Friday, June 22, 2012

Jun 22nd - Outfit #22 - Casual Friday in the Rain

Happy Friday!

Before we get to the clothes portion of our program, some housekeeping:

Hello! To Kathryn and the Girls in St. Louis! To the dilemma of "How to stop a shoe fart?" they contributed, "a little bit of talcum powder sprinkled in the heel of the shoe will help those nasty sounds." Thank you! To all the helpful suggestions about my shoes, thanks! I will let you all know if anything makes the fart go away. Hee.

To Donna who asked to see my purses with my outfits, I'll start doing that, but I warn you it's pretty boring. I'm not really a bag person.

Well, now, let's move on. It rained most of today, which considerably dampened (pun intended) the spirits of most of the people I talked to today. Welcome to "June-uary" on the wet west coast.

But heck, I did shorts anyway!
This is my leopard blouse (last seen here) and my $5.00 white denim shorts (last worn here). I absolutely love these shorts - they are a nice thick (non-see through) denim, with just enough stretch to be comfortable to sit in without bagging out.

My feet were freezing on the way home - wet feet in sandals sucks!
I last wore the sandals here.

I am looking forward to a quiet weekend, aside from lunch out tomorrow. We have a few very busy months ahead, so these quiet nights are good for recharging my batteries. Have a great weekend!

Blouse (Express, consignment), shorts (Contrast, thrifted), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, consignment).


  1. Ah, I adore a quiet, battery-charging weekend. And those white shorts are so, so cute with your gladiator sandals (sorry your feet got cold, though!) Enjoy the peacefulness.

  2. Eep, wet feet in sandals. However they are wonderfully adorable sandals. Send the rain my way. We're dealing with mid 90 degree temps that feel even hotter due to high humidity and few clouds.

  3. gotta try that talcum powder tip! :)

    Shame your feet got cold and wet with the sandals! Sometimes hard to find a comfortable waterproof shoe option for wet days!

  4. Or you could have my rain, Megan? Very soggy here. Sheila, I went the other way and covered up! I think you have whetted your reader's appetite for bags after our seeing your amazing fruit bag! Have a great weekend.

  5. LOL, great suggestion for the "Shoe fart."

    You look comfy and chic for a warm day, bummer that it rained and your feet got wet!

  6. I'm catching up having missed blogs over a weekend at the lake. And I see leopard in this and the following two posts. What happens if you try them all at once?

  7. It's been a while since I've had farting shoes... i sure do not miss those !
    But if i do again, i'll think of you... and the solution.


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