Sunday, November 13, 2011

Long Weekend Edition! Python, a Hat and Some Cats

Well, hello there! What a lovely long weekend it's been!

Please make sure you go visit Patti. She is wearing my skirt and making it look far better than I ever did! I wore it here (3rd outfit) and here. You look amazing, Patti! I'm so glad you like it.

On Friday, I decided to go out after all, so I put on some shopping clothes: I'm plugging in my headphones for the treck to town. It was a sunny but cool day, so I wore lots of layers.

My standard issue rock and roll look: Long-sleeved tee under graphic tee, tights, skirt and boots. It doesn't get much easier than this. Also, this is a very easy outfit for taking on and off in fitting rooms; many things can be tried on over the top half, as well as under the skirt. I don't like having to take off an entire outfit to try things on.

Added my fingerless gloves, my leather python jacket and my messenger bag. I also dyed my hair - it's nice and bright red again! Woo!

Jacket (Bebe, vintage), mustard tee (Mexx), black tee (BCBGMaxAzria, consignment), skirt (Jones New York, thrifted), boots (Aldo, consignment), gloves (Parkhurst), bag (Licence).

Because it was such a nice day, I took the camera and snapped a few pictures of my neighbourhood. The post box always has good graffiti:
"Live free or die trying" or "Live free or die trying nothing" - it's an existential riddle!

I had a tantalizing glimpse of the castle:
Yes, one day I'll go up there with L and do a proper photo shoot!

This is one of my favourite heritage houses in Victoria:
I would love to live in it. That tower room can be my closet/dressing room. Unfortunately, it's occupied by a construction company's offices.

This house has always reminded me of the "The Munsters":
My city is peppered with these Gold-Rush-era Victorian houses. Some still function as single dwellings; some are broken up into suites; some are offices and businesses.

Walking home:
I love the reds, golds and greens in the fading light.

I found this when I uploaded my pictures:
Aw! Snuggly boys! I love seeing Vizzini and Inigo cuddling. Inigo and Othello never cuddled.

I had a Very Big Event on Saturday morning: a pre-wedding tea for my friend Celia, at a tea room in the very twee Oak Bay. She'd requested that everyone wear a hat or a fascinator, so of course, I had to go to town on the outfit to match!
My flower pot hat!

Here's a better picture so that you can see the top stem of feathers:
I moved down one step. It was pouring rain, and I walked to the tea room. Unfortunately, the brolly knocked the top feather stem and it now needs some repairs.

I was very pleased with this outfit. The only problem is how to top this for the actual wedding in two weeks!
A little family portait. Look how nicely the boys are posing with me.

I'm wearing my plaid Naughty dress, with my red jacket (3rd outfit down) over top. I also have my red vintage slip layered underneath for warmth.
I'm doing a two-tone red/burgundy mix with my accessories: dark red Miz Mooz boots with my dark burgundy clutch.

I added a vintage rhinestone necklace (red stones with a blue irridescent finish) and the lovely heart pin that Steph sent me.I was far more dressed up than the other ladies there, but that's cool. They did wear some fun fascinators! I love that hats are coming back into style!

Dress (Naughty), jacket (French Connection, thrifted), vintage slip (Suzette Lingerie, consignment), boots (Miz Mooz), hat (vintage), belt (Plum), necklace (vintage), pin (gift from Steph).

I walked home in the rain and tucked myself in for a nice nap. Tea rooms serve very rich food.

Refreshed, I readied myself for Tammy's 50th birthday:
I wore this dress last year for New Year's Eve. For this event I went a bit more classic - no good outshining the birthday girl! Tammy is very much a glamour girl, and she didn't disappoint, in a classic red gown. Happy Birthday, hon!

I was really glad for these low-ish heels, since I ended up walking home at 1:30am.
I didn't take a picture of it, but I ended up wearing navy elbow-length leather gloves with my cuffs over top of the gloves.
The dark metal one was a birthday gift from Mom; the other one I got at Dots on Friday for $5.99.

