Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jul 22nd - Outfit #25 - Happy Birthday, Sydney!

Today, we headed out to my 3-year-old niece's birthday party. I like seeing all my nieces and it's good to see my family. We're not an especially close family, so the times I see them are that much more special. 

I went for comfort, as I was nursing a bit of a hangover and my legs were stiff from Ulty.
Smoking Lily dress (last worn here), with my black cropped pants (last seen here, 2nd outfit). Of course, the older girls like to see what crazyass shoes I'll wear, so I broke out the extreme heels (last worn here).

These were not the most practical shoes for clomping around in a backyard with a bouncy castle and a bunch of very young kids, but one must sacrifice (hee).
They're not the most comfortable shoes, but I'm keeping them because they are so darned fabulous.

I picked up the scarf at Chapters (of all places) - it was on sale for $15. It's viscose and is very soft - I also like that it's the colour of creamsicles. Summer! It was excellent for covering my arms/back of neck when the sun broke through the clouds.

Dress (Smoking Lily, thrifted), pants (Focus 2000), shoes (Poetic Licence), ring (Le Chateau), scarf (Chapters), feather earrings (locally made).

I got the original work of art in the mail on Friday from Mary Walker (Mary posted about it here, and you can see the outfit it's based on here).
Isn't it cool? I'm going to frame it. Thank you, Mary! I love it!


  1. what a beautiful drawing! :) Lovely gift!

    I really like your orange scarf with this, and hope you had fun at the party :)

  2. Love the light orange and turquoise accents that you picked out of the colors of the dress. Very nice. That art piece is SO COOL; I would frame it too!

  3. THIS "older girl" ALSO loves to see your "craziness"! You are always inspiring. And that sketch - definitely frame-able! Very chic!

  4. That is a gorgeous outfit. I love the dress over the cropped trousers, and those shoes are simply amazing!!!

  5. The artwork is AMAZING!!! So Cool!!
    Love the oufit with the orange and pops of aqua. Crazyass or not those shoes are FABULOUS!!!

  6. Those shoes and dress are meant to be together. And some uncomfortable shoes are meant to be kept forever because of their fabulousness.

  7. I love this look, even if you wore it for comfort, it's super stylish and fun! And those shoes are awesome, I'd wear them if they were uncomfortable too!

  8. Nice!! Mary is going to get tons of requests like that now. Her drawings are awesome, every one of them.
    Love this dress over pants look on you. I just found a great pair of pants like that yesterday at my local consignment shop. Can't wait to layer them too.
    What is Ulty by the way? Some kind of exercise?

    1. Ulty is short for Ultimate Frisbee - I've linked to it in the previous post. You can Google it, or look it up on Wikipedia.

  9. Sheila, you are a FAB aunt for those little girls. I am sure they will be 'styling' their little outfits soon. Envy is a vice, but I love the SL dress. Peg - UI

  10. I would suffer for those shoes too (and also sit down a lot, and look fabulous). Love the SL dress too, and your new scarf. I bet you're a super Auntie!

  11. You look great wearing orange next to your face! I'm very jealous!

    Cool art from Mary!

  12. Glad you lived up to your shoe reputation! :-D

  13. Aww I knew you'd pick something awesome for your nieces! Those shoes are amazing. Sometimes you at least need one pair of crazy shoes, even if they aren't the most comfortable. The drawing is so cool! Adding to your blogger collection.

    Aaaand now I want to go find a creamsicle.

  14. I think it's cool that your nieces EXPECT wonderful shoes from you. And I like how you've arranged the scarf.

  15. Sheila, Sheila you continue to outdo yourself, as another one of your older readers, I am in constant awe of your inspiring outfits. I think this outfit has to be my all time favorite, the cropped slacks, the orange tunic top and the awesome shoes are like fashion perfection. I've also been meaning to tell you that I appreciate your ladylike fashion with an edge. Your fashion sense is so awesome, yet I get that you are very down to earth in the way you present it so that it is attainable for even us non-bloggers. You come across as a very real person and I really appreciate that. Kathy PS I am still sad that I had to return the most gorgeous Softt high heel leopard print shoes that were half price because the open toes pinched too much. Age does have some benefits, but wearing over 3 inch heels is not one of them. And my mom called that cake, Crazy Cake and I still have the recipe too. Oh brother, I'm on a roll...on my 34th b/d a package came in the mail and my 4 year old said, "Grandma sent you a cake." I told him she wouldn't send a cake clear from Idaho to New Orleans in the mail. I opened the package to find a whole birthday party inside, including a crazy cake, all the way from Idaho.

  16. I'm glad your art arrived safely, you take great pictures it looks even better at your house. I saw when you wore that cardigan backwards when I drew it I was thinking that would look better on the front and it does.

  17. I would have never known you had a hang over - you look so awake, bright and pretty !


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