Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jul 4th - Outfit #4 - Peg and Leslie Meet-up

Happy 4th of July to my US readers and blog friends! I hope you enjoyed your day off!

Today, I went less bright - and it was beautiful and sunny out. And here I am in a sweater, a crepe skirt and a full-length vintage slip on!
At least I had sandals!

This is the sweater I bought on consignment back here in April for $26.00. It's by Precis and is a lovely and soft thin sweater. The centre of the leopard pattern is actually a bluey-grey, so I thought it would look nice with my new-to-me-but-maybe-it-was-mine-to-begin-with skirt.

I got the skirt in early June (here, scroll down) at Value Village for $7.99. It's by Tobias (a Canadian-designed and made line that Plum carries), and as I mentioned before, I think this was actually MY skirt that I gave to my friend Jeannie. I'll have to check with her to see if she donated it!
Swooshy hem!
The shoes are one of the oldest pairs that I own! I've had them for about 11-12 years, got them on consignment at the Velvet Crease when I was too heavy to actually fit into any of their clothes. They're Jones New York, and I think I paid around $26.00 for them.

I've worn them before lots, although almost always in summery weather: here (June 2008), here (July 2008), here (June 2009), here (August 2009), here (July 2010), here (August 2010), here (June 2011), and here (September 2011).

The stuff:
Your basic black accessories.

Sweater (Precis, consignment), skirt (Tobias, thrifted), belt (Plum), shoes (Jones New York, consignment), cuff (Guess, thrifted), earrings (The Cobbler).

I met up with the classy and chic Leslie, the Hostess of the Humble Bungalow (we went shopping here, back in November 2011) at a pub in Oak Bay. That's Leslie in the centre.
Of course, I am the grinning idiot on the left
The ethereally lovely Peg from up-Island* joined us. Peg has been commenting on my blog for ages - I believe we "met" when she recognized the Gnome with the Biggest Hands (this guy here and here, from travel posts in August and at Christmas) and realized we both lived on the Island.

The pub is called The Penny Farthing. I've always thought I would like to live in it. I bet Vizzini would like to walk along these beams.
So pretty!

Of course, a pub called The Penny Farthing has to have...
...a penny farthing bicycle! (And can't you just imagine having a bedroom upstairs there?)

Thanks for the wonderful evening, ladies! You are both amazing. *hugs*

*up-Island: anywhere north of Victoria on Vancouver Island. We all say it. "Where're you going for Canada Day?" "Camping up-Island."


  1. That is a fabulous printed sweater. Love the fact that the skirt may actually have been yours! I know I've run across things I've donated in stores before. It's only been a few times. I've even picked it up and gone "Oh this is c- I think this was mine."

    Sounds like an awesome meet-up at a beautiful location! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. Sheila:

    I totally do that too - imagine living in restaurants and pubs! and I pick out where the rooms would be, the french doors etc.

    It's funny that you bought the same skirt you gave away.

  3. What a lovely meet up Sheila...
    it was great to meet Peg and she is lovely.

    I hope that you and I can get a shopping expedition at VV over the summer!
    sweet dreams,

  4. Lovely outfit, I like the jumper with the skirt :) I hate it when I over or under dress for the weather - but at least you looked stylish while doing so :)

    Looks like a fun evening out too!

  5. Pretty and swooshy. A great meet-up outfit. =)

    Last night I was trying to determine what is my oldest piece of clothing and apparently it's an old t-shirt I bought while I was in high school. I just sleep in it so I don't think that really counts. I should try to figure out what my oldest pair of shoes is...Hmmmm

  6. How wonderful to have a meet-up with Leslie and Peg. I love Leslie's blog; she's a great writer and seems such a warm person. You look smashing in your animal print plus maybe-your-own-skirt!

  7. OOOO--love the outfit!! ROFL about the skirt possibly being your originally!!!

  8. What a fun looking meetup! That pub looks so fun!

    Considering you've had those shoes for so many years they look fantastic! And I've definitely pulled stuff off the rack at the thrift store and gone "didn't I used to have something like this..."

  9. You guys look like you had a lovely time. Thanks for sharing pics!

    Those are gorgeous sandals, and it will be funny if that beautiful skirt was set free but then returned home :)

  10. It looks like everyone had a great time. Loved your closet pages, I'm inspired by your organization.

  11. What a fabulous place for a meet up! I read Leslie's blog. Does Pam have one too?

    Nothing like giving a skirt away to make it seem new again.

    1. Peg doesn't have a blog, but she's a wonderful reader and commenter. Peg! Read Terri's blog! :)


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