Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jul 5th - Outfit #5 - Dragons and Bugs

Today was gorgeous and sunny! Naturally, being somewhat contrary, I wore black. In fact, I wore a suit.
I know! I rarely wear suits - and to be strictly truthful, I didn't purchase these two black pieces together. But eh, black is black and jacket + pants = suit. At least in my book.

The jacket I thrifted back in June 2009 for $26.95, and I last wore it in January of this year. Black suit jackets (especially a nice boyfriend-cut one like this) are always a useful item in one's wardrobe - and because they are a classic, they're fairly easy to thrift or find on consignment. This one is a very lightweight wool (a really nice fine texture that breathes) and it's Banana Republic from Fall 2005. How do I know it's from 2005? All BR (and Gap) interior tags say what season they're for. Go look, I'll wait.

Anyway, I've previously worn this jacket here (August 2009), here (Nov 2009), here (Jan 2010), here (Feb 2010), here (March 2010), here (Sept 2010) here (Nov 2010), here, (March 2011) here (April 2011), here (June 2011, last outfit), here (July 2011, 2nd outfit), here (July 2011 again, 2nd outfit again - I really like wearing it in July, apparently!), and here (Oct 2011).
For me, that is a LOT: 14-15 times (and probably a couple of times where I just threw it on as outerwear and didn't take a picture. Ha! I'm down to less than $2.00 per wear!

The pants have also been in my wardrobe forever, since here (June 2008) - I bought them at Winners for $19.99. I have previously worn them here (Sept 2008), here (Nov 2008), here (Feb 2009), here (May 2009), here (Aug 2009), here (June 2010), and here (Oct 2010).
Ignore the bra straps
Only 8 times over 4 years.

But I know you're all drooling over the colour and the shiny! This is the first wear of my silk dragon top, thrifted here (scroll down) in June for $9.50.
Shiny! Dragons! Turquoise!
I wore the jacket over this all day - it's a nice way to wear a pretty top that isn't workable for daytime wear. I'll have to throw on a convertible bra and wear dress this top up a bit more at some point this month.

Okay, now we look at the shoes.
Ah, sweet, sweet shoes
These are by Poetic Licence (I link because I love - I receive nothing from them), and I bought them at the Irregular Choice (again, I link because I love - I receive nothing from them) store in Carnaby Street in London back here in May 2010 (caution: long vacation post with shoes at the end). I adore Poetic Licence. My Kermit shoes from the May capsule are that brand, as are these blue/black ones (coming soon to a capsule this fall), and these burgundy/navy/grey/cream ones (which will also be featuring later on this year).

These were REALLY high to wear today! I've gotten out of the habit of wearing heels over 3" (these are 5 1/4" including the platform) and it took a little getting used to. My feet feel pretty good, though - if you're going to go high, you've got to wear good quality shoes. These were around $64.00 (converted from Euros). Gah! They're so much more expense here!

I have worn these a few times: here (June 2010 for L's birthday), here (June 2010, again), here (June 2011), and here (Aug 2011, 2nd outfit). They always provoke a really strong reaction when I wear them - they are one of my very favourite pairs of shoes!

Grandma W's gold leaf brooch and my gold cicadas went with the big, bold brights of the outfit well, I thought.

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), top (Le Chateau, thrifted), pants (Focus 2000), shoes (Poetic Licence), brooch (vintage 80s), earrings (Erica Weiner).

L and I got free tickets to the advance screening of "Safety Not Guaranteed" - it was a really sweet movie superficially about time travel (sort of) but more about two misfits finding a connection and belief in something. Recommended. (and yes, I wore this outfit to the theatre!)


  1. Of course, I love the shiny dragon top and the jacket is a nice solution to the bra strap problem. I like the shoes, but my legs would ache after a day of wearing them.

  2. Love the top with those heels! I've always admired brocade style blouses, but I've never been able to wear one without it feeling like a costume. Yours never do though, I think because you style them in a more dressy way.

    I adore those shoes! Poetic License makes some really really gorgeous shoes. I have loved both of my pairs. My only issue with them is their sizing is a little on the wonky side, but then again what brand isn't these days.

    Sounds like a great movie. I'll add to my list of things to see. I've actually been into Time Traveler stuff right now. I've got as my next book to read.

  3. The Asian inspired top is just beautiful. It's funny, today I purchased a dress from a thrift shop that is Asian inspired. It has the beautiful frog clasps and high collar...however, it is black with a white pattern, which is not so authentic looking. Still, I love it.

    You have such a unique style that still has that crisp, clean look.

  4. I'm definitely voting for this one when the time comes. One of your best! Love that top so much, happy to see it's debut. And those shoes, so perfect!!

  5. Lovely outfit! I like the shoes paired with that top!

    What's your secret for thrifting great blazers too? I never have any luck. Either doesn't fit right or doesn't look right :( I don't have much luck thrifting usually though.

  6. LOVE THIS!! The blouse is stunning!!

    The shoes::::::::slobber::::::::::: are amazing!

  7. I kinda got stuck on the picture of the amazing shoes, and now wonder if I'll be able to get anything done all day as I stare at them with adoration :P The highest heel I've been able to manage to date is 4" and then only in wedges. But I would love the tall power your shoes would clearly bestow upon shorties like me :)

    And oh, the beautiful top! One of our local thrift stores does carry quite a bit of clothing from India and Asia; you've inspired me to hunt for a similar top I can wear to work. (Because no one wants to see what I look like on the

  8. You teased us -- no shoes till the end of the post! The shoes are TDF, of course, and I love that brand too. Your dragon top is stunning and that color loves you.

  9. I remember when you first bought those shoes. I drooled over them then and I still want to steal them, now!

  10. Love the top and the shoes so much!! Such rich lovely colors!

    We'll have to check out that movie, it sounds good!

  11. Awesome outfit that makes you look like a million bucks (and probably feel the same). I covet those shoes so much. So fabulous!

    I need to invest in a good black jacket. You've convinced me with your numerous wears.

  12. Oh my, those shoes!! Makes perfect sense that they are from PL :)

  13. If you hear a thump in your closet tonight, that's just me sneaking in and stealing that blouse. Love.

  14. I just posted on Dashing Eccentric that I had decided just this last weekend that capris that hit midcalf just aren't that flattering, well, I take that back. At least on you they look fabulous. Of course those gorgeous shoes might make a gunny sack look fabulous. Kathy

  15. PS I really like the back of your hair. Kathy


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