Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jun 16th - Outfit #16 - Weekend Stripes

Happy Saturday! A quiet day for L and I, but we went for lunch, so that called for an outfit. 
L always dresses nice when we go out as well! Those are a lovely pair of sample Fluevogs he got several years ago.

Me, I'm doing some simple stuff: this striped top again (last seen here) and my white denim long shorts (last seen here, 1st outfit).
Also my black platform sandals for doing a bit of walking around (last worn here).

As I don't have a lot of casual stuff in my wardrobe this month, I donned my jean jacket.
Added a bunch of my punkish accessories (cuffs, silver earrings) and I was perfectly dressed for a diner brunch.

Jacket (Ann Taylor Loft), top (Finnegan's by Truworths, consignment), shorts (Contrast, thrifted), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment). 


  1. Well, you both look great! Love L's graphic tee and those shoes! I love getting R to put on some of my favorite things of his, but normally he just throws on a baseball cap and his lawn mowing shoes. haha! Sometimes I send him right back into the bedroom with a few suggestions. ;)

  2. Surprised to see L., but he is stylin'. What all was on the brunch menu?

    1. He's been revealed previously, and is cool with being on Ephemera.

      I had a veggie hash (eggs scrambled with veggies) and dry multigrain toast with peanut butter and jam, and lots of coffee!

  3. Love your outfit! L is so bright and cheerful in his orange :)

  4. You are a good looking couple! I like your outfit too.
    Really a relaxed weekend and a leisurely brunch, what could be nicer?

  5. What a cool couple you are! Love L's shoes, and your Frenchy-French striped top. Enjoy your Sunday, and come on over to Visible Monday later if you can.

  6. You guys are a cute AND well-dressed couple. I like the stripes and the wedges. Every woman needs a good denim jacket. I thrifted mine for $4 :)

    P.S. Sasha Jane, Megan's kitten from TN is on my shoulder as I type this. I think she wants to etiher blog or She told me to say something catty, so here goes, "MEOW!"

  7. I think you guys are the cutest couple ever!! It's so nice some very cool outfits on both of you!

  8. You and L contrast well. He's bright and orange and you're muted but hardly invisible. I'm loving those wedges, stripes and rocker studded cuffs.

  9. Love how you're rocking the neutrals this month!!
    L looks very handsome--i LOVE those shoes!!

  10. I think L is secretly Brent Spiner . . . hair grown out a bit, minus the gold/yellow make-up, living in Canada to get away from his rabid fan base. Data, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  11. What a great looking couple :)
    I love his shoes !

  12. I was just going to say I think he looks like Brent Spiner, but someone beat me to it!
    He has some really snazzy shoes. My hubby has about 2 pairs of shoes and wears them until they are falling apart. He just doesn't care about fashion.
    You look pretty darn good too! A very lovely couple.


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