Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jun 13th - Outfit #13 - This or That - Springy Florals

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I just got home from the dentist, so I'm not in the chattiest mood (arg, buses that wander through residential areas, you are the bane of my existence!). Let's just do the clothes.

The "This or That: Trends" for today are floral or tribal. I don't have many things in my wardrobe that would be tribal (maybe my tiki dress??), and I certainly don't have anything in my 30-item capsule that is even close. I went with floral.
I didn't have any florals in my capsule items, so I added them via accessories.

This is my cream tux jacket (last worn here with these same shoes), and of course, the fabulous mushroom skirt (last seen here, 2nd outfit). I'm wearing this skirt so much this month, it's down to $20 per wear! I'm also pleased to report that it washed beautifully in the machine (and I threw it in the dryer on delicate).

And on to the floral! I did flowers through 5 different accessories!
It's flower power time!
I had a lot of compliments from people on this outfit, from co-workers to people on the street. It surprised me somewhat. This skirt draws a lot of comments; people like maxi skirts!

But back to the accessories. Here, I'm showing off my shoes (yay, Fluevogs!) and my floral knee-highs:
These were a nice little pop of floral.

Here are the other four items:
My pink and green silk Smoking Lily obi (one of the prints on it is of a floral colour-by-numbers), this lovely hand-rolled silk scarf (this is the first wear of it - it was $7 and is vintage), my bigass white fake peony (a Le Chateau find from about a year ago), and my leather rose cuff that I got on consignment a couple of years ago.

I wore the scarf just knotted around my neck. I considered wearing it in my hair, but with being upside-down in the dental chair, that wasn't going to fly.

Jacket (Club Monaco, consignment), cami (Jackpot), skirt (Club Monaco), shoes (Listen Up O'Hara, Fluevogs), obi (Smoking Lily, consignment), peony (Le Chateau), cuff (consignment).


  1. Oh wow! You definitely got the floral in. I love how you're really working your accessories this month and getting maximum wear out of great basics. All the light colors are very refreshing and look very cool. How amazing is that obi belt! Gorgeous. I might need to sneak out and find me pink and green ties to make into an obi belt.

    Sorry bout the dental visit! Hope you're feeling better soon. I never like going to the dentist. Blech.

  2. Well I'm sorry about the dentist and we won't talk about our buses but you looked beautiful through it all!!

  3. The floral knee-highs would have been a wonderful sight while tipped back in the dentist's chair. Good choice. Oh, the's gorgeous!

  4. What a clever and fun addition of florals Sheila! I love the knee high socks!

  5. Love how you've added flowers to your outfit! It looks great!

    Hope it wasn't too painful at the dentist!

  6. Beautiful florals, Sheila. The shoes are sooooo TDF and I love your "new" vintage scarf.

  7. I can see why you got so many complements - it's a great combination. Oh how I lust after those shoes!

    I have a few maxi skirts but none as wearable as that one. Lovely!

  8. I am totally in love with this outfit--so elegent!! I think I need a skirt like that!

  9. Floral kneehighs? Awesome. Super awesome. I love all your floral accessories. Very nice!

  10. Sheila: What a lovely outfit. The skirt must have wonderful movement in the breezes we are now enjoying here in the city. I am now here for my five weeks of radiation treatment. I am near the Jubilee, and I have walked at least two hours every day. Beautiful part of the city, and have the bus travel down pat.
    Like the Talbot's wrap blouse!
    Did you know that there is now a shop in Cumberland carrying Smoking Lily. First time I had the opportunity to see SL garments up close. I need to look carefully and get some for my wardrobe.
    Have a great weekend, Sheila.
    Peg - UI (Mon to Fri - DI)

    1. Peg, I live a few blocks from the Jubilee! Would you be interested in meeting up? I am free on Sat afternoon/evening. Drop me an email if you are. I'm also free on Mon night after work.

  11. Gorgeous ! you look like a princess Sheila .

  12. I like the belt, as well as the all-white outfit.

  13. I love the outfit! The floral knee highs are such a beautiful addition! I noticed that you have the wrong fluevog name. I do that all the time on my blog and everyday outfits posts as when you have so many they all get mixed together. Love that you wear so many fluevogs! Great blog!

    1. Rebecca, thanks for catching that - I fixed it! I do own the Listen Up Harlows and they are in this capsule. Thank you so much for reading!

  14. It is a striking ensemble! Pastel with bits of color in your accessories, I just love.

  15. I had a dentist appointment on Monday...

    I know why you got comments from perfect strangers--it's the subtle colors and the beautiful way the scarf ties together all the elements.

  16. I'm thinking about making you in that skirt my desktop background. I never get tired of seeing it. I need it in blue, tho'. White clothes are an epic fail for me in


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