Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Plush Leopard

Megan Mae's Neutrals Week starts next Monday! I'm so not a neutrals-only gal, so I needed to practice. Today's outfit is pretty simple for me - lots of brown!
I'm sure there are shoes there somewhere.
This is one of my winter wool sweaters - I haven't worn this since...well, I don't know, since I can't find it more recently than the very first time I wore it here. But I only paid $12 for it in 2010, so I don't feel too bad! 

I spent today hauling up boxes from my office's storage room in the basement of our building, going through all the Christmas decorations, and then having to trek out to get lights (seriously, who has only 2 strings of 35 lights for a 6' tree? That's just silly), and then having to exchange a set that didn't work. I then lit the tree - it was a lot of physical work! And I did in heels!

An attempt at a goofy pose - success! I do look goofy.
That's my plush leopard skirt, last seen during Leopard Week. I just wore plain brown tights - I had planned on lacy ones, but they didn't look right once I had them on (and I was worried about them snagging on the tree).

My entire outfit (except for the jewelry) is thrifted! Go, me!

The stuff:
I love those shoes, but my feet were killing me after basically standing and walking and running around doing errands all day.

For a little bit of colour, I did my amber and copper necklace and amber crystal earrings.
Look how furry my skirt is! I love wearing it - I really need to wear it more.

Is anyone else doing Neutrals Week?

Sweater (Banana Republic, thrifted), skirt (S&D, thrifted), shoes (Nine West, thrifted), necklace and earrings (Plum).


  1. Lovely prelude to Neutrals Week. Pattern really punches up a neutral outfit without color, and that leopard skirt is to die for.

    Go you for putting up a tree in heels! I don't even want to do it in my pajamas (okay, I'm anti-tree for my own home, but that's personal preference... I'm more of a foot tall tree person)

    I still need to plan my own Neutrals Week!

  2. That is a gorgeous outfit. The shoes and necklace are perfect,too.

  3. Love that skirt, it looks so cuddly. Yay for putting up the tree and lights. I am much lazier than Megan -- I just enjoy other people's trees!

    Your whole look is fab, and thanks for reminding me about neutrals week - it will be fun.

  4. I SHOULD be doing neutral week! Neutral is ME.

    And brown is such a great color for you! Neutral or not.

    When will we see your tree? (Or will we just have to imagine?)

  5. I really like this outfit! It really looks good with your haircolor. :o)

  6. Love it! Especially that the skirt is plush - when I wear furry clothing, I always tell people that I'm wearing genuine Muppet fur. But this skirt is way too chic to come from a Muppet.


  7. LOVE the furry kitty skirt and tuxedo kitties.

  8. Oh, I love the skirt! I've been eyeing a leopard-print skirt at Zara for a while now, and the way you're wearing yours here makes me think it's way more versatile than I'd thought.

    I may very well jump in on this neutrals week thing. It sounds like great fun.

  9. I might slip into a depression if I wear only I can do it evrey now and then--but not for any length of time.
    But I love your take with the leopard! Really so much BETTER than a neutral. And of course, the shoes, as usual, are vundabaH!

  10. Your cats and my dog Harry are hams that seem to love being in the pictures.
    I love this outfit just like I love all your outfits. And I love animal prints.

  11. Neutrals week… I had better start plotting now! I love your prelude

  12. Thanks, Ki!

    Megan, thanks! I'm just planning one day at a time.

    Thanks, Anne!

    Sal, thank you!

    Patti, it is - it took me a while this year, but it'll make every year going forward much faster.

    Rebecca, go for it!

    Thank you, Lisa!

    FF, thanks! Hee, this is maybe some variant of Miss Piggy.

    Thanks, Jude!

    Ana, thank you - get it! I love leopard.

    Paula, I know, I'm a little trepidatious about it. Thanks!

    Debbi, yes, the cats love being on camera - it's funny. Thank you so much!

    'Doll, it should be fun!


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