Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jun 2nd & 3rd - Wild Card and Outfit #3 - Tiki Dress and A Casual Lunch

Today is L's birthday: Happy Birthday, love! You're the best!

Last night was the party, and it was a doozy! It was a "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" theme, so anyone who brought a towel (you can't forget your towel) got a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster. And believe me, those were potent. 

I actually stopped drinking at 9:30ish, as I had a 5K WW walk event this morning that I had to be at for 8am. Yeah. I don't think I'm going to sign up to do that anymore. It's just bad timing. 

Anyway, yes! I did the Wild Card outfit for June right off the bat, only 2 days in! 
It's my Tiki dress! I kept singing the "Tiki Room" song (everyone, all together: "In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room, in the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room"!) all night; mostly in my head, but sometimes out loud, hee hee.

I've had this vintage dress for 3 years and this is the 4th wear of it. I last wore it in April 2010 (here), previously in September 2009 (here), and got it in June 2009 (here).

It was originally $24.99. It's cotton and has no stretch, so it totally smooshes my boobs, but I love the retro vibe.
Because we had a space theme also going, I went futuristic/retro and wore my leather bracer (picture here), and my Fluevog Babycakes Minis (last worn here for my April Wild Card, second outfit, beware of long post). I also wore my gold clock-hands earrings.

Now, where else can one wear a leather and brass bracer??

Dress (no label, vintage 60s/70s), boots (Fluevog, Babycakes Minis), bracer (SkinZnHydez), earrings (Foxy).

My dear friend Cat looked lovely (and I adore her Smoking Lily skirt!):
She had the best shoes on of the night!

Karen also looked smokin' hot:
What an incredible dress!

The last guests left at 2am, and I got up at 6:30am this morning for the aforementioned 5K walk. Well, I walked to town, did the 5K, then got groceries, then walked home, so it was a little more than 5K for me. I was very happy not to be hungover, but nap-time is calling to me...

We met up with our Vancouver friends, Spence and Kim and their daughter Eloise for brunch today. I was happy to get out of my walking gear and into a new outfit!
This is my brown t-shirt material drapey cardigan, last worn here (2nd outfit) in September 2011. I bought it a little earlier in September (here, 4th outfit), and it's been packed away with my summer stuff since then. It was thrifted for $3.00.

The tunic top has only been worn once before (here), so it was definitely ripe to be included in a capsule. I can't have closet orphans hanging around! All clothes have to pull their weight in my wardrobe or they're outta here!
The tunic was $18.00 on final clearance when the Plum in Victoria closed in March 2011 (I still miss it).

This is also my second wear ever of this wrinkly maxi skirt. Dang, I love maxi skirts!
Vizzini: not so impressed with the maxi skirt - note that the Boob Purse is back in rotation!
I first wore the skirt here. It's one of the more expensive items in my wardrobe (on sale at $99.00 from $149.00), but I used a gift card, so it's not like it was my money (thanks for the birthday present, Mom!). Heh.

I really liked the long loose vibe of this outfit. I'd wear it again!

It's the first wear ever these sandals.
They are Clark's Artisan, and I think they were around $26.00 - I got them on a shopping trip with Victoria blogger Lorinda (she's awesome) back in January. There's a picture of me trying them on with grey tights in this post. These shoes have never been worn.

Cardigan (Alternative Apparel, thrifted), top (Dex), skirt (Club Monaco), shoes (Clark's Artisan, consignment), necklace/earrings (Plum).

Yeah, I'm procrastinating a big on the May re-cap post (they take a long time), so it will probably be tomorrow - I'm off Monday, yay!

And now, nap time.


  1. The dress is gorgeous! And your friends are so stylish! I also love the neutral outfit, especially the skirt!

  2. Your wild card outfit is fabulously wild! The dress is great as it is, but with the bracer it's WOW! And of course I love the boots. Happy 42nd to L!

    The long skirt is gorgeous and I like how the delicate sandals just peek out.

    I got some new shoes yesterday but I also consigned two pairs. two in, two out!

  3. The tiki dress is amazing!! I seriously LOVe your maxi outfit!!

  4. I want your boots. They are the perfect combo of totally cool and totally chic.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. I love the tunic top! Is it beaded?

    1. Terri, it's sequinned - every bit of the design is sequins.

  6. Love the sparkley tunic! It's sort of Art Deco in a modern way. And I am HAPPY about this month's neutrals theme - you are succeeding at still making everything interesting and Sheila-ish even without much color. :)

  7. Woohoo! That Wild card outfit is fab-u-lous! The vogs and bracer go perfectly with each other and ride the line between costume and couture (my favorite thing ever). Sounds like the theme was awesome - Hitchhiker's is one of my fav book series.

    I love the loose breezy white-out look. The clarks are adorable! Why can't I find anything like that for under $30 @_@ Ugh, your sandal collection is so awesome.

    1. Megan, I've been really lucky in finding good sandals second-hand. Mostly, they are from consignment stores as opposed to thrift, though.

  8. Great dress. And I like the leather & brass bracer, but have no idea where one would find such an exotic item.

    1. Ally, the bracer is handmade locally - I got it at the Steampunk Expo that I went to in April.

  9. Great party dress and good for you for getting up to do your 5k this morning--post party. So nice to see you wearing those fab shoes! So much better without the tights... xx

  10. Super striking Tiki dress. It popped off the page right away even though my first view was only a tiny thumbnail photo.
    The second outfit with the maxi skirt is so flowy and elegant. Love it!

  11. A tiki dress? Zowie. That is one cool dress. Those colours play wildly with your hair. Your friends look great too. Sounds like a fun party. And I can feel the unwinding in your next outfit, so flowy and unrestrictive, the perfect after-party wind-down but-still-look-good thing to wear.

  12. Such an awesome look! I am definitely trying this.

  13. Happy birthday to L! Looks like a fun party - I love your outfit!

    The maxi dress outfit is gorgeous too, such a classy casual look, it really suits you.

  14. So much to love in both of these outfits! The print of the wild card outfit is so much fun - and yes, makes me think of the Tiki Song too! And the maxi skirt is so pretty and looks so fantastic on you! Love your purse too!

  15. Happy birthday to L !
    This was a weekend of wonderful wear :)
    Not only are your outfits spectacular but also Karen's dress deserves an A+.
    Particularly love the big cuff worn with the Tiki dress.

  16. I love your dress-for-L's-birthday! And the cool Fluevog boots. And of course the groovy maxi-skirt, one of my favorite looks.

  17. The tunic top with the maxi skirt looks great on you. It's amazing how you styled the wrinkly maxi skirt to create a completely different look from the first wear.

  18. That maxi is a treat for the eyes, and you always style it so well.

    You're a better woman than me. No way I could've gotten out of bed after a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster!


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