Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jul 26th - Outfit #29 - Darth Sheila (and Cat Pictures)

When I woke up this morning, I was so sure it was Friday! Dang! But I ended up having a pretty good day. Part of it was this outfit.
This is my grey striped button-down shirt (last worn here) and my black cropped pants (last seen here), and my funky Fluevog Listen Up Ivana sandals (last worn here).

I'm shocked that I've only worn these shoes once previously this month! They deserve at least one more wear!

But I know you're looking at the tie!
I've done the menswear look before - I like it with a shirt and cropped or wide-legged pants and a sexy shoe usually. Check out previous examples here (with cropped jeans and a red tie) and here (with wide-legged trousers).

This is L's Darth Vader silk tie.
I'm also doing L's blue cufflinks. The silver ring sort of looks like the Death Star when it's focusing to blow up a planet (pow!), and Wendy Brandes' ring reminded me of the swampy planet of Dagoba.  Yeah, I was really flying my nerd flag today, ha ha!

I actually bought him the tie for Christmas in 1996, I think. It came in this tin and has a Limited Edition certificate.
The tie gets plenty of wear - L wears it often (usually with a cobalt blue or royal purple shirt).
Number 633!

Shirt (Club Monaco, consignment), pants (Focus 2000), shoes (Listen Up Ivana, Fluevog), cufflinks (vintage), tie (L's, gift from me), silver ring (Stone Rose), lapis ring (Wendy Brandes).

Last night I worked on my August capsule wardrobe. Vizzini was inclined to burrow under everything and hide, so I plopped him on a semi-empty shelf on the closet where he could watch me.
"I want to eat your shoes"
 He is up about 4 feet. He had a good look around.
"Can I bite anything from here?"
 He really took a shine to the patchwork heart that Steph of The Fashionable Eccentric sent me:
"This smells good."
 He was very persistent.
"I bite the things! I bite all the things!"
 I had to threaten him with cuddles until he left it alone.
"I cuddle on my terms, woman."


  1. You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! Take her away!

    Love the haberdashery look of the tie with the striped blouse with the dash of femininity of the heels.

    Oh Vezini! You tuxedo kitties are such trouble.

  2. I love the cat comments! It gives me a good idea of what Vizzini is like. Aren't cats the BEST?!?

  3. Love the tie! And that cat! Ha ha. The last cat-comment was great! "I cuddle on my terms, woman." Made me laugh. :)

    Lynn Dylan

  4. Awwwwwww that last picture of Vizzini is just soo cute.......
    and I live that tie and how it looks with your shirt.
    Just a few weeks ago my husband was getting rid of over 60 ties and I kept one for myself which I have still not worn.

  5. Hee soo much love in one post. You really rock the cufflinks. I think the shoes are the icing on the cake.

    I am giggling at the Vizz. Does he "chuff"? Our cats started making 'stink face' when they were younger. I never had a cat to do that so it was quite funny! Vizzini has become such a handsome fella.

    1. Yes! He does this "whuff, whuff" noise when he's happy and purring, but it's like he doesn't really want to let us know that he's happy. It's sort of a "garumph, very well, I will accept your cuddles."

  6. Oh, I love the cat on the shelf and the big eyes in the last photo. Does L. know you're wearing the tie? I have several of my own ties...but have never dared to wear one of my mister's.

    1. Oh, I had to ask permission and make sure he wasn't going to be wearing it! I wouldn't take one of his ties without asking.

  7. Sheila, can i tell you how absolutely fabulous it is to read a post by one of your all-time favorite bloggers and incredible style icons and feel like it was written personally just for you? Well let me say that it is pretty much one of the best feelings every!

    That Vizzini! a story would have been fun enough but * those * pictures *! i'm trying to think what he's smelling - though i know i sent it to you a while ago, i'm wondering if i'd been handling catnip or something when i was making it! the last picture certainly would support the catnip hypothesis ;)

    that outfit you've got on is great and you wear it VERY well! the tie and your hair frame your face to perfection, and your hands are so pretty! i don't think i've seen them closeup before. Love the documentation, too - it shows the true seriousness with which you and L pursue the finer things in life.

    Thank you Sheila, and give Vizzini a big snorgle from me! Yay, tomorrow is Friday, too!! w00t! steph

    1. I think it was just the different smell - that, and he's never been up there, so it was all new to him.

  8. You sure put that Darth Vader tie to good use. I really like that on you! And you know, I wouldn't have guessed those were Fluevogs. Even from the side view.
    Hope you two have a fabulous weekend!! We're headed to our favorite place on Vancouver Island in a few weeks. Love it there. You live in a paradise of gorgeousness.

    1. Oh, awesome! Drop me a line if you end up in Victoria!

  9. Ern, it was Thursday, lol!

    Loving the menswear look - I've wanted to try it myself, hut have never been brave enough. I need a new white shirt, and I really want some straight leg trousers, so maybe I'll go for it!

    Vizzini is such a cutie. 1 cat isn't your normal number - will you be getting another soon? :-)

    1. Lol, you're right - I meant Friday, thank you!

      I don't know if we'll get another cat right away. When we lost Othello we waited a year, and that was good, to have that time with Inigo. This time solo with Vizzini has been good for him. It's allowed us to train him better and to socialize him. I think we will get another cat, but maybe not for a while.

  10. I really like the tie! What a great print too! :) You wear it well.

    Vizzini is adorable - I don't know if it's the photos or your captions underneath that are the cutest!

  11. You are awesome in the menswear, Sheila! I love that you have the Certificate for the tie, it's the details that make dressing so special.

    Hey Vizzini - you're a handsome young man. Bite now, ask questions later, eh? : >

  12. Ooh I love doing menswear sometimes! And that tie is crazy awesome! I already loved that shirt but then when you add the tie, how fun!!!

    I'm jealous of your closet. Your shoes are so nicely organized!!

    And of course, I adore the Vizzini pictures. He's such a handsome boy, but he's hilarious too, I think your quotes under each photo pretty much summed up his thoughts!

  13. This is great. I really like menswear tailored to a female body. The cropped pants are a neat surprise! The DV tie is a fun touch. I love men's ties....and now I need one!

  14. I have friends that would kill for that tie; we're part of the generation that actually saw that movie in theaters. I'm in love with the cufflinks, and WendyB's ring of course.

    Cats may be fashionable beings from other planets. Sasha Jane, the kitteh I brought back from my blogger meet-up with Megan Mae, is mad for purses. She rubs them, and purrs, and is generally delirious with happiness to be near them.

    1. I saw it in the theatres too, Lynne! I can quote it extensively. :)

      Aw, you need to post more pics of Sasha Jane!

  15. Great outfit! I've always felt too tall to pull of the men's wear look with enough rock it every time. LOVE your little helper. Ah the threatened torture of mommy kisses. Works every time! xx


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