Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jun 8-10th - Outfits #8-10 - Busy Weekend (with Much Retail Therapy)

Sunday already? Where did the weekend go?

Well, I'll tell ya. Here's Friday's outfit:
This is my new-to-me seersucker jacket (purchased for about $18.00). I'm not sure why I keep buying trapeze-cut jackets, as they don't ever quite work right on my body shape, but I persist. I really liked the portrait collar on this one, and the fine seersucker stripe (you can't really see it well in these pictures).

These are also my new-to-me white denim cropped shorts (Kasmira called them "jorts" here), purchased here in April for $5.00.
I added the gladiator sandals (last worn here), and my rocker accessories.

The blue cami is never worn on its own; it's not part of the capsule.
I ended up wearing the top snap of the jacket done up all day. 

As I had envisioned, I've had to spot-clean and wash both the jacket and the pants already! Dang, pad thai is messy to eat!

Jacket (Willi Smith, consignment), cami (Plum), pants (Contrast, thrifted), sandals (Enzo Angiolini, consignment), belt (swap from Ruth), studded cuff (80s), black cuff (Guess, thrifted).

After work on Friday, Elaine and I met for dinner and a drink, then took the bus to check out the new Banana Republic that just opened in town - I've only ever been to BR in Vancouver once, so I was excited; however, thrifting has spoiled me for shopping new. All I could think was which stuff I'd want to thrift - it's all so expensive, but the quality is good. I quite liked the new Trina Turk designs - very Pucci-esque.

I mostly bought accessories to enliven my June neutrals, but found some great bargains. I bought a bunch at Le Chateau:
The ring and the necklace both have real stone (vs plastic), and I liked the colours. I've been looking for a skinny yellow belt for a while. They were all $6.99 to 9.99 on sale.

I found an awesome pair of leather fingerless gloves at Danier for $19.00:
And that's another pair of stone earrings that I got at Le Chateau. Look, my earrings are colour-blocked!

I always stock up on tights out of season. The Gap has these two marked down to $4.97 a pair:
The centre pair were from Aldo and were 2 for 1 - they were $7.98. The two pairs on the right will be great layered over coloured tights.

I couldn't resist this gorgeous and colourful bag at Aldo:
It was marked down then had an extra 50% off - it was $17.50.

It totally reminded me of a rip-off of some high-end designer bag, like Coach or Louis Vuitton.
It actually holds a lot, and I liked carrying it NOT as a shoulder bag.

On Saturday, I got up early and went to my WW meeting. From there, I bused to town and hit a bunch of thrift and consignment stores that I rarely go to.
This skirt is really becoming a go-to item in my closet. This is its third wear (last time here) already this month!

This is my chocolate brown cardi (last worn here), and this is my original Trina Turk sweater that I got on consignment for $20 back in March 2011.
I wore the cream Clarks sandals again (last here), and they were awesome for a full day of shopping! It was a very windy day, so my skirt billowed, and my bright yellow vintage silk scarf (thrifted for a couple of bucks a few months ago) fluttered.

I was exhausted by the time I met up with my girlfriends for drinks at 4pm. L came down and picked me up and from there we went to a friend's for BBQ and board games. A long and tiring - but fun! - day!

Cardigan (Alternative Apparel, thrifted), sweater (Trina Turk, consignment), skirt/wrist wrap (Club Monaco), shoes (Artisans by Clark's, consignment), bag (Aldo), scarf (vintage, thrifted), necklace/earrings (Plum).

I showed off all my purchases to my girlfriends. Check 'em out!

The spot on the front of this skirt is now dry and invisible - I had to Folex a pen mark out of it.
The skirt is very high-waisted, and feels like suede - the denim is so soft. I love the giant button, and the metal belt loops. The brand name is Stockerpoint, which seems to be a Western wear manufacturer. The skirt was $7.99 at Value Village.

Look at the awesome buttons!
 They look like the Canadian Coat of Arms!

This skirt made me laugh:
The hem is very swooshy!
It's Tobias (a line that Plum carries), and I am pretty sure this is actually MY skirt. When I first lost weight, five years ago (yay, go me!), I bought this entire suiting from Plum on clearance; I had to quickly pump up my nearly empty wardrobe after losing 50 lbs. However, of the dress, pants, jacket and skirt that I bought, I only ever really liked the skirt.

