Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jun 28th - Outfits #28 and #29 - It's My Friday and A Concert

I'm PMS-y right now, so everything feels puffy. I went for comfort today.
My lovely wrap top (last worn here) with a cream cami under it, my Club Monaco wrinkly maxi (last seen here) and my black wedges (last seen here).

I also have my zipper rose pinned at the waist (picture here).
And I'm wearing the pearl pendant Mom got me.

I love this skirt - and I highly recommend that if you buy a light-coloured maxi skirt that you get one you can wash! It rained on the way home and this soaked up the grey water off the sidewalks. Yuck-buckets!

Top (Talbot's, thrifted), skirt (Club Monaco), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), necklace pendant (gift from Mom), earrings (vintage), rose (Victoria & Albert Museum gift shop).

Tonight, L and I are going to see Janelle Monae. I had to change due to aforesaid skirt issues.
I see my leopard dress (last worn here), the same cami and my creamy-gold sandals (last worn here).

What I don't see? My keys on the stair by my hand. Arg, I locked myself out. My kindly neighbour let me in when I buzzed her. Thank you!

I also have a nice stretchy belt on. I'm often uncomfortable sitting in a chair for a long time, and get twitchy, so I like loose clothes.
My feet are going to get wet when we walk down, but it's a warm rain and I don't mind. I've got tomorrow off, plus this is a long weekend in Canada! Canada Day is on Sunday, so Monday is a holiday. It's kind of like the 4th of July with barbecues and parties and fireworks. Fun!

Dress (Majora, thrifted), belt (Plum), shoes (Clark's Artisan, consignment).


  1. My cousin went to Janelle Monae here in Winnipeg, and said it was a great concert. I'm sure you'll have a great time!

  2. Hope you have a great long weekend and enjoy your show! Sounds like a wonderful plan. Stay dry out there.

  3. I swoon for that maxi every time I see it. It is such an elegant and versatile skirt. Still looking for my perfect pleated maxi, but not rushing it since it'd likely just have a kitten dangling from it :P

  4. I'm smiling at the "no-keys" story - because it is very familiar : > You look wonderful to kick off your extended weekend - I hope it's big fun.

  5. That's my problem with maxi skirts/dresses - the dirty hems. It can be a real pain.

    Both of these outfits are great but I love that dress on you. Happy Canada Day weekend! I hope you have some red in your July capsule. =)

  6. Ooh Janelle Monae, how fun! I'm jealous!

    Comfy clothes are definitely a necessity at that time of the month! I love the shirt you wore with the maxi skirt, especially with the rose pin.

    Happy Canada Day!

  7. You look stunning in maxi skirts. A maxi usually hangs like an oversize shopping bag on me no matter how hard I try. What is your secret?

    1. This is actually a very slim cut maxi - it's a thin fabric and it's really gathered at the waist. I think that makes a huge difference! Good luck on your hunt for that perfect one, Maria! And thank you for reading! :)

  8. Love the second outfit! :) You manage to look stylish when you're looking to be comfortable, I often have my worst outfits when I just need to be comfortable!


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