Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Desigual Bargain

Woo, it was windy (and still dark out) when I took my picture this morning. I feared for my poor little camera - one gust and kerplooie!
And yes, this is a Desigual skirt (I have a jacket, this dress and this dress as well), and as I said on Sunday, yes, this was $9.99 at the VV boutique! Score! Thanks to Leslie for pointing it out!

Because it's chilly out (and it rained all day, and it is supposed to rain all weekend, arg), I layered my Noa Noa pouffy skirt underneath. The skirt also has an uneven hem, so that helped make it look a little less cuckoo for the office.
That's my grey Camden Town jacket that I got in London in 2010.

Showing the hemline:
 I did fishnets and my pretty metallic bow shoes.

The design on the skirt is printed buildings on the background, with a spill of white flowers, leading to the "ransom note" design that says "We [heart] colour."
The large greenish flower is hand-sewn fabric cording, and the big flowers near the border are sort of iron-on images (rubbery). The letters in "We [heart] colour" are individually sewn on; the "e" and the second "o" are black sequins on white background. The fabric is a viscose - very thin t-shirt-y material. It had nice flow and movement.

The back of the skirt is, unfortunately, not patterned. It just has the "Desigual" name and a stylized nib pen. I think this skirt probably sold for around $80 new, so I'm very happy with $9.99! 
I could only take one picture before Vizzini tried to take off with the earrings. Bad kitty!

Jacket (unreadable label), top (Planet), underskirt (Noa Noa), patterned skirt (Desigual, thrifted), tights (Esprit), shoes (Jeffrey Campbell), earrings (swap from Tina).


  1. The skirt is gorgeous and I adore the asymmetrical hem! :)

  2. You look fantastic, ready for any weather and chic as all heck. I am still looking for my first Desigual "score" - you got a beauty here.

    Kitties keep their tails down when they *know* they are being bad : >

  3. Love the skirt and the shoes so much!! Happy Thanksgiving, Shelia!

  4. I love this in so many ways, but I have to say my favorite thing about this outfit is that skirt/jacket paring. It's like you took a downtown graffiti wall and put it on your skirt and are wearing the jacket right off of the artist.

    Aww, kitty knows a good pair of earrings when he sees them.

  5. I think this skirt and those shoes are made for each other! Beautiful skirt.

    I had to google this word "kerplooie". I definitely learn from you, new words as well as styling tricks. Not sure how to pronounce it though.

  6. That hem is bizarre! If it's too cuckoo for cocoa puffs for the office, would you wear it unlayered for social events? or is the viscose too thin?

  7. I really love how you put this together and the ruffles of the slip at the bottom add an elegant touch.

  8. Great bargain hunting!

    And I love the shoes.

  9. This is just a perfect Sheila outfit. I actually think the tulle underskirt helped balance everything out nicely, and the jacket perfectly quirky enough to tone down the skirt while still sticking to the style of the skirt.

    It's a great score at that price! Vizzini is a sneaky little beast!

  10. Desigual at that price is unthinkable ! Great find :)


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