Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Big Jacket and a Lot of Cat Pictures

Happy almost weekend!

Today's outfit is built around this new jacket: I did the easy route and pulled out the colours from the jacket trim: purple-y bottom, teal shoes and gold legs.

The jacket is not a style that I normally do.
I generally prefer to have more figure-hugging clothes, but once in a while it's nice to shake it up with a different shape. I was drawn to the embellishments on this, of course!

And yes, I'm wearing it over my dress again (3rd outfit down):
I get a little loopy in the mornings before I've had my coffee...

The stuff:
My lovely teal shoes, and a nice look at all the rich textures.

Here's a better look at the jacket:
It reminds me of Mongolian dress. I like the belled sleeves. The fabric of the jacket is tweed, with these bits of ribbon and embroidery sewn on.
Pretty! The jacket was tagged at $39.00, but I got it free with my trade-in credit. Thanks, Annie!

I had a compliment in the elevator at work today on my tights:
I've had these for about 3 years - got them out of a clearance bin at the Bay for a few bucks. They've lasted really well; no runs at all!

I love wearing this jewelry:
It's by a Vancouver company, and all the jewels are semiprecious stones.

Jacket (Nylon by Dex, consignment), dress (Maggy London), shoes (Me Too), earrings/bracelet (Myka).

Did I mention cat pictures? L's been taking pictures during the day again.

Vizzini and Inigo enjoy a bit of sunshine today:
Vizzini is way up on top of the house on the scratching post, and Inigo is in his sprawled out loaf position on the little scratching post.

Officer Vizzini, on patrol!
Keeping the neighbourhood safe and reporting any incidents (i.e. spiders and falling maple leaves).

Look at his dear little fuzzy toes:
I love the little white toes on his front paws.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lovey Eyes decides to flop on the rug:
He also has a fresh paper bag from the last grocery delivery.

For those of you who have wondered or commented on it in the past, the rug was bought at Home Depot a couple of years ago.

Inigo got all stretchy:
Time for a tummy rub!


  1. Striking jacket! I can see why you got compliments on the tights.

  2. I know I'm a cat lady, because I started squee-ing over those cute kitty toes. I like the new jacket.

  3. Lovely jacket! I love the detailing on it. I always wind up passing on swing-style jackets for the same reasons.

    I'm melted at the kitties! I'm glad I get to see my "babies" this weekend. Look at those ittybittykitty toes and that fluffy tummy! Too cute.

  4. Wow, what a dramatic jacket! And I'd compliment those tights, too. I love looking at your creative outfits.

  5. Another gorgeous jacket and the kitties are just gorgeous everyday.

  6. Very interesting jacket, lovely details. I like swing-jackets, but somehow I don't like bell-sleeves. I definitely would pass it, but on you it looks fantastic.

    Love the rug! Those big bold flowers - absolutely to my taste!

  7. The hose! The jacket! I am lusting for your clothing today. And for your kitties. We say our cats are "working cats, protecting the family" when they are looking out the windows. We are safe!

  8. Beautiful jacket. I love things with unusual details. The whole outfit is just perfect.
    Cute kitties. Those are some cute toes!

  9. Ooooh, I love the hose and heels! Can't believe they have lasted this long.

    Sweet, sweet kitties. Sweet, sweet toes.

  10. Judith, thank you!

    Chrissy, thanks - it's served me really well.

    Rebecca, hee, aren't they sweet?

    Thanks, Cara!

    Megan, I nearly always pass them by, but this one I had to have. I know, aren't they adorable?

    Ally, thank you so much!

    Lesa, thanks!

    Victoria, thank you! I like bell sleeves, but I can see why others might not.

    Patti! Aw, thank you, my dear! Yes, the cats do such a good job watching out for us.

    Debbi, thank you!

    Kristen, thanks! I know, they must be made of iron! Hee, the toes are the cutest.

  11. this jacket is awesome!
    now, it is my must have ;-)

    tell me if U know- if i can buy it online?

  12. Veronica, sorry, I bought it second-hand. I would suggest you Google the brand (I always include the brand names in my posts). Good luck!


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