Dress (Max and Cleo), shoes (First by Feet First), cuff (gift from Mom), cuff (no brand, Dots), earrings (consignment).

I drank a lot of champagne and had a brutal hangover today. Champagne, you are a harsh mistress.

Fortunately, there was another kitty picture to soothe my sore head:
Aw! I have Vizzini curled up on my lap now, as I write. Wishing you all a warm kitty-filled lap.


  1. Not sure what I love more, the outfits or the kitties!!

  2. Busy lady! That party outfit with the hat is so striking - could stop traffic! Then the switch to sleek and modern in the blue... be still my heart.

    What does twee mean? I'm sure I could google it, but apparently am lazy tonight.

    I get kind of jealous reading about all the walking you do. I assume you live in the city. We are out in the suburbs and often discuss moving to the city when we're done raising the young'un. It would be nice to be able to walk to a shop or restaurant. I can't even walk to buy milk!

  3. Your tea party outfit is too cool. Just too cool. The plaid, the red, the hat... I love people who dress adventurously.

  4. Love the "family portrait!" And the kitties coordinate with your outfit.

  5. So many good looks! I love the tartan skirt and your hat is too fab. Python jacket too - it is TDF. The cats are so well-behaved and photogenic! Love those little furry faces.

  6. I love it when you take your camera on your walk!

  7. Great outfits! Love the hat and python jacket in particular.

  8. I love, love, love that Naughty dress. I tried Googling that company and I won't tell you what Google showed me. *blushes* I'm guessing that company is no longer operating?

  9. Patti looked great in your skirt! You really know how to pick pieces that work for people.

    Both of those houses are gorgeous. I miss the historical houses of Nashville. We lived a short drive a way from the area with big Southern style homes.

    You looked uber fabulous in your tea outfit! I love how you take items you own and mix them into a whimsical outfit. The hat is just the cherry on top (literally!)

    Love the bandage dress. Edgy and fun, and I can only imagine super cool with the gloves!

    Love all the kitty photos. They look so sweet. That one of them cuddled on the chair reminds me of Spike and Annabelle. She crashes out super hard when she sleeps and she curled up with her head on Spike's tummy. He slept for awhile, but finally woke up and kept giving me this look like "If I move, she'll wake up!" Kitties are so great.

  10. Lorinda, it's so hard to choose!

    Freeda, yes, it's so exhausting being a social butterfly, ha ha! Thank you so much! "Twee" means oh so British and upper-crust, almost preciously so. I do live in the city (it's a small city, and I live on the fringes of it), and I'm lucky to be able to walk most places, as well as work downtown.

    Rebekah, thank you! It was so fun to wear!

    Ki, thanks!

    Kasmira, that's my favourite picture too. Yes, cats are the best accessory!

    Patti, thank you! The skirt is actually a full dress. "Well-behaved"? Ha! They are monsters.

    Tina, thanks!

    Wendy, thank you!

    Megan, thanks so much! I adore that line (my local Dots has a bunch of it) - try and save yourself those embarassing searches! I think they are still around - my dress is about the 4th one in their slide show: the "Tartan Fling Dress."

    Megan, didn't she look amazing? So much better than me! I love the old homes around here - my mom grew up in one. Thanks! I knew you would love the tea outfit!

  11. I was checking your blog and wha...that looks like Victoria! I lived there about 8 years before we moved out to the boonies in the Kootenies. I love it here, but I miss walking around that beautiful city. One of my favorite things to do was go to Chintz, get ideas then go see if I could copy them with stuff from Value Village. And Opus, that was just an addiction waiting to happen. Argh, now I'm homesick for Victoria.

  12. Paula, yes, you're right! Chintz is such an amazing store - the fabrics just make me drool! I used to go to Opus for all my art supplies too. Let me know if you ever make it out here - we'll do coffee. :)

  13. Thanks, Gaby! I appreciate you following me - it takes a long time before I follow someone. I just don't have time to follow everyone who asks. I'm sure you understand.


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