Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jul 12th - Outfit #13 - Grey and Stripey

Why does this week feel extra long? All I want to do is laze about in this glorious heat and sunshine, not be stuck inside all day. *sigh*

Oh, well. At least I had stripes!
This outfit features two new fresh capsule items: this stripey cardigan and this silk tank. I last wore the pants here, and the shoes here.

I thrifted the cardigan back in June 2011 for $9.99 and wore it here. I last wore it here in January 2012.
I've also worn it here (3rd outfit) in September 2011, here (Dec 2011), and I've actually worn this top/cardi combo before: here in August 2011 (and repeated the cardi in the second outfit there, as well), plus here (July 2011).

I like that it's nice and thin. Perfect for a hot day.

I bought the silk tank for $16.00 (free on trade-in credit from Leche's!) last July and first wore it here (2nd outfit, but stop and look at how small Vizzini was!). It's by Armani Exchange.
I just love those shoes.

The stuff:
I love the metal strips down the front.

Cardigan (Express, thrifted), top (Armani Exchange, thrifted), pants (Focus 2000), shoes (Qupid), cuff (Guess, thrifted), earrings (gift from Megan Mae).

L and I had a great time at the Lyle Lovett concert last night - it was much more mellow than the Janelle Monae concert a few weeks back, but that was the right vibe for Lyle. He played for 2.5 hours and was very generous with sharing time with all the musicians in his acoustic band. Recommended!

I thought L looked so nice. I took a picture of him as we walked to town:
He bought that shirt in Camden Market in London. The shoes are shiny cobalt Fluevogs.

Although the theatre was dim before the show, I thought you might like to see how lovely the Royal Theatre is inside. L and I were sitting up in the balcony.
Huge plaster sculptures of muses are above the loge seats.

The theatre was built pre-electronically-amplified sound. It's small but so beautiful.
We had an awesome night!


  1. This outfit came together perfectly. I think you've really got your remixing down pat. L is always dressed so sauve. Gotta love a guy with good style.

    How quickly the kittens grow up! They started out so tiny.

    Thanks for sharing the theater with us. It's beautiful.

  2. Oh, little baby Vizzini - I love it when their tails are so small : >

    L. looks terrific - I gotta get a better look at those shoes, in my favorite shoe-color. And you of course look wonderful today too - in your silk-with-metal top and stripey topper. Happy Friday!

  3. Gah, I love that cardigan. And L is looking very dapper indeed!

  4. I love this outfit! The striped cardigan is something I'd totally wear. I like the unique look of the tank too! And L looks awesome! That is a lovely theatre too.

    Wow, Vizzini was a little guy wasn't he? So cute!

  5. I covet your tank and your wedges, like I covet many other items in your wardrobe :) You look great, business casual but very chic. Hubby's shirt is also awesome.

    Glad you guys enjoyed the concert. My hubby's a Lyle fan.

  6. I love the cardigan and those shoes. Separately they are both night, but worn together they just POP! L does look very stylin'.

  7. What a gorgeous theater! And L certainly is looking spiffy!
    love both the outfits!

  8. You look so nice in capri pants! I love this look - and I esp. love L's stylin' ensemble! Love the whole thing.
    Also? We have some lovely, small theaters used for concerts in Mpls. In case you guys ever need a road trip... ;)

  9. Beautiful theater! :) I really like your shoes and the stripes on the cardi against the silver detail on your tank :)

  10. What a great venue for Lyle Lovett! How many folks does the auditorium accommodate?


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