Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jun 27th - Outfit #27 - Everybody's a Rock Star Sometimes (Even in a Disco Suit)

Ever since I knew I would do a neutrals month in this challenge, I knew I wanted to do this jacket and these pants together.
Disco suit! My homage is, of course, to the great classic disco suit worn by John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever." I'm not nearly as good of a dancer.

This jacket is ready for the dry-cleaners. It's got all kinds of little marks on it, and I confess, I have sweated in it.

I last wore the jacket here, and the sail pants here. The black top is a Mossimo one I've had for about a year  and is not a cami (but let's pretend it is), but I never took the jacket off and it just reads as black under the main focus of this outfit: the scarf.
It's my Club Monaco metallic mesh scarf (purchased here, scroll down, for $19). It was surprisingly heavy, and I ended up adjusting it all day (it's doubled around my neck). I liked it, though.

The shoes are my gladiator kitten heels (last worn here). I have given these quite a beating this month, but I'm happy knowing that they still have plenty enough life in them to last to for another summer.

Today, I was a rock star at organizing a going-away cake for 50+ people for last-minute delivery.

Are you a rock star? I bet you are. Check out Trystan's awesome post here, and leave her a comment or do your own link-back post. I think we all need a little reminding sometimes about all things we do like a rock star.

Aside from being a rock star organizer, I am a rock star at scheduling and planning! I am also a rock star at painting miniatures - check out my fellow rock star husband's blog post about the amazing vampire church (click on the photos for a good look) that we painted and assembled together over the past 3 years (I built and painted the church and painted a bunch of the vampires). I am also a rock star at making grilled tuna and cheese sandwiches (always burnt, the way they should be, ha ha)!

Stop! Disco Pose!
Fact: In PE class in 1974, we learned to do The Hustle. Yes, I'm old.

I did my black cross-body bag today.
Got my silver Uggs on for walking.

Jacket (Club Monaco, consignment), top (Mossimo, consignment), pants (Noa Noa), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, consignment), scarf/wrist wrap (Club Monaco), earrings (gift from Mom), bag (Oscar & Libby's).


  1. I learned the hustle/ Staying Alive dance in gym class is 1997. :-)

  2. John is so jealous of you in this suit... what fun love the outfit... for that matter you are a great inspiration for me.

  3. Wow, on the vampire church, so cool!

    Yes, please, to the Disco Pose. I snuck into my first club in 1979, wearing a purple jump suit. Good times!

    Everybody needs to be reminded they're a rock star, thanks!

  4. I almost wore a very similar outfit - only a little less disco and a little more "shrunken"... white capris and a short sleeved white blazer. However, I then remembered I had spaghetti for lunch. Ya, I'm too much of a klutz!

  5. Ah! This is so so so fabulous. I love "white out" looks and this is no exception. I also love that your accessories (scarf, shoes - even the walking ones!) are shiny.

    I wish my PE classes had been so interesting. Middle school PE was literally running what are called "suicides" (running to different lines on a basketball court).. and I had my high school PE (freshman year) with the Senior musical theater groups of guys due to a weird schedule mix up. Needless to say it was a very weird year.

  6. Ah Ah Ah Ah Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive!

    In 74 when I was in PE I had to do a gymnastics routine to Donovan's Hurdy Gurdy Man.

    Love the tennies with the suit!

  7. Disco rockstar!!! I esp. love the silver shoes, that. Makes the outfit. And omg, your miniatures ROCK and a half :)

  8. "Stop! Disco Pose!"?!! LOL. I love love love your DISCO POSE!! I shall pass it along to Miz Bagg... And my goodness you are certainly a rock star in making miniatures. I checked out those photos. Awesome work!! What a cool thing you and your husband do together.

  9. Love the jacket and pants together - looks like a suit! I really like the scarf and sandals to dress it down and make it less "stuffy" :)

    The disco pose made me giggle too!

  10. love the suit!!
    Ah disco--remember going to clubs in my "designer" jeans, Candies mules, and a sequined tube top with a metallic scarf.
    Good times

  11. Love this Staying Alive suit! You *are* a rock star. The movie Saturday Night Fever came out on my (um, first) honeymoon - that's how old I am! I adored that movie and the music.

  12. This outfit is great for featuring that metallic scarf. I'm loving the white suit.

    Vampire church is full of awesome. My husband used to be into making military dioramas and building tanks and we still have some on display in the house.

  13. I loved loved loved that movie. And the joyful spirit of Travolta's dancing (which was shown in full-body to convince us that he was actually performing it.)

    You look great in this outfit. You *are* a rock star!

  14. LOVE this! I love Saturday Night Fever and totally thought that before you even said it! I learned the Hustle a few years ago for a church show, it's fun, lol. Now I'll show our age differences here, you got to learn the Hustle in gym? I got to learn the Macarena. LOL.

    You most definitely are a rock star and I love the idea of celebrating such! I'll check out Trystan's blog!

  15. John Travolta would be proud...
    I absolutely love - LOVE - that white suit on you.

  16. Strike a pose!! Love. That pic! :) Saturday night fever is just the coolest film ever :)


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