Sunday, November 27, 2011

An Adventurous Weekend!

I hope all you US folks had a good long weekend! I had a very busy one - primarily, because we went to our friends' wedding on Saturday evening.

This is what I wore:
The amazing Tierre came over on Friday and brought the two hats she'd made for me to choose. I thought this teal one was incredible and would perfectly suit the occasion.

I built the outfit around the hat. That's my Smoking Lily jacket with a teal camisole underneath. I added my blue lacy tights to help tie in the blue and teal mix.
The skirt is new - I got it at Dots several weeks ago. It's another Naughty brand item (same as this dress and this jacket). It was $23.99 (that's with 30% off). I love the burnout velvet floral design and the random rhinestones (easiest to see in the first picture) - it also has lots of sequins along the waistline, but they're hidden by the jacket in these photos.

The skirt has a really uneven hemline (on purpose), including a very long piece on the left side that drips down to nearly the ankle.
The dark sections underneath are actually a navy blue full slip and my Noa Noa sheer netting blue underskirt - that very high section is the back of the skirt! Way too high for me to feel comfortable - I was scared I'd be showing my butt!

I thought this was the funniest label - this is the skirt's content tag:
Really? 100% unknown fiber? You couldn't guess? I am pretty sure the skirt is silk.

There is something so forbidden about wearing denim to a wedding! But this lovely jacket is the exception, I'm sure.
A good shot of all the blues and teals. I was quite pleased with the colour combination.

The jewelry is a mix of vintage (the necklace), locally made (the ring) and cheap stuff (the earrings):
I got many compliments on the necklace (and actually the entire outfit).

Here's a better look at the hat:
Isn't it stunning? It's held onto my head with an elastic that's hidden in my hair.

Of course, Tierre's label is inside.
Tierre, you did an amazing job! Thank you so much!

My good ol' teal shoes:
Jacket (Smoking Lily, consignment), cami (Smart Set), slip (vintage), skirt (Naughty), tights (Silks), shoes (Me Too), necklace (vintage), ring (Oscar & Libby's), earrings (Jacob).

L also dressed up in a mix of navy, grey and purple.
 Finger guns!

His blazer is navy blue velvet, the vest is a navy blue pinstripe, the shirt is purple/grey floral, the tie is purple and blue striped, and his pants are a dark grey. Oh, and he's wearing navy Fluevogs. Very stylin'!

Backing things up (I knew you'd want to see the wedding outfit first, see how considerate I am?), this was my Friday hanging out with L, going for lunch and going to Winesday outfit:
 I liked how the two black and white patterns went together.
This sweater drove me nuts over the day, though. It totally bagged out and stretched. Looks like it'll be a home-only sweater.
 I love this skirt.

My outerwear picture:
 I have been getting a lot of wear out of my leather jackets!

Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), sweater (Banana Republic, thrifted), skirt (J.J.F, consignment), boots (Gabor), watch necklace (Plum).

During the day on Saturday, I wore my "jammy dress" - I was slightly hungover from Winesday (a lot of wine, hot-tubbing, lots of food, and a very late night!).
 Whenever I wear this dress, I'm either sick or hungover. Hee. Be warned.

Dress (I.N.C.), boots (Aldo, consignment).

Part of my Friday was spent driving to Sidney and back to recharge our car's battery after some crackhead rooted through it and then left the door open overnight.

I took the camera - check out the lovely waterfront as we head back into town:
It was a lovely day!

Driving by Elk Lake:
 I always say hi to my dad here - he died 14 years ago and we scattered his ashes in the lake.

I used to go swimming and canoeing here as a kid.
 Still some yellow leaves on the beech trees.

The hills in the distance across the lake.
There is a path all the way around Elk Lake that takes you to Beaver Lake (they join). It's 7 miles all the way around. I have walked it many times.

This is the other end, where the boathouse for the rower is. Canada's Olympic rowers train here.
I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

I am also very thankful for my lovely kitties:
 Sleeping on L's legs. Vizzini has his eyes open, but Inigo is conked out.
 Inigo surveyed the room from atop the scratching post.
And then watched us from the top of the bookcase.

He also gave his little brother a bath.
Happy weekend!


  1. Gorgeous wedding outfit! You two must have been a dapper pair!!

    We certainly DO live in beautiful place don't we...

  2. Your wedding outfit is GORGEOUS! Sheila, you're so beautiful. The new hat perfectly complements your skirt and shoes. Not to mention how snazzy your Hubby looks.

    Love the pattern mix look!

    I love all the photos from your walk. It looks like a beautiful place, and I think it's wonderful to have a place of such sentimental value.

    Awww sweet kitties. I hope little Vizzini is settling down as he gets older. That last picture just melted me!

  3. What a fun weekend...that dress is amazing and I really like both skirts! The hat is so much fun! You look great as always!

  4. Love the wedding outfit. The skirt's uneven hem is very appealing and the hat tops off the unique look. I'm also attracted to the jammy dress.

  5. I am in LOVE with the first outfit right from that awesome hat to those gorgeous heels :)

  6. That wedding outfit is to DIE for! I especially love the fascinator hat. Oh, and never give up wearing emerald. That is one delicious jewel tone on you!

    Also, brava! on the pattern mixing in the 2nd outfit. Looks so cute and sophisticated.

  7. Hi Sheila, very cool wedding outfit! and i love your other outfits as weel especially the one with stripy sweater and floral skirt, so lovely!

    Ariane xxxx

  8. I love everything you wear. You are just the coolest fashionista ever!

  9. Hi Sheila! I'm a new reader of your blog and I really enjoy it. You seem to have a lot of fun with your clothing, mixing it up in different ways which I find inspirational! I like how you mixed the different patterns in this outfit and I love the boots--so chic!


  10. Lorinda, we always dress to compliment each other (not to match!). Thank you - yes, we sure do. Lucky us!

    Megan, thank you! I was really pleased with it (how will I ever top this?). I wish I'd been walking - those were all taken zipping by in the car! Vizzini is still monster, but he has his moments.

    Pam, thank you!

    Ally, the jammy dress is king - everyone needs one.

    Thank you so much, Ki!

    Fashion Flirt, thank you! I need more emerald, I guess!

    Style Sud-Est, thank you!

    Debbi, thank you, aw, you're so sweet. :)

    StyleVamp (Jessica), thank you so much for reading!

  11. Your hat is amazing, I have always dreamed of wearing a dressy hat for an event.... let's see how that goes.
    I see your George Clooney made an appearance.
    You guys were probably the best looking couple !


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