Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Coat (Green and Purple)

I had a 7:30 meeting this morning, I gave blood, and I had my WW meeting tonight. I am tired. Oddly, all of my pictures are blurry in some manner. Somehow, my state of mind is coming across in the photos!

I haven't worn The Coat in a long time: But first: I have purple legs. I got new purple tights and they are very grape-y. They go perfectly, in fact with this very grape-y velvet skirt that I got at Dots last week.

But I'm so distracted by The Coat!
It was very crisp and cold this morning, and I didn't wear any other outerwear. Most of The Coat is wool, and it's very thickly lined. I had my fur scarf and my long leather gloves and I was quite good.

I just kept the underneath layers simple with the emerald silk top:
And there's the purple pencil skirt (and Vizzini's head).

Here's the outfit without The Coat. The only time I took it off was to give blood.
Unfortunately, the skirt isn't lined (it's a cotton blend) and it ended up riding up on me - it's the dreaded Tight Creep. Next time I'll wear a slip.

The stuff:
You can go here for more pictures of The Coat. Hee, my cost per wear is down to $163.00. But now that the weather's cooler, I'll be wearing it more!

Coat (Desigual), blouse (Jacob, consignment), skirt (Cappopera), tights (Hue), boots (Gabor), chain (Grandma J's).


  1. Gorgeous coat! And the green cowl top is so pretty with suede.

  2. Oooh wow, a beautiful outfit perfectly formulated to showcase your amazing coat. Can't wait to see the other ways you style it, the possibilities are numerous!

  3. Oh wow that coat is stunning! I wish I could afford one from Desigual!

  4. Wonderful outfit, with The Coat as the star! That coat is amazing, and it suits you to a tee.

  5. I love the jewel tones here and the coat is amazing!! These colors are perfect for you...and I am so impressed that you got blogging done with that schedule!

  6. Over a year ago when I stumbled onto your blog, I saw and learned a lot. You were the first person to show me how attractive and creative colored tights can be. You integrate them into outfits so effortlessly and seamlessly that they enhance the whole without drawing excessive attention to themselves. Love the grapes!

  7. This coat is just fantastic! I am usually a lurked but had to comment today. I love everything about this outfit!

  8. Love purple and green and you do it so well!
    Hate the tight creep--its that time again~

  9. I have been in grave danger of buying a Desigual coat. The awesomeness of yours is not helping me to resist.

  10. Your coat is great! It's like a combo of a Desigual coat and dress that I have. Funky!

  11. You look like a lovely peacock!

    - Tessa

  12. That is an amazing coat. You have the most beautiful things. I dearly love the colors and different patterns in it.

  13. I love your color sense. That coat is pretty amazing.

  14. Keely, thank you! Only the boots are suede, fyi.

    Megan, thanks! I keep wanting to do the matchy thing.

    Ki, thanks! They are pretty pricey (but worth it, to me).

    Patti, thanks!

    Pam, thank you! Sometimes I get overwhelmed...

    Ally, has it been a year already? Aw, thank you so much for your kind words. I love colours!

    Juli, thank you! I am so glad you de-lurked. :) Thank you for reading!

    Paula, thanks! I know, I hate tight creep.

    Ana, careful, they are addicting!

    Megan, that's so cool!

    Thanks, Tessa! The coat has a peacock on it.

    Thanks, Debbi! I seek beautiful things. :)

    Paula, thank you! It helps that I grew up doing all kinds of art.


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