Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 6th & 7th - Outfits #6 & #7 - Casual Friday and Orange You Glad It's the Weekend?

Yesterday was such a weird day. I met up with L and some friends who'd been on vacation after work. I drank too much wine (after missing lunch) and crashed when I got home. I guess I needed the sleep, though!
A repeat of my black jacket from Thursday (here), and three fresh items for the capsule.

This orange-y top has beading at the neckline. It's t-shirt material and has lots of room. Very comfy for warm weather, which has finally (finally!) started to smile upon us.

I first wore it here (2nd outfit) last June 2011, thrifted at the Hospice store for $4.50 (with store tags still on it!), and since then just here in August 2011 (last outfit).
This is my new-to-me denim skirt with the Canadian Coat of Arms buttons (picture) on it (purchased here for $7.99 at Value Village). It's by Stockerpoint. It was soft and lovely to wear!

The stuff:
My Fluevog Listen Up Ivanna shoes. I've had these since October 2008 (first wear). I bought them in Vancouver on a shopping trip with Ruth - they were on sale for about $199. I didn't like them until I put them on, then I was all, "Ooooohhhh....pretty!"

I've worn them a lot: here (March 2009), here (June 2009), here (Aug 2009), here (Oct 2009), here (Dec 2009), here (Jan 2010), here (Aug 2010), here (Nov 2010), here (April 2011). I guess 10 times previously is not all that much, but considering I have over 80 pairs of shoes, I think that's a pretty good average. My cost is down to under $20 per wear! And they are extremely comfortable, even for a 4" heel.

I took some inspiration from the lovely Megan and did pins on my jacket like she often does.
My crow (on a Scrabble tile) from Raven's Rest Studios, my actual Scrabble tile pin, and a cheapy little button I bought at the agricultural fair a few years ago for $2.00.

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), top (Jana, thrifted), skirt (Stockerpoint, thrifted), shoes (Listen Up Ivanna, Fluevog), belt/wrist wrap (Club Monaco), gear cuff (SkinzNHydez), crow pin (Raven's Rest Studio), earrings (LA Express, vintage 90s).

Today, I am off to WW then to the field for a game of Ultimate Frisbee! We were on hiatus for a month due to vacations of our main players, so I'm excited to be out playing again.
As always, I like to wear outfits that are light for weighing in, and easy to change into/out of at the field.

This sweater is a Liz Claiborne (first worn here in January). I bought it for $14.99 on consignment.
The skirt is by Dex and I got it here in January 2011 for $7.00 at the Hospice store. I last wore it in June 2011 (here), and previously here (April 2011).

Wearing my gold sandals again (last worn here).
I've already dinged the toes up - arg!

My gold leaf earrings round it off.
Hope you have a great weekend!

Sweater (Liz Claiborne, consignment), skirt (Dex, thrifted), sandals (Naturalizer, consignment), earrings (Plum).


  1. The buttons on your skirt are so cool! I also love the second outfit, it is so vibrant :-)

  2. My Sister's closet has some Fleuvogs for sale but I am not sure what size they are...
    enjoy your weekend, I am loving this weather!

  3. I really love the cheapy pin. It's so cute and retro. The denim skirt and the Dex skirt are both fabulous! They stand on their own without needing to fancy of a top.

    The buttons on the skirt are wonderful.

  4. That denim skirt is fantastic! Yea for warm weather! I'm off to the vv boutique this morning to look for lighter tops!! how exciting. have a wonderful weekend. keep up all the fabulous color xx

  5. OOOOOO you look so good in oranges!!! I am totally LOVING both skirts!!
    Seeing your black boyfriend jackets points out a hole in my wardrobe--I need one!!

  6. That second outfit is socute. The colors are so rich and vibrant. You are rocking that button-skirt. I wonder how it would look with your tooled Fluevog boots for a steampunky/western vibe.

  7. Really like the pins on your blazer in the first outfit and the brights in the second one :)

    I thrifted a liz claiborne knit at the jumble sale I went to the other weekend, couldn't think of how I knew the name and now I realise it must have been from your blog! It's definitely not an aussie brand.

  8. Both skirts are wonderful! I love the big old buttons on the denim.

  9. Yow! that denim skirt is pure excellence! you wear it so well it takes the sting out of my not being able to do so ;) (if that makes any sense - ha!) i love it with those strappy sandals and second Megan Mae's brilliant idea of the boots!

    that hot tomatoey-orange is gorgeous on you and reall rich with that patterned skirt. yum! I hope you had a great time playing Ultimate F again - yay weekend! steph

  10. Great buttons on the skirt. And I admire your athletic activity!

  11. That skirt has definitely caught my eye, especially with those awesome buttons! Who would have thought? So unique and wonderful. How odd to have wear weather here at last. I'm confused.

  12. Mmmm, yummy long skirt with those cool funky buttons on the side -- I would wear the *heck* out of that. You look fab in orange!

  13. That printed skirt is gorgeous :)
    You can put my name on it for when you get tired of it.

  14. just followed your blog! i am fifty something and i design clothing. i really like how you mix gold and silver. i always have a reluctance to do it but i see how well it can work. thanks!


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