Thursday, November 17, 2011

Black and White with Red

I got a lot of "Wow!" reactions to my outfit at work today, mostly due to my stripey legs:
They are rather bold!

This jacket is new-to-me from a couple of months ago - it's been one of those things that I really liked when I tried it on, then I got it home and it just sat there in my closet. I'll probably take it to the swap consignment store - it was only $16, so I don't feel too bad.

I wore it with the jacket lapels open all day (as in the picture above), but it's meant to button up thusly: I don't like how that looks as much. I do like how it nips in at the waist, though.

That's my red thrifted skirt first seen here. I don't know why it keeps on photographing as a very pinky coral - it is a true red! Really!

The stuff:
My fabulous Fluevog "Listen Up Harlow" shoes from about 6-7 years ago. I love them.

Jacket (Oxmo, thrifted), sweater (Jacob, consignment), skirt (Jacob, thrifted), shoes (Listen Up Harlow, Fluevog), belt (Nygaard).


  1. I actually love it closed, but I can see how it would feel a little awkward buttoned like that indoors.

    I love how every single item of your outfits is thought out. *note to self: master that, asap.

  2. I have a similar pair of stripey tights but haven't found a way to wear them yet. As much as I like them, I can't see how they work with other elements. Your outfit gives me ideas.

  3. Where is the swap consignment store?
    I have never heard of one!

  4. I like how the tights make me think of bankers' stripes, yet they're so not.

  5. This outfit is very wow! But also very cool. I love those Fluevogs, they're very unique. I like the jacket too, but I tend to find houndstooth doesn't really mesh with my personal style. Even better if you can swap it for something fantastic that will get worn more often.

  6. I love the jacket! It's just gorgeous. You should make it work. It's too fab to swap!

  7. One of my favourite colour mixes for myself - black, White and red! Lovely :-)

  8. Love those shoes! And too bad you're consigning the jacket, I actually like the top button thingy!

  9. Hmmmm - I do like the jacket on you - not just sayin' so. It's got a great shape, and the herringbone is fab. The shoes = perfect!!

  10. Wow, I have exactly the same tights and they really look cool - on you and also on me ;)

    Very elegant outfit, I like everything about the jacket but the way it buttons - just like you. Beautiful shoes also, I admire them every time.

    I think you are the only person I know who uses the word "thusly". I think I have already met this word before in some book, but when I tried to say so people were looking at me in a weird way. Does it really exist?

  11. I think the jacket looks fabulous on you, buttoned or open. And as a kid from the 80's, you KNOW I love that pattern! So awesome.
    Maybe put it on probation? See if it plays nice with your other skirts? Maybe it will make friends and settle in.

  12. Is the jacket uncomfortable? Cuz it looks fantastic on you..
    and I love those striped stockings! Aren't bright stockings fun? they make me smile~

  13. Sheila, you are going thru a true renaissance these past couple of weeks!!! Just blowing my mind every single post! i have more to say, but life is crazy - i will regale you with compliments later!
    have fun, hug those kitties, take care, steph

  14. Love! Adore! I'm a sucker for those tights and shoes!

  15. Those shoes are in great condition for being 6-7 years old! I just love the stripey tights and the blazer looks great open. Have a great weekend! :)

  16. Freeda, it just doesn't sit right when it's closed, although I do it up when I put my coat on overtop. I spend the time to really plan most of my outfits - thank you for noticing. :)

    Ally, you'll make them look fab, I'm sure!

    Leslie, it's Leche's at Oak Bay junction - Annie the owner knows me quite well by now, and I just do instore credit for anything of mine she takes. I spend the credit, so it's usually a straight swap of my old clothes for new clothes.

    Wendy, ha, you're right - they're so not!

    Megan, thank you! I was thinking this was my most boring outfit that I had planned! I will probably wear the jacket once more then out it goes.

    Keely, thanks! Eh, it's just not really me.

    Tat, it's a classic!

    Ki, thanks! The jacket will be better on someone else.

    Patti, thank you! The shoes are my favourite part.

    Victoria, cool! Thusly is indeed a word! It means "like so". Always use good words like that!

    Erin, thank you! Ha, yes, maybe it's the 80s thing going on. Good idea, probation it is.

    Paula, no, it's fine, I just don't like the way it does up. I adore bright and fun stockings!

    Steph, thank you - I am taking a bit more time to be more creative. And I am much happier in my life than I was a few months ago, so I think that is reflecting in my clothes.

    Thanks, Jude!

    Tinfoil, I don't wear them out in the weather at all, and I take good care of them. Plus, you know, 80+ pairs of shoes means they all last longer! Thanks!

  17. OMG!! This is an excellent use of colour and pattern! Your vivid imagination and keen eye, work every time!

  18. Good grief, I'm behind on blog commenting! I love the stripe with the houndstooth. As patterns return, as they tend to do in this cyclical fashion world of ours, I get so mad that I got rid of stuff. Of course, in my mind, the clothes that fit me in grade 3, 4 or 5 that had those patterns would still fit me now.

  19. Dimi, great to see you again! Thank you!

    Cara, ha, no worries, I go through spurts of keeping up (mostly I'm behind). Ha, and the styles would be all wrong!


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