Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jun 6th - Outfit #6 - A Fashion Crime

Well, it's about time to break out the crazy, isn't it? 
Yee haw! Check out those insane shoes! Those are my Listen Up O'Hara Fluevogs (of course they're Fluevog), which I got on our annual pilgrimage to Fluevog in March 2011. I last wore them here, and previously here and here. They are a little on the high side, heel-wise, with a 4" heel, including a small 1/2" platform under the ball of my foot. Fortunately, that platform is well-padded, but I still don't wear them as much as I should. This month will change that!

I had planned to go bare-legged, but it's decided that it is still spring in Victoria, and therefore, raining, windy and cloudy. So back to tights, at least for a day.

This is my fabulous cream tux jacket:
I've had it for many years, since 2009, here. It was bought on consignment. I last wore it here; it's been stored away since the end of September.

That's my new Club Monaco leopard skirt as well - I got it in April (here) on deep discount for $29.99. Score! This replaces all my other leopard skirts.

I also have a camisole on under the jacket, which is not part of the capsule.
Vizzini's usual psychotic look
I love how the cream shoes look against the darker tights - you can just see that the back of the heel is also a cut-out. Here's a better picture of the side view.

Jacket (Club Monaco, consignment), cami (InWear), skirt/snake bracelet (Club Monaco), shoes (Listen Up O'Hara, Fluevog), necklace (Melanie Lynne).

I nearly committed a fashion crime with this skirt - can you see it?
 No? How about a little closer?
It's one of those big visible stitches at the bottom of the skirt's slit. Those need to come out! They are put there by manufacturers to ensure that the clothing stays flat in shipping and on display racks. Remove them from: coats (check when you get a new coat), jackets, skirts with slits, skirts with big pleats. Any visible stitches are not intended to remain once you've purchased your garment!

I had to do a quick snip of my friend's jacket the other night - the stitch was still holding the slit at the back of the jacket hem closed. I also saw a woman with this big thread hanging off her skirt where it had obviously ripped. I'm always tempted to accost strangers and offer to fix this, but I fear it might be taken the wrong way.


I would also be remiss not to mention the passing of one of my all-time favourite writers yesterday, Ray Bradbury. Coincidentally, my Book Club pick last week was "Fahrenheit 451," one of his best-known books.

I have nearly all of his books, have been collecting the vintage paperbacks for most of my adult life. His writing was a huge influence on my own writing; his gift for beautiful language and imagery has always inspired me. I felt like I belonged in his world, whether it was Green Town, Illinois with Douglas Spaulding or on Mars, wandering the canals. We have lost one of our literary greats.

Do yourself a favour and read one of his books, if you haven't in a while. I recommend "Fahrenheit 451," "Dandelion Wine," "The Martian Chronicles" and "The October Country" (a collection of short stories - all of his short stories are marvelous).


  1. LOL! I always have to check my husband for those threads - he doesn't notice them & is likely to wear a jacket with the vents still sewn shut ;-)

    I do love the strappy shoes with contrasting tights. Really pops & you can see the cool shoe style better than w/bare legs, imo.

  2. I always felt that Bradbury had maintained his childlike wonder.

    As for these stitches, I often find them in pockets and sometimes debate whether to remove them or not. If I can't access the pocket, I won't stretch anything out.

    I love the tights--a fabulous color with the new skirt.

  3. I lurk here daily to get inspired in many ways--I love your eclectic style and I envy your massive Fluevog collection (someday....). I even try to copy your pose if anyone takes my photo, but I'm writing because I am also sad about Ray Bradbury. The choir I work with sings a song that is based on his poem "The Young Galileo Speaks" set by an Atlanta Composer, Mark Gresham. My favorite part of the text:
    The flavour of the night lies on my tongue
    I speak it so,
    That others, uninviting of themselves
    Abed, not brave, may know,
    What this boy knows, and will forever know.
    The Universe is thronged with fire and light
    And we but smaller suns
    Which, skinned and trapped and kept
    Enshrined in blood and precious bones
    Hold back the night.
    -Ray Bradbury

    1. Brielvis, thank you for posting that - it's incredibly moving and beautiful. I'm so glad you dropped by - that made my night.

  4. You forgot to snip snip!

    I love the darker tights with the lighter shoes. It kind of mimics the beautiful colors in your hair which really balances everything out nicely. It's edgy!

    1. I almost did, Joni, but I always inspect my clothes for those types of things! I caught it last night before I went to bed.

  5. Oh those shoes, those shoes. I'm still crazy obsessed with them as the day I saw them on the Fluevog website. Too bad my knees suck. You'll just have to remix them a bunch this month so I can see them. ;)

    Also lol! The skirt tacking. I would personally prefer to be told if I had threads everywhere, but I don't know if everyone is like that.

  6. I love that photo of you with Vizzini! And those shoes make the outfit! They are awesome. Ray Bradbury was such a visionary and I was sad when I read that he had gone.

  7. Love the bright tights with the leopard print skirt! :) those shoes are pretty awesome too :)

  8. Fluevogs!! "swoons" Damn why cant I get hold of Fluvogs in my country "sobs"

  9. The shoes, I die : > I love the shape of the Fluevog heels. I have gone to work with a stitch still in - and wondered all day why my skirt felt a little snug at the hem.

    Great outfit, and handsome cat too : >

  10. Those shoes are amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing the different looks you achieve while wearing them.

  11. I notice when people don't snip the basting in their vents in skirts and jackets, but like Terri I often leave the pocket basting in especially in jackets. After all I have a purse to carry my stuff in, don't need bulging elsewhere!

    Haven't read any science fiction for a long time, perhaps I will get a Bradbury from the library to honour him. That quote Brielvis posted was beautiful, thank you B.

    Finally Vizzini is so cute, what a look he's got with those big green eyes!

  12. I so want those shoes! On the website, they didn't look like much but when you see them styled in a great outfit it shows just how fabulous they are. *sigh* Another missed opportunity.

    I see women all time with that tell tale X on the bottom of their skirt slits. Or with the tag still sewn on their winter coat sleeve. And once I saw a man with the plastic sticker showing the size of his pants still stuck on his pant leg. Sometimes one must inspect ones clothing before leaving the house!

  13. As a teen, I was shy and isolated, but an avid reader. Ray Bradbuy took me to so many amazing places, and I read my books (so strange for me to remember actual book although I love my ereader) over and over (young peeps, we did not have cable or the Internet :)

    Love the white shoes against the dark tights. Miss my tights so much! Guilty of forgetting to snip the kick pleat until I get to office and figure out that's why I can't walk :P

  14. Those shoes are awesome! I can see why they are called "Listen Up"! They demand attention, in a good way!

    Love Vizzini's wild eyes, lol.

    I have not actually read any of Ray Bradbury's stuff, but I have always wanted to read the Martian Chronicles, so it just might be time!

  15. Wow--your crazy is what I call FABULOUS!!! I love the outfit and those shoes!! Well...they won't take the place of last month's aqua fluevogs in my heart but they are amazing!!

  16. That's valuable info about the stitches. Thanks for educating me. And I, too, was saddened at Bradbury's passing. I read many of his books.

  17. Yes, sometimes I forget about those stitches myself, because not all manufacturers put them. I noticed one on my new jacket just before leaving home the other day :) Phew!

    I'm one of those people who want to fix other people problems me too. Sometimes I do come up and tell something to the person (like when an etiquette sticks out of her pull). Sometimes I just shut up and remind myself that it's none of my business.

    It's very sad about Ray Bradsbury. I have read all his books I could lay my hands on.


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