a lot of use from those.

  2. Love the shoes! Shame your outfit wasn't perfect for shopping, at least it looked nice :) And you still managed to get some great purchases.

  3. I love those shoes!! And no, I don't have a problem with blobs...I say that now so I don't have nightmares later. ;) It's kind of scary really. haha
    I'm going to look up Dots. I'll be in Victoria most likely on August 13th. There's a fantastic second hand shop in Duncan I love too. Can't remember the name though.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Drop me an email if you're into meeting up. :) Would love to show you some of my favourite shops!

  4. did I say Vancouver?? I meant Victoria. ;)

  5. I find you can get some good buys now on "winter" items. Those shoes look so comfortable. The colour is great and 'comfort' is important - especially when you are shopping to add to your wardrobe! Peg- UI

  6. Chie Mihara! Great find. So jealous. =)

    The outfit is very nice but too bad about the pants. They are a great summer colour but if they have those problems they might be more trouble than they are worth.

  7. Great finds! I've still never delved into the depths of Dots. For shame!

  8. I wish we had Dots here! I really like your so-called Blobs, b/c I know they will be ultra fabulous when draped on you, and very versatile.

  9. Oh no, baggy butt is the worst. But they look good in your pics, and your outfit is really tasteful and sexy, not the easiest combo to pull off.

    Your purchases are different, but I totally get the reason. As I "shop" my own closet, I'm realizing a gal needs some basic workhorses to mix the cool and groovy stuff with :p

  10. I love that red zigzag wrap sweater so much! It is worth dealing with the long ties; it looks fantastic on you.

  11. Your basics are such a good idea! I need to do more of that. The shoes are beautiful - unique and charming.

  12. The shoes, the shoes. I die! And if you have to wear painful sandals to justify a new purchase, wear them!

  13. I really like your outfit!! Even if your feet hurt you looked super-cute!!
    Love your purchases!! I'm finding that I need some basics to fill in also!
    Those shoes are ADORABLE!!!


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