Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jul 1st - Outfit #1 - No Red for Canada

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians! Enjoy the long weekend - woo!

After lazing about today in my (red!) bathrobe with crazyass hair, hunger finally drove me into badgering L into going out and getting some food. I was also excited to do my first colourful outfit in a month. I don't have a single piece of red in my capsule, so I'm a bad Canadian.
I'm "surrendering the waist" here with this new-to-me Smoking Lily silk dress, and wearing it as a tunic with the long shorts. It's long enough to wear on its own, but it's windy out today so I don't want to accidentally traumatize anyone while we're walking to town.

These are my long teal shorts (purchased for $30 from Reitman's on my shopping trip with Mom here in May) underneath. I like them as a layering piece.
They have lots of stretch to them! Are they shorts once they pass the knees? I'm not sure what to call these. They are clam-digger length, but clam-digger aren't usually cuffed. Thoughts?

The shoes are also new-to-me, purchased a couple of months ago for around $18.00. They are barely worn, and I think I know why: they are really narrow in the toe section. I bet they really cut into their previous owner's toes. Fortunately, I have narrow feet.
I'm also doing my yellow vintage silk scarf in my hair to pull out the colours in the dress. I have my gold cicada earrings on, and that's my lovely marigold bag from Caro.

A close-up of the dress' pattern.
It was $18.50 in the thrift store. I bought it back in February when I first went shopping with Lorinda (you can see it in my shopping cart outside the fitting room in this picture.

Hope you're having an awesome weekend! June's recap post is coming tomorrow (they take a very long time to do).

Dress (Smoking Lily, thrifted), long shorts (Reitman's), shoes (Naturalizer, consignment), earrings (Erica Weiner), bag (Tignanello, swap from Caro).


  1. Love your bright outfit! I really like the blue shorts against the dress :) I'd call them shorts, even though they are past the knee, too short to be pants or capris.

  2. It must be so fun to put on some color after your month of neutrals! The colors in the top really pick up your hair.

  3. My favorite thing about your style is the unpredictability, but the ability to still say "Sheila". No matter what you wear you still retain yourself.

    I love the smoking lily dress, of course. What a major score. I can already tell this month's challenge is going to be fabulous with color.

    Happy Canada Day! Hope you got to do something to celebrate.

  4. I like the print in the dress. Hm, I wouldn't call these britches shorts. Maybe pedal-pushers, or capris, or cargos.

  5. Happy Canada Day my friend! So excited to see that dress!

  6. I'm a bad Canadian too. But I love your badness! Super bag and head scarf to add zing here. Hello colour! There were lots of goofy Canada outfits downtown today - I ask myself where this style bravado goes the rest of the year... Oh well, everyone seemed to be having fun.

  7. Pretty tunic. Naturally, your bag looks so perfect with it we'd think they were sold together. You've got fashion in your blood.

  8. Happy Canada Day to the most stylish Canuck I know!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit!!! Yay To color!!

  9. I've recently bought some pants in that length and they called them "skimmers" - between a capri and bermuda short.

  10. Those pants are called pedal pushers.

  11. You are the only blogger that i read that i have seen Smoking Lilly items. And I love every one of them.
    Happy Canada day :)

  12. Loved the neutrals, but it's great to see you back in some colour :-)

    I've got some jeans that length with turn ups, and they were labelled "crops" if that helps any! Back in the 80's they'd have definitely been pedal pushers though :-)


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