I didn't wear the pieces much (it was pre-blog), and I ended up giving the entire set to my friend Jean about 4 years ago. I wonder if she ended up donating it!? It's the same size, exactly the same skirt - there would only have been maybe 2 size 8s in the one Plum store that was in town back then.

Anyway, I'm happy to have the skirt back, even thought I bought it twice! It was $7.99 at Value Village.

And I was super stoked to find this Smoking Lily skirt on consignment for $25.00:
It's linen...I'm getting past my fear of linen, although it wrinkles like crazy. Check out the orange "galaxy" clusters, and the contrast burgundy peonies in the slit:

But the best detail is the back of the waistband:

I found this at Regalia Boutique in Fan Tan Alley (hola! I link because I love!)

Okay, Megan Mae, I finally found you something cool:
It's a Smoking Lily top, and it was $15.00 on consignment (also at Regalia). It's baby blue, with black flies, yellow dot circles and white flowers.
I love how the pattern is so perfect on the back.

I stopped into the Salvation Army for a quick look around and found this cool skirt:
Usually, you see this hypno-plaid (seriously, if I stare at that long enough, I go into a deep trance!) in A-line skirts - I loved the high waist and pencil skirt cut of this. It was $5.99 and will be awesome in an autumn capsule!

This top took my breath away:
It's a Le Chateau piece that I found at the Women In Need (WIN) store downtown. I ignored the sizing (XL) as it didn't really indicate the actual fit (which is perfect! yes!). 

It's 100% but is machine washable. And what a bargain:
Only $9.50! And look at the wonderful dragons on it!

The last piece:
I adore the pattern and the soft cotton material. It's by Soft.

Only $5.00!
Aren't the flowers lovely?

I spotted these sweet legwear designs at another Fan Tan Alley favourite store, Heart's Content. They carry amazing Goth accessories (I got my steampunk stomacher and black leather fingerless gloves there), Doc Martens, and other very cool stuff.
Aside from bright and bold tights, I'm not too adventurous with short nylons, so I'm excited to experiment with these. I've bought Trasparenze and Filodoro tights before (here and here) and like the brands - very good quality.

Whew, almost done...yeah, I had a good retail therapy session!

I got some shoes:
These are Marc Softwalk (same as these boots that I paid over $100 for in an after-Christmas sale).

The granny shoes were Value Village, and were $19.99:
They are black (sunny day glare) with grey zigzag trim and laces.

I love the vintage shape of them, and dang, they are so comfortable! 
And they don't show any wear on the soles - I don't think they have ever been worn. That just boggles me!

Someone is not impressed:
"Feed me!"
 I also found these amazing shoes at Regalia:
They are black suede and have a platform wedge and ankle strap.

The white stitching is so cool:
They are from Bata and are made in Italy.
"Vera Pelle" means "real skin" so real leather.

They were $18.00.

Well, I think I am good for shopping for a while. I have plenty to keep me going over the next couple of months. I am going to take a bit of a break now and enjoy the clothes I have. I wonder if I can make it a month?

Today, L and I got groceries and had brunch out at our favourite diner:
I always like to dress nice when we go out. This is my comfy stretchy leopard dress that I first wore here - I got it for $9.99 at Value Village back in November.

I'm wearing a berry red cami underneath it (not part of the capsule) for a bit of colour.
I'll be dressing this up for a work look later on this week.

I wore these sandals again (last time here) - they're so comfortable. I wore a jean jacket as it was still a little chilly out.
It's outerwear so also doesn't count in the capsule.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Dress (Majora, thrifted), cami (swap from Ruth), jacket (Ann Taylor Loft), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), belt (Gap).


  1. my goodness, you were a shopping machine! fantastic buys! can't wait to see how you pull them all together.

  2. Where do I start? You've hit the jackpot over and over again this weekend. Like you, I keep trying to make the trapeze jackets work, but I don't think I've ever worn one on the blog. Love the denim skirt and all of the new legwear and the shoes from Regalia. That's hilarious about buying back your old skirt.

    1. It's so silly - why do I keep buying trapeze jackets??

  3. Oh you bought so many nice things! :) I giggled when you said you thought you bought your own skirt back - how awesome if you did! You must live in a very small town!

