Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jun 19th - Outfit #19 - A Drop of Red

Today's outfit wasn't anything terribly exciting.
I did, however, get to wear this awesome swooshy skirt again! I last wore it here, and I loved it even more today, especially since I had lower heels on (last worn here) and could dash about, my skirt curling and bouncing around.

I'm not in love with this cardigan, though (last seen here, 2nd outfit). I don't think it will survive my closet this month.
It wraps around my waist too high, annoying me. 

I added a little red cami underneath it, and this cool necklace (close-up here) that I rarely wear. Coincidentally, I gave blood today. It's my 7th or 8th time; my company does regular blood drives so it's good incentive to keep up my donations. 

Cardigan (Noa Noa), cami (Ricki's), skirt (Y, thrifted), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, consignment), necklace (handmade).


  1. Sheila, I love the outfit. Especially the necklace and the very cool sandals.
    I admire you for giving blood. Something about having blood taken causes me to get very faint. I think it is some weird response in my body, but I just can't do it. So thank you for doing it.

  2. Oh, how I long for yer shoes. Still searching for the perfect pair o' gladiator style flats that won't break the bank. Love the necklace and the swooshy skirt. Swooshing always makes me feel better :)

  3. I love that skirt! It's so ruffly and pretty.

    Eep, I've never given blood, but our college does blood drives twice a year I think. I'm too needle shy (probably why I still haven't gone for the tat yet).

  4. Super skirt! Twirl-worthy! The punches of red are perfect.

  5. I really like that cardi paired with the skirt! :) Beautiful skirt. Well done for giving blood too, it's always so needed but it's tricky when you're afraid of needles!

  6. Love that skirt with the gladiator sandals. Hooray for you giving blood, Sheila, it's a great gift.

  7. Loving the pop of red! Very lovely! And awesome that you give blood often! I wish that I could, my veins collapse easily so I tend to not do it to save the nurse and myself the headache.

  8. Drooling over those fabulous shoes!

  9. The swingy skirt is fabulous. I love the stripes and the flouncy asymmetrical bottom.

  10. That skirt is so cute and summery!!! And those shoes---oooooo FLAT shoes::::DROOL:::::


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