Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jun 14th - Outfit #14 - This or That - Black and Leopard

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Another busy day - I just got back from getting my hair cut (and my blonde streak refreshed!), and I'm hungry and the wine is a-calling!

Today's "This or That: Trend" was coloured bottoms or printed bottoms. As I don't have any colour in June's capsule, I had to go for a printed bottom - and duh, of course I did leopard!
Another "fresh" item in this capsule, i.e. not worn yet item, is this brown satin blouse. I've had this blouse for oh, gosh, about 4 years. I think I last wore it here - there are links in that post going back to August 2009, but I'm pretty sure I've had it longer.

This is my second wear of my leopard skirt (last seen here).
It's a bit hard to see, but I'm wearing my black stomacher over the blouse, with a belt over that. I loved the brown blouse with the leopard skirt...but I didn't put any brown shoes in this capsule, so I had to pull in black (I'm also wearing a black camisole underneath the blouse) to go with the black shoes (last worn here).

Then I felt like I needed a lot of silver. Shiny, shiny!
I feel like a cowboy when I wear this belt! I added the feather and the snake ring. "There's a snake in my boot!"

Happy almost weekend!

Blouse and cami (Esprit), stomacher (InWear), skirt (Club Monaco), belt (thrifted), ring (80s vintage), feather (consignment).


  1. It's a delicious chocolate color!

  2. Awesome printed skirt, and an incredible example of pairing black with brown. Also eee! Love that snake ring. Adorable.

  3. Great combo! The brown + black in the print makes it all sing in harmony.

  4. I'm glad you pointed out the stomacher. It's fantastic and adds such visual twisting to this outfit. It's also cool how you have links going back to 2008. You are a pro and it shows!

  5. Ohhhhh!! Guess which item is my favorite??!! Gorgeous!

  6. Love the pairing of the shirt and skirt - and I like how you've belted it too. The stomacher and black shoes work really well together :)

  7. Love the accessories and this is yet another animal print that is convincing me that I need to add a little leopard to my wardrobe. You wear it so well.

  8. The stomacher is so cool. And the snake ring too - love that! (are you Slytherin?)

  9. Love the printed skirt! And the snake ring is too much fun! Awesome!

  10. The chocolate blouse looks amazing on you!! Love the whole outfit!!

  11. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Chocolate and leopard are your colors.


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