Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jul 14th - Outfit #17 - Casual Drive

After a great game of Ulty yesterday, we came home for a nap after lunch, and then headed up-Island to Cobble Hill to have dinner with a work-friend and his wife (hi, Gord and Dawn!). They have property with chickens, horses and it's generally terrifying for a city-chick like me, so I went ultra-casual. Well, as much as I can be ultra-cas within my capsule!
It was about an hour drive (we followed the Google Map directions, which were wrong, so we drove up and down backroads for a bit), and I went for comfort with my pedal pushers (last worn here) and my black jacket (last worn here, 2nd outfit), and my gold sandals (last worn here, same day). We had a really nice time, sitting out on the porch in the warm weather.

I wore this last fresh item from this month's capsule: the embellished black tank:
I bought it several months ago. It's rayon and drapey in the front. I got it at Leche's for trade-in - it was $18.00, which was not bad considering it still had the store tags on it:
Yup, that says $59.00. 
I really like all the beading (and the cut of the back shows my ink off nicely). The brand is Freebird. I wasn't particularly enamoured of it; it kept dipping down in the front, but it was comfortable. I'll be wearing it again soon.

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), top (Freebird, consignment), pedal pushers (Reitman's), shoes (Naturalizer, consignment).

L and I got lost coming home - that was a little freaky! Out in the middle of nowhere with no streetlights! We saw a lot of raccoons, including a mama and two babies crossing the road. We made it home okay (obviously). Thanks, Gord and Dawn, for inviting us on this adventure!

Today, I'm just hanging at home, relaxing. Of course, it's raining again. I'd be happy to send this weather off to any of you in hot climates!


  1. Here! Here. I'll take the rain - and I love your ultra-cas look!

  2. Those pedal pushers are such a great colorful piece to add to this capsule. Sounds like you guys had a fun adventure, if a bit scary! Our gps is a little out of date and one time we got majorly lost trying to find a friend's house. We eventually got righted, but DH and I learned real fast that we both suck at navigating.

  3. Love this look, Sheila. I am such a city-woman too and I salute your courage! You made it to the country and back again. I rarely get lost in the biggest of cities, but don't put me out where the taxis don't run : >

  4. The beading on that tank is gorgeous. Love the gorgeous teal pedal pushers.

    I grew up with horses, rabbits, and a pig, so your post made me grin. I've shoveled out a few stalls in my day :P

  5. I'm lovin your sandals. I bought some wedges yesterday with a similar design.

  6. Love this look - the beading on the top is so nice!

  7. What the heck is Ulty? Never heard of that! I sort of know how you feel about visiting folks in the country. I enjoy the experience, but no way would I like to live there myself.

    Cheers from England,
    Rosemary from

  8. Love love love those pedal pushers! The cut is perfect, and you know I love a good teal. :)

  9. Yes, please send that weather here! Going to be a scorcher today!

    I love the beading on that tank, it's really unique and fun! And sounds like you had quite the adventure out in the boonies!

  10. Love the outfit--the beading on the top is stunning!!
    I've sometimes had the "dipping" problem with embellished necklines--if wearing a cami underneath won't work--possibly take the shoulders up a bit.

  11. Sometimes I think I'm torn about the living in the city or country. But, the country won out for us. I love it. I really cannot say it's really quiet though, with owls, coyotes and creaking trees. It is very, very dark at night though. I love the new tank and your pants are the perfect punch of color!

  12. Adventures in visiting friends! I like the drapey top...thrifted a new one in rayon this past week, but can't wear it for a bit.


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