Monday, November 7, 2011

Stupid Monday

I am really annoyed at myself. With the time change to Daylight Savings, it is light enough again in the morning to do stair pictures, which I did. I also did all my pictures when I got home...and then I promptly deleted everything off the camera (because I don't store pictures on my camera).

Arg! I had to change back into my outfit. I really didn't want to. I want to go have dinner.

Anyway, this is why Mondays are stupid. I'm going to crop my head off deliberated from Patti's Visible Monday today! It is also why my hair looks so bad.

The top was last seen here (last outfit); the skirt is new. It is a really soft faux suede finish and believe it or not, it's a bright vivid royal blue. It was around $6.00.

I'm wearing bright purple tights as well. It was disconcerting to find out that there's some sort of arbitrary expiry date on being too old to wear coloured tights. Says who?!

Mr. Vizzini was being very annoying tonight: "And you will not chew paper. And you will not attack my WW flip charts. And you will stop attacking Inigo. And you will stop trying to get on the desk." He is currently locked out of the den so that I can get done and go have dinner. Sheila is cranky!

I decided to rock up the accessories today.
My awesome towering shoes, my teeth necklace and some rings.

I also got some new-to-me boots this weekend:
They are green and remind me of elf boots.

They're by G-Series and they are waterproof. Apparently they are by Cole Haan. I paid $24.00 for them.
I think they are way more fun-looking than gumboots. The toe of one is a bit damp, but I walked home in the rain and my feet did not get wet.

Blouse (Tabi, thrifted), skirt (Linea Domina, thrifted), shoes/big red ring (Aldo), necklace (The Bay), silver/red ring (gift from Cindy), boots (G-Series by Cole Haan, consignment).


  1. I like a good-looking "weather" boot. I don't like to feel frumpy just because it's raining.

  2. Well, here is the good news:

    1. You look great
    2. You are smiling
    3. Your shoes and boots are awesome!
    4. You are a master shopper!!

    Now, forget all the other stuff!!

  3. I adore the 'teeth' necklace, SO cool! :D

  4. I love all the colors in your outfits. Those boots are cool. My wide feet would never fit in boots like that, but I appreciate seeing them on someone else.

  5. Well, you still look fab, cranky or no. Love the new boots. After I lecture my cats, they always behave perfectly (hahahaha!) xoxoxoxo

  6. On what planet are you too old for bright coloured tights!?!?!! I refuse to believe I live on that planet, if that's the case. What a boring, bland world it would be!

  7. Poor Mr Vizzini !
    It's kind of difficult to tell them not to do something because they are sooo cute.
    I've gotten home to chewed up plants and vomit all over the floor (i think my dogs could be bulimic, at least the fat one ); pillows from the sofas on the floor, toilet paper being pulled and chewed, chewed on shoes, chewed on bills (they don't like the electricity bill and neither do I)
    They just look at you like "I was bored and you left me by myself all day"

  8. Oh, no, not that crap about "some color being prohibited after certain age". It starts with tights and then applies to pretty much everything. "no yellow dresses after 40", "no red blouses after 36"... Finally women after 38 will be forced to only wear grey and black, to melt with the background. (Women after 57 will be forced to die the next day after the birthday, not to spoil the whole cheerful picture).

    Your outfit rocks as usual, by the way!

  9. Aww man, what a day! Well, You do look fabulous. I love the badass shoes and necklace. And the rain boots! They're very futuristic looking (And I love that!).

    Kitties can be such a handful! Everytime I'm at my mom's, I wind up with three demanding furry-butts clambering all over me.

  10. Wendy, me too - I'm so glad I found a cool one. :)

    Pam, aw, thank you, hon!

    Ki, thanks! It makes a cool noise too.

    Paula, thank you! Thanks for reading!

    Debbie, thanks so much! The boots are quite narrow, you're right.

    Patti, thank you - hee, I love the visual of you lecturing your kitties.

    Cara, I know, that's exactly what I thought!

    Lorena, they are a point, then they drive me crazy! But we get so much love from our furry friends - it's so worth it.

    Victoria, I know, isn't that awful? Thank you!

    Megan, thanks, hon! I knew you would like the booties. :) Yes, kittens are a huge handful.


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