Monday, July 9, 2012

Jul 8th - Outfit #8 - A Sunday Jaunt

Sunday already? Man, I need another day! I have to recover from this weekend!

After I coloured my hair, I went grocery shopping this morning - it was hot and sunny out (hurray!), so I took advantage of the lovely weather and wandered to two of my other favourite consignment shops. I'll be showing my purchases and have some pictures one of them below.
The gold sandals again (I'm thinking these are going to get worn out this month), last worn yesterday here, 2nd outfit. The teal pedal pushers (last worn here) continue to be awesome, and ooh, what's that? A new cardigan!

This is a new Smoking Lily cardigan that I got last February when they had a big sale. It was $15.00. This is one of their pieces that they don't actually fabricate (it's an American Apparel brand).
I'm doing a mustard cami underneath (not part of the capsule). I'm also wearing my Smoking Lily bug scarf, which was my very first SL piece, given to me by my friend Janet for my bridal shower back in oh, 1997. It's practically home-grown vintage!

So what's the deal with the cardigan? It's got the Periodic Table of Awesome on it!
Rock on! Periodic table!
 Also, a couple of spores.
Since I have the Periodic Table of Awesome skirt, I have double the awesomeness! I'm happy to see my favourite element, molybdenum, is represented.

Bug scarf close-up:
Ew, larva around my neck
My gold leaf pendant too! I was initially leery of doing gold with the grey cardigan, not something I would have done in the past (you know, silver goes with grey, gold goes with brown - am I the only one who thought that was a "rule" at one point?), but I liked the look of it, especially with the gold shoes.
I like the detail of the design on the metal discs.

Cardigan (Smoking Lily on American Apparel), cami (InWear), pedal pushers (Reitman's), sandals (Naturalizer, consignment), scarf (Smoking Lily, gift from Janet).

After 2 hours of Ultimate Saturday morning (great game), Alison and I hit a couple of thrift shops after lunch. I didn't have my camera, so no pictures of those ones.

At the St. Vincent de Paul store, I found this lovely August Silk cowl-necked silk blend sweater for $6.00.
In following a lesson learned for last month's neutrals capsule, I'm keeping an eye out for good quality neutral basics. This will be a great layering piece in the fall or winter.

From there, we headed down the street to The Patch. They carry a lot of bulk-purchased vintage and department store cast-offs from the US, stores we don't have in Canada, or at least not in my city.

They had a "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" sale on, so we took advantage of it. I found this fabulous pale yellow cotton and silk blend thin poncho for $16.95.
It's by BCBGMaxAzria and is the same colour and I bet the same season as this cardigan I used to own.

I really scored on the next piece. As you can tell by the light, it was really glarey in the den by the time I got home, but this is a deep vivid orange.
It's by Bebe and was marked at $59.95, and it was covered in dirt smudges and dust bunnies, and a couple of areas had pen marks on them. I checked it really carefully, and I was confident I could get all the dirt off (and the pen with the Folex). It's machine washable! I asked for a discount and they marked it down to $38.95 - and it was still included in the deal!

I found this stunning purple vintage skirt as my 3rd item:
The brand is Beaded Drama (ha! that makes me laugh). I know it's vintage 80s. How? It's size 12 which is a modern size 8 (it fit me perfectly), and the tags (from Ross in the US - it's never been worn!) say it's one of two pieces. Oh yeah, can't you picture the heavily beaded top? I can also tell this is very high quality by the way the sequins are sewn on; they aren't in a pre-done strip like modern sequinning. It looks like all the beading on this skirt was done by hand (it's made in India). And it was $19.95 - score! I'm really excited to put this into a winter capsule wardrobe - maybe December!

All 3 pieces were $60 including tax, so average $20 apiece - not bad!

I caught Vizzini this morning snoozing on his stool and pillow.
I see you
He's all floppy from the heat.

Today, as I mentioned previously, was a gorgeous day! I took my camera along with me on my walk.
The roses were so lush!
You can see how bright it was - the reason for the full sleeved cardi and the scarf in my outfit today was to keep the sun off my skin and my tattoo.

Some of the older streets in Fairfield have these tiled street name signs on the sidewalks.
A good Harbinger, I hope
 I loved these rich orange roses:
That's a giant cedar tree in the background
 I was drawn to these deep purple flowers.
 Ah, so pretty!

I love how these white flowers are growing up this tree:

These tree branches look silver:
 Lovely against the blue sky!

I arrived at...My Sister's Closet. This is NOT related to the various other consignment stores in the US or other places with the same name (obviously not copyrighted) - I'd link to their site, but they don't have one!
I didn't receive any kind of discount, freebie or payment for talking about them, just the same great service I always get!
It's kind of hard to see there due to the sunny day, but they always have a rolling rack or two in front with some great deals. This store is located in a plaza anchored by a grocery store, a drug store, a liquor store and a pub - it's pretty busy there all the time. It has quite high turnover, and they are good about not having crappy quality stuff. I've found some wonderful pieces here including my Queen of the Faeries blouse (worn in the March capsule challenge), my black Morena skirt (worn in the February capsule challenge), my Danier suede dress, Listen Up Mansfield Fluevogs (for $60!) and Smoking Lily leather belt worn in this outfit.

Leslie, the Hostess of the Humble Bungalow often pops in here (we've run into each other), and had tipped me off that they had some Fluevogs, but alas, they were gone by today. Ah well. 

From the change room area looking to the front of the store:
It's well laid out, sorted by item and size, and they have good natural light. I like the pink on pink stripe paint job and the chandelier.

