Monday, June 4, 2012

Jun 4th - Outfit #4 - Maxi and Leopard

Okay, I'm about to knuckle down and get the May recap done, but since L & I have today off, we decided to go out for lunch and a drive around the waterfront. It was a lovely morning! 

Naturally, this called for another casual outfit, and for me this month, casual means the maxi skirt again!
I feel so rebellious: wearing the same skirt two days in a row (in case you missed it I wore this skirt last yesterday here, 2nd outfit)!

My black platform sandals make another appearance (last worn here, 2nd outfit).

This is my micro-leopard print blouse that I bought here in April for $18.00 on consignment.
I'm wearing my satin stomacher over the blouse (last seen here in May), with my red belt over it. The belt and the coral bracelet are my little pops of red.

I was pleased with the different vibe of the maxi skirt with more formal business on top. I love this skirt!

Make sure to stop by Patti's for Visible Monday!

Top (Express, consignment), stomacher (InWear), belt/bracelet (Plum), skirt (Club Monaco), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment).


  1. It's a great skirt, so I don't think there's anything wrong with wearing it two days in a row! :)

  2. Love! The stomacher with the belt over it is inspired. It really pulls the look together.

    That skirt deserves to be worn a lot in this capsule. No apologies for wearing it two days in a row.

  3. Ooh I love your stomachers! They're similar to obis and really cinch in the waist. That skirt looks like it's made for breezy summer days. I would want to sit in the sun sipping a froo-froo drink on a lounge chair while wearing it.

  4. Please tell me your secret to looking tall! That is a completely delicious skirt; the skinny belt over the stomacher is also a super cool idea.

  5. Ooh, what a lovely maxi skirt!! This is a gorgeous look!

  6. Great outfit Sheila! You look fantastic xx

  7. Oh yeah, my fave skirt looks fabulous today! I never heard the term "stomacher" before, but I really like the look.

  8. This maxi is cool. You wear it with so much grace. I love the way you styled it in your previous post with the tunic top. It looks gorgeous on you.

  9. I really like the stomacher with the belt! Nice combo :) And you know I love that skirt. I'm excited to see more of it this month :)

  10. Oh my I love the skirt and the top and the stomacher. It looks so good all together. I love maxi's and you styled this beautifully.


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