Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Red Legs and Rejects

Ah, it's late - by the time I get home from work (5:15ish), then do my WW meeting and get home (around 8pm), then play D&D (until about 11pm or later), I'm bagged. But I must blog! 

And here it is! After wearing this all day, I've decided that I don't love the jacket or the skirt.
Someone's coming in for a rub!
So into the consignment pile they go. I'll have a good credit built up when I go down there next. 

This jacket is so cool, but it is a smidge too small, and I feel like a hobo in it. This is only the second wear so my cost per wear is sitting at $30. Ouch. I still make purchasing mistakes.

Mr. Snugglypants meows for attention.
I liked the red legs, though.
Vizzini cuddles for about 10 seconds, then he launches himself out of my arms.
The skirt is just...a skirt. It's a nice quality wool, and the pinstripes are good, but eh, I have so many other cooler black skirts. However, this skirt balances out the jacket, because this is my 6th wear of it and it cost $7.00 originally, so I'm just over $1 per wear.

The stuff:
Inigo (top), Vizzini (bottom right) and red mousie (bottom left) investigate.
I took this picture when I got home tonight - my boys had missed me (the mousie, not so much).

Jacket (Dolcezza), sweater (Reitman's, thrifted), skirt (Linda Allard for Ellen Tracy, thrifted), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, thrifted), necklace (Melanie Lynne).


  1. Love the red legs too although the skirt looks like a keeper to me.

  2. I love the meow picture!! I like both pieces, but you can trust your instincts, right? If you don't feel fab, there's always another jacket that will do the magic. xoxoxoxoxo

  3. I love the skirt with the red legs!! Great pair! have a wonderful day, Shelia!!

  4. Too bad about the jacket because it looks really funky. Someone will end up with a great thrift find!

    I like the red legs too.

  5. That jacket is amazing. So cool. I'd give it another try if I were you. It would be so awesome with skinny jeans tucked into high boots.

  6. Good to know even the experts occasionally slip. Though I have to say I enjoy the ensemble. Especially the red tights and pointy black shoes against the pinstripe of the skirt!

  7. That jacket is pretty neat, someone is going to find it in the consignment shop and be all: "This is AMAZING. I'm so excited to have it in my wardrobe!" And they'll send love in your direction without knowing who you are, and you won't know about it, but it'll still get to you, because (in my hippie mind) that's the way the universe works.

    I will say that if I saw you on the street, I'd probably stop you to tell you how wicked you look today. Heh, I find those outfits so frustrating - when other people really like them, but I'm lukewarm on 'em.

    In any event, you look fantastic, even if you don't love everything in your outfit!

  8. The front of the jacket looks really you, I think it's the plaid patches that throw it off. Plaid can be fun, but for some reason plaid patches just always say "hobo!"
    The red tights are great - glad you liked part of your outfit

  9. I like the red tights - and it's awful when your cost per wear doesn't match up to your expectations.
    I wish I could take all my garments to a cent per wear - haha right - actually I think I was able to do it with a 10 year old pair of jeans that I got rid of a few months ago.

  10. I think you look fab, especially loving the red tights, but sometimes items just don't work for ya. Oh well, snuggle some kitties and hit up that consignment store. Maybe you'll find goodies.

    And likely whoever finds those pieces will probably be thrilled you gave them up.

  11. Those red tights rock. I like the skirt, but agree that if you're not enamored of a piece of clothing, it's time to set it free. And make room for more. Or something like that ;P

  12. Love the red tights. I know what you mean about certain clothes. No matter if someone tells us we look good, if you don't feel good in it it is not worth wearing.
    Cute kitties and I like the mousie in the pic! Fun.

  13. Jane, it might be a keeper, but I'm just tired of it.

    Thanks, Ally!

    Yup, Patti, I've got to go with my heart on this, and it's saying "time to go."

    Thanks, Pam!

    Megan, agreed - I like to think it will go to a good home.

    Bankershoes, thanks! Actually, I wore it with skinny pants the first time around. It's a little tight anyway.

    A-Dubs, oh yeah, I really do. Thanks!

    FF, thanks, totally! That IS the way the universe works - I'll just pass this on and good vibes will come to me. Thanks so much!

    Cara, yeah, you're right. Thanks!

    Lorena, I know, so disappointing. That's awesome on your jeans!

    Megan, thanks - there is something better out there!

    Lynne, thank you!

    Debbi, thanks - yes, that's exactly it.

  14. The red tights pull it all together. I liked the pinstripe skirt -- you look soooo lean in it! :)


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