The fitting rooms are nice and big; there are four total, and a big mirror in between them as well as mirrors in each room.
The curtains are long and full enough that they never bag open, and each room has a seat and three hooks.

Their prices are very fair - usually around $15 - $40, even for shoes. This is my favourite consignment store for finding shoes.

Today, I found this BCBGMaxAzria sequined sweater tank on the clearance rack for $14.50 (1/2 price):
The body of the top is a wool blend. This is a good example of modern sequins (made in China - *sigh*) - much cheaper to mass-produce.

I knew it would only be a matter of time before a lot of BCBG started trickling into the consignment shops - one opened here about 2 years ago. This will be another great sparkly holiday piece in the winter!

I fell in love with this top. Roses!
It's by Le Chateau and was $15.98. It's a cotton blend. I like the scooped neck, the fitting through the bodice, and the hook-and-eye front closure. I need to cram this into next month's capsule.

I was thrilled to find another Alison Wonderland jacket! I have this wonderful chartreuse velvet one that I did in May's capsule, and I've never seen another piece until now.
It's a cotton/spandex blend and was $18.98. It's not denim; it's more of a linen-like texture to it. It has a great fit.

On the way home, I stopped at the store I usually take my stuff for trade-in, Leche's. I have a big credit with her from taking in my Manolos, but I only found a couple of things this time, including this Smoking Lily cotton skirt:
It's got pockets!
It was $23.00 and is heavy cotton. It will be a good weekend piece.

I like the bicycle patch on it.

I also found this awesome leather obi!
It was $14.00, which I think is a steal. It is thick leather and looks like good quality (no label) - it has a slit on one side so that the belt wraps through itself. I saw a much cheaper-looking leather obi at Le Chateau for $59.99.

I also bought this awesome waist-cincher leather belt:
It was marked down to $10.00. I always try it on...and it never fits. It still doesn't fit. It might be going in the mail to someone (*grin*).

Vizinni doesn't like it when I close my closet doors:
Hope you had a fun weekend!


  1. You did well! Great haul:) Love your cropped blue trousers:) Have a lovely week!

  2. Hey,

    I love your wardrobechallenges!! Do you have a post with your "basic rules" on how you combine a capsule for each month?

    And by the way, you are not the only one who had the rule "silver is with grey and gold is with brown";-) glad to know that there is someone out there who thinks there are rules for dressing!:-p

    1. Hi, Sara, thanks for reading and commenting!

      No, I haven't done a basic rules post, because I'm still learning myself! You can check out the month-end summaries for more insight in what I'm finding out as I go along.

  3. Sweet finds! I'm covering that orange coat most of all.

  4. love all your latest purchases! I'm really looking forward to see how you wear your sequin pieces. I have a navy sequin blazer that I bought on asos over a year ago now I think, I bring it out and try it on but never actually wear it anywhere other than in front of the mirror playing dress up at home! I'm sure to get some inspiration from your sequin outfits :)

  5. Fabulous thrift finds especially the Alison Wonderland jacket. That will be a nice replacement for the swing jacket you parted with after last month's capsule.

    The Smoking Lily skirt is another great find. How do people part with these things so easily? Their loss!

  6. My cats like to poke their paws under my closet doors too!

    Great finds - the periodic table cardi is so fun! We have a "My Sister's Closet" shop here in MN, never been there and would guess it's not related, but you never know I suppose!

  7. First, may I say I *lurve* that periodic elements sweater! You know I have a major crush on your P.E. skirt, and now this! : > You look great in the sweater with the sassy bug scarf.

    And your shopping trip was v. successful: the orange trench is singing "Sheila" right now, as is the fab sequined skirt.

    Hey Vizzini, keep working that door thing : >

  8. I visit you here and it makes me want to go shopping....*drool*

  9. found some wonderful things. It looks like you have some fabulous thrift stores there.

    I have recently purchased an August Silk navy cardigan for $5.00...I'm not familiar with the brand, but it looked to be of fairly nice I see your comments about your AS piece and I think I did pretty well!

    I'm quite jealous of your pale yellow poncho! That's a dream piece for pale yellow, love ponchos. And the periodic table beyond words.

  10. Ah! Super cool find! Q: Why do chemists call helium, curium and barium the medical elements? A: Because if you can't helium or curium, you barium! ;P

    Some major great scores I can't wait to see remixed into your wardrobe, especially the bike skirt and sequin skirt. I call that shopping trip a win. I found an adorable green shirt with a minor stain on Saturday. I've been working on getting it out because it was such a cute shirt. Wishing us both luck.

  11. The nerd in me is REALLY loving that periodic table shirt! I'm also quite the fan of those skirts- adorable and great staple pieces!


  12. Fantastic finds! Love thrift shop adventures

  13. WOW!!! you had quite the awesome shopping weekend!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the orange trench--that has SHEILA written all over it!!
    all those sequins--you are gonna be glitzy come the holidays!

  14. I am certain that if I ever enter a Smoking Lily store, I'll go nuts. I adore that skirt you found with the bicycle patch!!!!!
    You found so many neat things Sheila... and i love that fact that you stop and look around at the gifts nature has to offer and enjoy them :)

  15. You seem to be a magnet for the BEST purple skirts! I love that and your "periodic" cardigan. Loved taking this walk with you through the neighborhood and the tiny white flowers growing up the tree trunk are truly lovely.

  16. Wow, I really enjoy seeing your thrifted items, it's almost like going shopping myself. You did great! Love the cardi and scarf together.


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