Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thigh-High Boots and Minis

The last time I wore my thigh-high boots with a mini, I went through some major self-examination on whether I was too old to do this.

I've worn these boots with pants every other time since then, but on Friday I thought I would be bold. Be bold, or go home, I say! 

The keys to making this office-appropriate:
  • dark tights
  • dressy fabrics
  • formal cut shirt and vest
  • the boots are neither hooker boots nor pirate boots. 

I quite liked the look, which is basically the same: shirt and vest with some funky/jangly accessory:
That's my lovely and versatile blouse, my denim button-up vest, and the cool metal belt Mom bought me in London a few years ago.

The mini is a nice tweed - it's been in the "shall I keep it?" area for a while, but since it's my only mini skirt, I think I'll keep it.

No stuff picture as I was in a hurry after work.

Blouse (Marcona, thrifted), vest (Bisou Bisou, consignment), skirt (Jacob, consignment), belt (gift from Mom), boots (Pegabo).

We met up with a bunch of friends for dinner and drinks, then headed up to the Art Gallery for another Urbanite event. The theme was Asian-inspired so I dressed appropriately:
It turned out to be more India-inspired, but whatever - I still love this top. At least I wasn't surrounded by cheongsam-wearing women.

That's my brown suede skirt. Unfortunately, I spilled a vodka martini all over it at the end of the evening, but it's one of my machine-washable suedes, so no biggie!

I loved how the lacy tights highlighted the fabulous Fluevog Mini Qtees:
Those were the most comfortable shoes ever!

I wore my leather cuffs doubled up.
A lovely start to the weekend!

Blouse (Le Chateau, consignment), skirt (Danier Leather, consignment), tights (Esprit), shoes (Mini Qtees, Fluevog), leather rose (consignment), cuff (SkinzNHydz).


  1. I so love all this! That rose cuff is amazing as are those Fluevogs. Dang girl, you are just too cool!

  2. I have a belt with a flower like that I was contemplating turning into a bracelet. I think I may just do it now, seeing how yours is so cute!

  3. Age is just a number! Never too old for fabulous boots like those.

    Love those Qtees too.

  4. Great outfit dear!! You made those boots look awesome! Sorry I've disappeared for a while! Still love you and your amazing outfits! Kisses :)

  5. Oooh! You pull this off so well. You really rock the OTK boot. The Qtee Vogs are just that, cute! I've heard of a paramedic (?) who rescued some one from an accident while wearing the boot version of those shoes, so I believe they must be comfortable!

    I imagine one day you'll be 102 years old and still pushing fashion boundaries because you're just that awesome.

  6. I sort of reject the idea that I'm too old to wear anything except onesies and rompers. I am also pining for Fluevogs; they don't seem to sell them in the UK.

    Great outfits!

  7. You are SO not-too-old for that mini. You make it sing. Love those tights + Fluevogs too. xoxoxoxo

  8. I find it so bizarre that I consider myself too old for the thigh high boots and mini combo, but I love how it works on you. I may be a touch crazy.

    Jealous of your washable suede... the husband spilled butter-bathed popcorn on his suede front sweater the other day. The internet said to cover with cornstarch or talcum powder, but we didn't have either. Turns out oatmeal works in a pinch though.

  9. Of course, I zoomed in on the mini part---I think you are so right in your suggestions for the office and you're looking sharp! Glad you kept the mini--I just bought 3. (they were missing in my wardrobe and now that us over-40's mini-skirt-wearers have been vindicated by Lucky-mag, well, the flood gates are open!).
    Cheers to washable suede~

  10. We're never too old for fashion -- and, besides, you're not even old! Those of us on the north side of 50 see you as a "kid". :)

  11. I love how you made over the knee boots work-appropriate. I've always liked them but never thought they'd work for work. Fabulous!

  12. Debbi, thank you!

    Freeda, now you have to do that!

    Megan, I agree, but sometimes it's hard not to listen to the "advice." Thanks!

    Thanks, Dimi! Great to see you back.

    Megan, thanks! Ha, I can believe that - the Minis are amazingly comfy. Hee, I hope I live that long!

    Ana, you're so right! That's sad that you can't get Fluevogs. :(

    Patti, thank you!

    Cara, I think you should go for it! Wear crazy stuff! My skirt is washing right now. I hope that oatmeal worked!

    Paula, thank you! I might have to find a couple more minis to wear with these boots now!

    Ally, hee, you are right, of course! I'm not old - I'm barely ripe. :)

    Thanks, Keely!

  13. The boots and mini look fantastic! You've got the bod to totally rock them so I say go for it!

    I still wear pigtails to work at 35...

  14. You look fabulous in the mini and boots, and you assembled the look to be both fun and tasteful! Kudos.
    But I'd like to see more of that metal belt. I have the distinct impression that it's totally swell...

  15. Lorinda, I love that you wear pigtails! If I had long enough hair, I probably would too!

    Rita, it is indeed a sweet belt. I'll do a close-up of it next time I wear it. Thanks!


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