    I especially like your scarf tied to your new bag for your shopping outfit, but my favourite outfit is the dress you wore out to dinner :)

    1. It's a mid-sized city (smaller than Seattle) but there aren't that many places due to being on an island (albeit a big island!).

  4. OMG...fantastic deals and pieces found. I applaud you.

  5. OMG so impressed. Excellent pieces and fantastic deals

  6. What finds! I am in love with the fingerless gloves and the blue dragon top. It will be fun to see what you put together with your beautiful new (to you) pieces.

    Your outfits are stellar, as usual!

  7. Damn, I'm jealous!! haha Those shoes are amazing for a thrift store! And that longer denim skirt is so you. I would have thought that if I had seen it hanging on a hanger. You have great taste and it looks like you scored majorly this weekend. I was stuck in Vancouver Washington taking screen printing classes. So tiring, but fun!

  8. Ah, the dreaded trapeze jackets. I keep finding adorable Michael Michael Kors things while thrifting, but almost all of them have that cut. I do like the collar on your jacket, I think wearing it open masks the shape a bit.

    You got some fabulous accessories, omg those leather gloves. I can SEE how soft they must be. Love the middle pair of tights - also yay fruits bag! Summer always has me oohing and ahhing fruits prints. It livened up your easy breezy look perfectly. That skirt is such a perfect piece for remixing.

    I am dying over that skirt with the buttons. I can't wait to see how you style it. Also your new smoking lily skirt is gorgeous - BUT OMG YOU GOT ME THE PERFECT OMG TOP! Bug print, beautiful light blue, and such a cool shoulder shape without poof! Doing grabbie hands at my screen, can't wait. I'll totally wear it all the time. You're the absolute best, Sheila. <3

    Love the dragon and dragonflies shirts. I did similar shopping this week, bought way too much but kind of feel 'done' for awhile. I still want to check out the new-to-me thrift store again after some stock has cycled (they were putting out new when we were there earlier this week), but it's thrilling to be excited about ones own wardrobe.

  9. Wow you got some awesome stuff! I love the smoking lily skirt :-)

    And you look great, even in the trapeze jacket, and especially in the leopard print dress!

  10. Ok...I am GREEN with envy here over all of the fabulous loot you thrifted!!! LOLOL
    And you even scored fabulous shoes!!
    I love all of your outfits this weekend! That maxi skirt is stunning. The new denim skirt with the big buttons read of kind of steampunkish when I first saw it. Can't wait to see how you style your new stuff.
    Oh yeah--the fruit purse--the aqua fluevogs can travel in that when they come to live with me I love it!

  11. Amazing finds! I love the denim skirt and those Marc shoes so much. $19.99 for those shoes is a great price. The Bata wedges are great too.

    Smoking Lily score for the win!

  12. Holy cow - I don't know where to start - you found some amazing things this weekend! I want to go shopping with you, lol.

    I love the bag, OMG do I love the bag, fruits are such a fun, colorful print for summer! It's not the style I'd normally carry because I like a shoulder bag, but it is still just so darn cute! Looks very roomy too.

    I love the long skirt with the buttons! And pretty much every top you bought. The one for Megan is totally perfect for her!

    You look super cute in the leopard dress! What a fun print and a fun look!

    SO much awesome in one post!!

  13. I am going to be scouring eBay for that fruity Aldo bag! Love the shape, love the pattern, love the colors - it's perfect for spring/summer. Okay, it's also perfect for fall and winter (which, after all, is when the fruit grows here in Arizona!!!)

  14. Well, I have to say, you find just the best shoes. The Clarks rock (I've recently been finding a slew of them in the charity shops here, yay!), and the granny/Oxfords are AMAZING - reminds me of the gorg pair of Italian-made dark blue Oxfords I thrifted at VV in Toronto - then stupidly gave away when I moved to the UK, wah. :)

  15. I love seeing your purchases - it's almost like thrifting with you (but not spending any money :) You made me grin when you wondered if you'd thrifted your own skirt. I'm always having deja vu in thrift and consignment stores.

  16. HA! I called Aldo and ordered my own fruit bag! :) Thanks for scouting it for me.

  17. My fave is that Smoking Lily fly top - seriously rocks.
    You know I was at the Aldo store in NY a few months back and held that gorgeous fruit print bag in my hand forever.... i loved it but i passed on it. Now Iam regreting it.


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