Monday, June 11, 2012

Jun 11th - Outfit #11 - This or That - Loud and Bold

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Ah, Monday, scourge of the week! Thank goodness we have the "This or That: Trends" Fashion Challenge to stimulate our sluggish brains! I did Megan and Keely's "This or That" challenge last year in October as well (click here to see all my outfits from then). Thanks for doing this, ladies!

Today's "This or That" is solid brights or bold print. Because I never say no to a challenge, I did both.
This is the first wear this month of this black dress, last worn here in May 2011 (yikes) with the exact same tights and shoes! Hey, when you have a good outfit, it's okay to repeat it! I got a lot of "Woo!" reactions to the pink tights, including one coworker who accused me of cheating on my neutrals month. Accessories don't count, Gord!

I've had this dress since I first lost weight 5 years ago. I figured I needed a good plain black dress, so I bought it off the sale rack at the local Esprit store (now sadly for around $40. Thing is: I hardly ever wear a basic black dress. I put it in the June capsule at the last minute because I needed a black bottom for all the tops I'd picked out.

On the second wear of the leopard cardigan, first worn here.
It shed like mad all over the dress. I could have made an angora rabbit out of the fur my lint brush removed.

The stuff:
I last wore the shoes here. I threw in my purple belt, pink and purple bracelet and my new pink and purple earrings to help pull it all together.

I'm definitely participating in Visible Monday over at Patti's "Not Dead Yet" - I'm somewhat visible, heh heh.

Cardigan (XXI, consignment), dress (Esprit), shoes (Guess), belt (Plum), bracelet (Myka, gift from L), earrings (Le Chateau).


  1. I think you were very visible today, haha! What type of top do you think you could wear under the cardigan to minimize the shedding?

  2. A light top would show less fluff! But really, I just carry a lint roller on me - and I don't take the cardi off!

  3. A perfect pairing! Leopard and hot pink in a totally classy way. The shoes are gorgeous, too. Check out the Elegant Bohemian's post about shoes; I totally agree with her and yours are perfect.

  4. Wow!! I've loved all the bold prints and brights, and that everyone has merged the two. Love the tights and the fab cardigan. I'm super glad you were able to participate in fashion challenge again!

  5. This is a great take on the bright trend! I love the pop of color it adds to the outfit. And that cardigan is wonderful. Love your blog and can't wait to see what else you put together for the Fashion Challenge!


  6. I am always in favour of bright tights. And pink and black. You look great!

    Our local Esprit shop folded, too, and I am really kind of gutted by that. A huge amount of my high school attire came from Esprit, and I always enjoyed the nostalgic buzz shopping there.

  7. That cardi is so nice it's a shame it sheds so much as it looks beautiful! The bright tights are a fun touch too :)

  8. Bright pink tights for the WIN! Looks great. You may be wooing me over to the world of animal prints. They aren't something I've liked in the past (probably something to do with my late Mother-in-law) but you show how fabulous they can be.

    Love the pointy patent shoes. So 1980s!

  9. Love the bright pink!!! It takes the outfit to a whole 'nother level!
    LOL on the sweater shedding. I consider my cat hair as a textural accessory!

  10. You really know how to take on a challenge, Sheila - this is a fab outfit from top to bottom. Love the classic black dress and shoes, and all the zing too. Thanks for linking up!

  11. I love that you did both! Those pink tights are super hot! Love them! And I love your awesome cardigan. Your outfits are the ones I look forward to the most during these challenge weeks and you did not disappoint! :)

  12. Love the cardigan and pink tights. So glad you put them together!

  13. This is amazing! I love the bright pink tights with the black and the leopard!

  14. I love this Shelia! You are rockin' the hot pink tight! Awesome! And my favorite print: Leopard.


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