Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lacy Legs and Green Tweed

...And my work week is over! Although I am Canadian to the bone, every year I take US Thanksgiving off (and usually the following Friday) and watch football with my guys. Tonight, I am cooking up a big pot of chilli (with spicy turkey sausage and bison and lots of beans, yum!). 

This cardigan was the most expensive item from my VV boutique shopping trip on the weekend:
It was all of $14.99. It's wool, poly and cashmere, but is nice and thin (I don't like bulky sweaters). I really liked the design down the front and the nice neckline. Why are so many sweaters turtlenecks? I'd rather wear a scarf.

This is my green tweed skirt (2nd outfit) that I've had for years (I can't believe I haven't worn it since February!):
It has such nice shape. I'm not as big on the shape of the sweater (I'm just wearing a slip under it); I think I might wear a button-down shirt under it next time for more structure. It's a Sears brand.

The stuff:
A better look at the detail down the front of the sweater. It has 24 hook and eye closures (I counted), and the pattern is all embroidered, with a bit of black beads on the bigger areas.

The shoes are my heeled loafers. Very comfy!

The jewelry:
I had a cuff on (it's in the top two pictures), but I took it off halfway through the day because it kept snagging on the sweater. That's my Grandma J's jet necklace, and some cheapy sparkly earrings.

Cardigan (Attitude, thrifted), skirt (Precis Petite), shoes (Kate & Mel), necklace (50s vintage, Grandma J), earrings (Jacob).

Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends! I'm taking tomorrow and Friday off, but I'll be back on Saturday - I have a wedding to go to. I'm meeting with Tierre, my milliner, on Friday to choose a hat - so exciting! 


  1. Dinner sounds great and clever you for taking the days off...the sweater does look good and how wonderful that you have your grandmother's jet necklace.

    Happy Long Weekend :)

  2. Very cozy and chic. I love the shape of the tweed skirt, and the classic loafers with heels are so cute. Happy thanksgiving, enjoy your days off!

  3. We let anyone join our Thanksgiving celebration! Enjoy your time off.

  4. What a gorgeous sweater! I love those tights too.

    I don't know how I'd make it through this time of year without the time off. Hope you enjoy your long weekend and celebrate the time with food, family and friends!

  5. That is a beautiful sweater - love your thrift store finds :)

  6. Black and white pairing is my weakness as well. I think your "Listen Up Harlow" shoes will match perfectly as well.


  7. Thanks, Leslie! I have lots of my grandmother's pieces - I love them.

    Patti, thanks! The skirt is an old favourite.

    Ally, yay! Thank you!

    Megan, I like it too, but I'll try a different skirt next time (and I'm going to try to shrink the sweater a bit). The long weekend was definitely needed!

    Thanks, Lynne! I was pretty happy with this one.

    Teodora, thank you so much for visiting! Yes, I agree - they would look great with this. Black and white is so classic.


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