Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday Layers, and Lest We Forget

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada, and I've been wearing my poppy every day since Thanksgiving. Take a moment to think of the brave men and women of our military, if you would.

It's also a stat holiday, so no outfit post today, as I'm just hanging out and briefly going out to buy a couple of gifts for Major Events tomorrow (so I'll have some fun outfits for Sunday).

Yesterday, I meet up with L after work for dinner, so no "stuff" picture, but hopefully you can figure it out from these pictures. I am showing off my new-to-me skirt: It came as a suit, but I don't really like the jacket (I will wear it once, though), so I doubt I'd ever wear them together. It was $40 for both pieces, and I'm pretty sure it was originally from Dots, since it's one of the brands they carry.

That's my "Queen of the Faeries" blouse, layered under my olive corduroy vest:
My favourite shape of maxi skirt: tulip/mermaid/trumpet/what-have-you. It's a fine pinstripe in pale blue and taupe, but it "reads" as an off-white/beige, so a good neutral for mixing things up.

There is some cat-fighting going on in the background. Vizzini is attacking Inigo, who is ensconced on the knapsack.

"What's going on there? Break it up, you two!"
The skirt has all kinds of zippered pockets, which I love - it gives it that fun steampunk vibe, I think. You can also see that the two slits in the back (very useful for walking) are zippered. I am actually wearing a pair of knee-highs instead of tights (I wore this vintage slip under the outfit for extra warmth).

And of course, those are my most marvelous Fluevogs! Don't they just elevate the whole outfit?

Blouse (no tag, consignment), vest (RW & Co., thrifted), skirt (Sandwich, consignment), shoes ("Listen Up, O'Hara", Fluevog), choker (vintage 60s, Mom's).


  1. I hadn't really been drawn to those Fluevogs but they look great with that outfit. Faboo!

  2. Sheila, this is a fab outfit. The skirt is so unique. The Fluevogs are amazing! You are my new style crush (I mean this in a good way, not stalker or anything) I just love the way you wear your outfits and all your clothing and shoes.

  3. Fantastic skirt! I love how you can wear something so girly, but still tough and funky at the same time. You know I'm dying over those Vogs.

  4. Love those shoes! I covet a lot of shoes I can't wear, the more out of the ordinary, the bolder, the better!
    :) f

  5. Hi,
    The necklace is actually 70's. I got it at the museum gift shop from a hippie that had travelled around the world collecting beads. The amber was from a camel driver in Egypt and the sandelwood is from Israel.

  6. I love the history of the necklace - thanks Sheila's Mum :-)

    This is a great outfit - I love the way you've got dark base under the shoes, creating a fantastic stripe effect :-)

  7. I am dying for your shoes! You know you look fabulous in a long skirt, you rule that look.

    My kitties love to bite each other in the neck, just like in the big jungle : >

  8. Thanks, Megan! I don't think I had all that great of outfits with them before.

    Debbi, thank you! Ha, I get what you mean, no problem.

    Megan, thank you!

    Fabienne, thank you! I love bold shoes, and I am always on the lookout for really unique ones.

    Mom, thank you! That's so awesome.

    Tat, hee, I finally got her to leave comments. :) Thank you!

    Patti, thank you! Yes, my kitties do that too - sometimes the fur flies!

  9. Vest and shoes rock it, but then again you always do!

  10. I love the slits the skirt has in the back! :D

  11. Lesa, thanks!

    Ki, yes, they were good for walking.

  12. Oh, the 'Vogs, the 'Vogs- they are too much! I LOVE them! They look marvy with this outfit. Whee!

  13. Rita, thank you! I think this is my favourite look with them so far.


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