Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jun 26th - Outfit #26 - Black and Pink (and Kitty)

I wanted to wear this black dress one more time, just on its own, to show off the lovely shape of it.
I did pink accents with the Smoking Lily obi and my pink legs (more on those later). I last wore the dress here.

I'm doing all silver filigree jewelry: earrings, my St. Paul's bracelet, and one of my grandma J's vintage 1950s brooches (I've worn this triad before, picture here).
My plain black pumps finish it off (last worn here).

It was chilly this morning, so I wore my white leather jacket.
I love my fake Tod's bag (detail pictures here). I paid all of $4.00 for that! My silk scarf was moved to my neck for warmth.

I got these lacy pale pink tights at Aldo a few months ago. I liked how they looked - not too sunburned!
Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), dress (Esprit), obi (Smoking Lily), shoes (Guess), tights (Aldo), earrings (Plum?), bracelet (St. Paul's cathedral gift shop), pin (Grandma J, vintage 1950s, Pastelli), scarf (vintage), bag (fake Tod's, thrifted).

Officer Vizzini sits out on the deck in the mornings and keeps an eye on the neighbourhood.
He watched me approach.

Then he craned around, looking at the crows and starlings in the oak trees that surround our condo.
Our deck has a glass overhang roof, so he gets sky view as well.

Vizzini likes to walk along the window ledge.
He's quite fearless.

But he has a goal...
Vizzini bangs his tail on the window to try to get the other kitty's attention.
The back of our building has our neighbour's balcony.

And someone's out there snoozing in the sun!
Aw, a nice fluffy cat!


  1. You look stunning in this outfit Sheila! One hot mama!! xx

  2. OMG, I love the Vizzini story so much. Hey, neighbor kitty! And I adore your classic black frock, with silver accents.

  3. How cute! Nice that your kitty has a kitty television nearby. Our windows are too high for my dog to see out and bark at the squirrels, but he'd love to! I just tell him they're there instead and he barks. ;)
    I love how you paired the curvy black with the soft pinks. Feminine but still edgy.

  4. It is a lovely and well cut dress. Nothing like a perfect dress with an obi belt!

    Awww cute kitty! Sounds so funny. Does he ever get the other cat's attention? Sammy likes to talk out the windows. I nearly killed him one morning when I stayed over at Mom's and he "talked" for an hour straight. (I swear that cat enunciates as if his meow's were English)

    1. We've only seen him spot the neighbour kitty a couple of times - I don't know if they've ever "connected."

  5. I'm more about the lovely shape of your legs than the dress shape, though that's nice too :-)

  6. Aww Vizzini is too cute - love that he watches the other cat across the way! :)

    Really like your outfit today - the scarf is perfect with the dress! Fun tights too :)

  7. Wendy is right, you have Fabulous legs! Love those soft pink tights. And the LBD is pretty much perfect.

    Oh Vizini, good thing I live 4482.67 km away (yes, I looked it up) or I'd be stealing you! Such a little monkey.

  8. Gorgeous outfit--very elegent.
    I jusy LOVED the Vizzini pictures--LOL at the sleeping cat!

  9. Pink and black is one of my favorite combos, they compliment each other well!

    Aww, hi neighbor kitty! I love that he's watching the other kitty from afar. It's too cute.

  10. The little black dress adorned and it fits you like a glove. Really like the pink tights too. Your kitty has such a nice elevated throne to view the world from.

  11. Smoking Sheila !
    Ohh Vizzini is sooo cute.... he's in love with the cat next door .

  12. I think you are showing off the lovely shape of YOU. I'm going to copy your look with my similar dark denim Loft dress - add MMD obi belt and one of my many aunties' antique brooches, and I will be Stylin' Like Sheila :)

    Love the kitteh pics :)

  13. Vizzini is so cute. Love how he goes on patrol and is on top of things.

    Your outfit is lovely - shows off your shape nicely.

  14. Vizzini is cute as a button. :) I bet he would like to meet the other kitty in person. ;) Does he stay indoors or does he venture out occasionally?

    1. Hi, Izzy! No, he's a strictly indoor kitty. We are on the 4th floor of a condo, and we live in an urban neighbourhood - not safe at all for cats.


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