Friday, June 15, 2012

Jun 15th - Outfit #15 - This or That - Yellow and Neutrals

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Woo! Happy Friday! This has felt like a long week, so I am so glad it's over. Although blog-wise, it's been a lot of fun. A big THANK YOU to Megan Mae and Keely for hosting another amazingly fun fashion challenge! Please make sure you stop in and thank these awesome women, and also visit all the other cool chicks who participated in the challenge!

Today's "This or That: Trend" was pastel or neon. Yikes. Being in a neutrals-only capsule for June means I have to add colour via accessories. I'm not so much into the neon thing (I did it in the mid-80s, been there, done that, don't really care to repeat it), but I thought I could pull some pastels into the mix via accessories. I like that the "new pastels" are a little more vibrant than the baby-pale versions of the past. More saturated hues means they're more flattering on more skin tones, am I right?

Anyhoo, here we go.
I'm happy to have my blonde streak nice and big again!
I have only one more "fresh" item in this capsule that I haven't worn, now that I've finally worn this Tommy Hilfiger shirt. Stay tuned next week, as I'll definitely be including this last mystery item in an outfit!

I got this shirt not too long ago, back in October. It was last worn here in November. It was only $2.00 (yes, really!) in a thrift store, so my cost per wear is down to less than a dollar! That's awesome!
I'm wearing a shell-style cami under it (shell-style meaning the yellow top isn't t-shirt or poly knit, but is a woven fabric) to bring in some yellow as my pastel shade. The cami doesn't count as a capsule item.

These cream sail pants make another appearance (last seen here on Day 1).
I added my fruit bag and yellow silk scarf again to add another pop of pale yellow.

I'm wearing my pearlized cream flats again (last worn here, 2nd outfit, along with the same bag/scarf).
Someone came in for a sniff
For accessories, I'm wearing a gold leaf on a silver chain, gold hoop earrings, my Wendy B ring and the same silver snake ring I wore yesterday. Viva mixed metals!

Have a fabulous weekend, my gorgeous fellow bloggers and readers!

Shirt (Tommy Hilfiger, thrifted), cami (RW & Co., consignment), pants (Noa Noa), shoes (Artisan by Clark's, consignment).


  1. Love how you've added yellow to this outfit, and I love the print on your shirt! :)

  2. Love your pops of yellow!! I must say the fruit bag is fabulous!! But you forgot your best accessory--the magnificent Vizzini!! A bit of black always make things pop!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Woke up this morning and was so glad it was Saturday. I also had a very long week. Hope you have a good weekend Sheila, am really enjoying this capsule, you are encouraging me to get my neutral things out and wear them :-)

  4. I love that colour of yellow just so much! However, the bolder pastels are really throwing my previous explanation of "Pastels" for a loop. Scott isn't good at telling colours apart (he can see the difference, but is lost for the terms). "Pastel" in our house is: "that colour that would look really good if it didn't look so watered down". Ya, we may be turning into a "go bright or go home" couple!

  5. The blouse looks really good with the fruit bag. Nice contrast of patterns.

    Those really are great shoes too!

  6. Hey Vizzini, you handsome little guy! Sheila, you look great in creams and yellow - I really, really love the cream trousers.

  7. I'm not much for the neon thing either. I agree the newer pastels are much more flattering for a Northern gal's skin tone! I am still in love with your fruit bag! You've managed to do this week very well with your neutral capsule, as always I am impressed!

  8. This outfit is wonderfully polished and put together. I love the pop of color that your yellow tank adds to the look. And white pants are so fun for spring and summer. Lovely! I loved seeing all your looks this week for the Fashion Challenge!

    Callie @

  9. Admiring the shirt...and the low cost of it.

  10. Wow, Sheila, i love this line on you! First, those wide leg trou look so long and lean and cool - none of the 'trying to do this' vibe skinny trousers can sometimes get. The shirt fit is perfection, and with the carryover of the cream you look so great in this loooong line! Very unfussy with a touch of 1970's to it, too. Not the disco stuff, more the woman out in the world with things to do and still quite femme, thank you very much.

    that's it, this is going in the inspiration file this minute! Happy Day, steph


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