Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jun 21st - Outfit #21 - Colour to the Rescue

I was dressed this morning and took one look in the mirror and thought, "Dang, I look so blah!" However, once I popped on this necklace, I felt so much better. Colour to the rescue!
I am finding that I'm jonesing for some colour in my clothes - not bad, I've last 3 weeks without blowing a gasket, heh heh. I will say, I am really looking forward to my (very) bright palette for July!

This is my leopard dress (last worn here, last outfit) with my brown drapey cardi (last seen here, 2nd outfit) tied loosely at the waist. I'm also wearing a black cami underneath for cleavage cover-up (not part of the capsule). The total cost of my dress and cardigan together is $13.00.

The red necklace just makes it, doesn't it? Here's a better picture.
My black pumps get worn again (last seen here). One of them has a heel fart when I walk - ha! Any home remedies for those?

Dress (Majora, thrifted), cardigan (Alternative Apparel, thrifted), cami (InWear), shoes (Guess), necklace (Plum).


  1. very nice today Sheila . Could you show your purses too? I am not a purse person much but just lately I have been wanting some. Yesterday I found a very nice matt & Nat one at a thrift store for $7 , it doesnt look like it was used at all.So I am not sure what styles go good with what . Thanks Donna

    1. Hi, Donna! That Mat & Nat sounds like an amazing deal! I've seen them on consignment for over $50.

      I will show some of my purses, promise. I have about 6 that I rotate - they have to be big enough to hold my shoes (I walk to work in sneakers) so I like roomy bags that go with a lot.

  2. The red necklace really does pop great against this dress. The color and the shape of it work. Go, Sheila, for workin' those accessories.

  3. Yes, the necklace completes the outfit. You always find the right touch when you put clothes together.

  4. I love the proportions of this outfit on you--particularly the just-at-the-knee length of the dress. And of course the red necklace absolutely finishes it off!

  5. I'm looking forward to your July capsule too! And when the weather gets warmer it will be nice to see what others are wearing to stay somewhat cool.
    That necklace really does make the outfit come together just great!

  6. I would be interested if anyone else has remedies for the heel noises when you walk - I have a pair of shoes that do that too, hehe!

    I love the red necklace with this outfit for a pop of colour! Agree it really makes the outfit :)

  7. Ha ha heel fart! I have some shoes that do that too - I have no idea how to fix it, so I'll be watching this post for good tips from others!

    I love the print on this dress and the pop of color from that awesome bib necklace.

  8. I think the necklace did its job - of bringing in some color.
    You look so nice - which shows that you can look fab with little $.
    I cannot believe that 13.00 was the cost of both: the dress and caRdi!

  9. This is a very Audi outfit. Everything drapes so perfectly and the floral necklace is a nice contrast with the leopard print.

  10. Check the insole. Sometimes a loose insole will be the cause of that oh-so-attractive noise.

    Great outfit, and the necklace really is what makes it!

  11. Simple, but very flattering outfit.

    As to the noisy shoes, if it's from the heel, it might be loose. You can put some glue into where the heel connects to the shoe. Otherwise, try baby powder, cornstarch, or other type of powder inside the shoe and under the insole.



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