Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tardy Tuesday

It is far too late, but I had to rush to get to my WW meeting tonight, and then I had a rousing evening of slaying bad guys (in case you didn't know, I play D&D). Now, I'm tired.

As I was this morning:
The time change really knocks it out of you.

The skirt is new-to-me. It was $10 but was free to me, deducted from my credit. Yee haw! I didn't really like it, though. The colour is a little bland, and the slight shininess of the fabric showed every single bump and bulge. I'm going to wash it and give it to one of the gals at work.

The sweater is skull-licious! It was nice and snuggly warm this morning. This was a very similar outfit to this one - I had something else planned, but it looked asstastic when I put it on, so I had to change quickly.

Picture left slightly uncropped to show Inigo in the background, and Vizzini prowling around (up to no good, I'll wager).

I forgot to take a stuff picture when I finally got home at 8pm, and I didn't want to drag it all out again, so here's a picture of my outerwear instead:

New-to-me thrifted hat - $8.50, and it's wool (H&M, though, so kinda crappy, which is good because I won't really care if it gets ruined in the rain).

Sweater (Kersh), top (Ellen Tracy, swap from Caro), skirt (Current, thrifted), shoes (First by Feet First (thrifted), necklace (consignment), belt (Plum). Jacket (Planet, consignment), hat (H&M, thrifted), fur scarf (Danier, thrifted), boots (G-Series by Cole Haan, consignment).

Bonus cat picture:
Vizzini stakes out a spot on the Dolphins pillows. Hee, he has one set of white eyebrows and one set of black.


  1. I love skulls first thing in the morning too! You look wonderful, and your accessories/outerwear rule. Hey, Vizzini - love that eyebrow job!

  2. You always seem to find the perfect accessory for your styles...I love the hat!!

  3. Inigo and Vizzini? Fanstastic!

    Vizzini's ahead of his time--- that eyebrow look may catch on any day now.

  4. The skull sweater is lovely! I like that you paired it with red. The skirt is cute, but I think you have more flattering ones in your closet already.

    Lol @ Vizzini. At least he's got his brows. Spike keeps singeing his off! He likes to poke his head into things on the stove. He's stopped doing it as much (and instead pokes his head into the fridge whenever people open it), but he spent much of his kittenhood a little lopsided.

  5. Ha, Patti, there is something so fun to wearing skulls! Thanks so much.

    Pam, aw, thank you.

    Rebekah, yeah, "The Princess Bride" is one our favourite movies. :)

    Wendy, thanks!

    Megan, thanks! I agree re: the skirt, which is why I'll pass it on. Ha, at Spike! Vizzini has climbed in the fridge, in cupboards, etc. Little devil!

  6. Too bad the skirt doesn't work for you, but so glad that you were able to give it away! Also... awww... he has little Puss In Boots eyes!

  7. I know it's already been said, but I LOVE how you choose red for shoes, belt, and hat! Did you notice that in the Aug. 17, photo your two kitties are in similar positions? Vizzini in the foreground and Inigo at the rear? I'm sure you did!

  8. Cara, I'm sort of addicted to this shape! It's hard to resist a bargain too. It will go to a good home.

    Jude, thank you! The cardigan has a skull on the back with a red bow, so I like to match that. I did not notice that - good eye!


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