Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jun 20th - Outfit #20 - No Black Top

So, there is one item in my capsule that I haven't worn yet. I planned to wear it today, but it just didn't work at all. It's not even going to make an appearance unless I can figure out how to make it look okay. It's this top here (picture only link) that I last wore in July 2011. I also wore it the previous July 2010 (here).

It made me look like a priest with the jacket I'd planned to wear. I ended up having to change everything but the skirt and shoes. How did this top end up still in my wardrobe?
Anyway, here is my Smoking Lily swooshy skirt (last seen here, 2nd outfit), a burgundy cami (not part of the capsule), my cream tux jacket (last seen here) and my black sandals (last worn here).

I'm rather surprised that I've only worn this skirt twice so far this month - I love it!

I ended up quite liking this look. Happy first day of summer!
There was much swooshing of skirts today, I tell you.

I did my burgundy faux flower, and my crow Scrabble pin (getting some glare below - look here for a better picture).
Jacket (Club Monaco, consignment), cami (Jackpot), skirt (Smoking Lily, thrifted), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), earrings (Le Chateau), flower (Roberta's Hats), crow pin (Raven's Rest Studio).

Vizzini was being really cute last night. He curled up on this stack of cushions on top of a low stool:
Like a little pasha.


  1. Is the swishy skirt in a navy or black print? At first glance, I really like the understated red, white & blue, but then I got to second-guessing the color.

  2. Aww, sorry the black tank isn't working for ya. However the gingham skirt is adorable. It looks like mega-fun to wear.

    Awww Vizzini! He's got the crazy-eyes going on. Look at those adorable white whiskers! Like good ole Colonel Sanders.

  3. Vizzini is so cute!

    I really like this outfit with the flower, nice touch :) Shame about the black top! I think it looks great on it's own, I can see why it would look a little odd under a jacket. Hopefully you can work it into an outfit this month :)

  4. His Royal Highness, Vizzini. I love your swishy skirt, esp if it really swishes! Happy Summer to you too : >

  5. I love how you accessorize. The sandals and the faux flower, and the earrings just tie up the whole ensemble so nicely, and make the outfit unique and harmonious. I am saying that as someone who wouldn't wear a faux flower, and yet, inspired by you, I might give it a try one day.

  6. I love that skirt. Love, love, love it. It's all my favorite things, the pattern, it's swishy, it's a perfect length.

    Hello sweet Vizzini! You look like a king there!

  7. HA! its one of THOSE garments that are not that easy to wear. I think its a beautiful top.
    I think that without the jacket it would have totally rocked.

  8. OOOOOOO GINGHAM!!!!! Oh how I LOVE that skirt (and the whole outfit)
    I've been weeding out the WTH was I thinking stuff slowly but surely myself!

    Vizzini looks like the royalty he is lounging upon his throne awaiting his staff (that would be you and L) to attend to his every whim and desire!

  9. Skirt, oh skirt, how I love you. Swinging goodness! And the crow pin is fabulous.

  10. Swishswishswishswish ;)



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