Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Matchy-Matchy in Red and Olive

I think I may have gone a little overboard with the matching today:It's a whole lot of red and olive! That's my no-name red cardi, but the skirt is new. I layered a pair of red tights under a pair of olive fishnets. It subdued the red quite a bit.

Kind of hard to tell, but it's a tweedy red and brown plaid:
I love the long line of it - there's that midi length again! The cut is just lovely. I can't remember how much the price tag said in the consignment store, but I traded in a bunch of stuff so it was free to me!

Check out the nice little kick-pleats in the back:
One behind each calf.

I accessorized with my olive purse and chartreuse coat:
And a cat. Gotta have a cat. All the cool kids have one.

Vizzini was in love with this new scarf:

Despite the quote marks, that is real rabbit fur. It was most welcome on this very cold morning.

The skirt was pretty much new:
Still had its tag on!

The stuff:
The shoes are new-to-me as well. They're leather, made in Spain and again, were free with trade-in! Love!

Sweater (no tag, consignment), cami (Mexx, thrifted), skirt (Tulle, consignment), shoes (Marina Luna, consignment), belt/earrings (Plum), bracelet (Jacob), wrist wrap (Club Monaco).

Last night Inigo helped me put together my outfit:
He really liked being on that shelf - he pulled a bunch of sweaters off when I removed him.

L has been taking pictures of Vizzini while I'm at work:
Little kitty in loaf position!


  1. Love the layered tights! What a nifty idea...maybe i'll try it out sometime. I really like the subtle pattern in both the skirt and tights.

  2. Love the color combos-Also love your kitty helpers! We call our Chihuahua a meatloaf, he is so fat he is square. Oh year, love the belt.

    Always Summer

  3. I think that the shades of red are different enough to match without being too matchy matchy.

  4. I love the whole outfit but what really catches my eye are the red tights under olive fishnets. What a clever idea. I'm going to borrow that sometime.

  5. Never enough matchy! Love this.

  6. I love the olive net over the red tights. It's so 3-dimensional!

  7. Mmmmm, I love Tulle clothing! Love your colors too and your new shoes - so cool. We actually have a kitty to play with in our vacation rental in NYC! She's all-black and a real sweetie-girl. Cats rule. xxxxxxx

  8. OK, tomorrow I wear red and olive. I can't tell you how much easier it is to dress myself with your help.

    How to tell a cat from a meatloaf:


  9. I should try layered tights too! Love the chartreuse coat :)

  10. Super awesome matchy matchy! I love the rabbit fur scarf. Rabbit is sooo warm (that's what my vest is made of). Hooray for kitty pictures. Glad to see some more of Inigo and Vizzini.

  11. Anjali, thank you! It's easy to do and you can really jazz up a pair of coloured tights.

    Lesa, thank you! He's a handful.

    Rebecca, thanks! I think so too. :)

    Ally, thank you - I can't take credit for it, as I know I saw it on someone else at some point.

    Sal, ha, I thought of you!

    Kasmira, thank you!

    Patti, I have never seen it before, but I like it now!. Aw, that cool - you need to take a picture of her!

    Roberta, go for it! :) Happy to help. Ha! Great image!

    Thanks, Ki!

  12. Thanks, Megan! Fur is so warm and snuggly - I feel like I have one of my kitties with me. More kitty pictures on the way!

  13. I looooooove the matchy red-olive! Perfect.

  14. Sheila ~ I found your blog on the 40+ fashion bloggers roll at Citizen Rosebud, and love your style. I've started adding budget career dressing posts to my own blog, and love seeing other fashionistas showing that women only get lovelier as they get older.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Practical Paralegalism

  15. Kristen, thanks! We must be matchy-matchy girls!

    Lynne, thank you so much for visiting my blog! I appreciate your kind comments!


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