Thursday, December 1, 2011

Variation on a Theme

I'm headed off to Book Club shortly, so this will be quick! Edit for those who have inquired: We read Pete Sheridan's "44: A Dublin Memoir" - it was well-liked overall.

I've done variations on this outfit before, because I love this sweater so much.
This time, I'm wearing this skirt - I had planned on wearing a different skirt, but it actually needed to be washed, so this was a last-minute substitution.

I actually built this outfit around these fab new shoes that I got.
I found them at She She Shoes - they were the last pair and they were only $37.00 on sale. I love the rich olive colour and the red flowers.

A better look:
And red lining! They are leather and they were very comfortable all day, while I finished decorating the Christmas tree at work. I'm taking the camera to work tomorrow and will take some pictures of my decorating.

I'm actually not putting up my tree this year - it's a Festivus year (please feel free to view this lovely picture of our pole). If you're interested in what my tree looked like last year, check out the pictures of assembling it here, the detail shot of my tree here (it's a Star Wars/Star Trek tree). And please, enjoy a ramble through our village (if vampires, hookers, pimps and battle nuns offend you, you may want to skip it - you've been warned!).

A close-up of the accessories:
You can see the red/brown faint plaid in the skirt there too.

Sweater (Lucky Brand, consignment), cami (Smart Set), skirt (Tulle, consignment), shoes (I Heart Billy), earrings (Lavishy), bracelet (Plum).


  1. Happy Festivus! Let the airing of grievances begin ;-)

    (Also, awesome shoes!)

  2. Super shoes. I just love your outfits: they always inspire and impress me.

  3. I always loved that sweater, and I'm loving the combo with the skirt and those incredible shoes. A masterpiece, yet again!

  4. Eee! I squealed a bit when I saw those shoes. Incredibly cute. That sweater is always a favorite, and the shoes complement the colors in the stitching well.

    I love your christmas village! It makes me miss the one my mom used to put up every year. I could get on board with the Festivus pole. Looks like a lot easier to put up than a tree!

  5. What are you reading in book club?
    Green is my favourite colour...those shoes are fab!

  6. Gorgeous shoes! I just bought a pair of olive shoes myself.:) And I love your skirt.

  7. so jealous you found shoes at She She for $37! they're fantastic!

    promise to take a picture of my new pink shoes this weekend ;-)

  8. I love the sweater too...and the shoes are amazing!

  9. i adore those shoes!! And a walk through your Village had me crying from laughing - it is a masterpiece.

  10. I'm thinking my blogging would be easier if I just linked to you and said "ditto".

    Your xmas village is epic.

    Great shoe find!

  11. The moment I saw the picture my eyes were drawn to the shoes. I love them.
    Those colors go wonderful together and KNOWING they are comfortable make them even more desireable.

  12. I saw a comment up there talking about your book club - I miss finding out what you were reading! So much so that I forgot what I was originalyl going to comment!

  13. Adorable shoes! Fabulous purchase. The entire ensemble rocks my world- olive and red are big faves of mine. I just love that you are not afraid of color. Yay!
    So next week's neutrals will be very interesting... If anyone can make them pop, it's you!
    (what I see as my neutrals are different from everyone else's- red is included, and so is turquoise. They both go with every other color...)

  14. Trystan, thanks! Hee, we'll be doing Festivus in January or Feb this year.

    Thanks, Ally, that's so sweet of you. :)

    'Doll, me too! Thank you!

    Rebecca, I edited the post to answer you. :)

    Megan, aren't they sweet? Hee, the village is my favourite thing that we put up. The pole rules!

    Leslie, thanks! We read "44: A Dublin Memoir" by Pete Sheridan.

    Keely, thanks! Olive shoes are great. It's such a good neutral.

    Thanks, Lorinda! Ooh, I'm going to come look for them.

    Thanks, Pam!

    Patti, glad you enjoyed the village!

    Ha, Megan! Although then we wouldn't get to see your lovely clothes and Fluevogs!

    Thanks, Lorena! They did dye my feet red from the insides!

    Ha, Cara, that's funny.

    Rita, thank you! I'm a little nervous about all those neutrals. I'm going to try not to overuse colour with them.


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