Sunday, November 20, 2011

My First Blogger Meet-Up!

Over the last couple of months, I've encountered a few local and west coast bloggers in the blogosphere. One of the coolest is the Hostess of the Humble Bungalow - it took us a little while, but then we figured it out: we're both from Victoria! 

Today, we planned a meet-up! My very first meet-up of another blogger. What to wear? 

Well, we met at Value Village, and it was cold out, so I did layers for walking to town:
The tights are new, but otherwise I've worn all this stuff lots.

My burgundy sweater dress:
 And all the exterior accoutrements:
Dress (Eric Alexandre), belt (Gap), tights (Voila), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, swap from Cat), scarf (Fairweather), bag (Licence), gloves (Parkhurst).

But who is this?
Such cool boots! And she wore a sweater dress too!

Here she is:
The hat was a great find!

We definitely had good shopping karma together:
All kinds of good stuff!

I'll be wearing most of my purchases this week, but here's a little taste...

 (Yes, that says "Desigual" - $9.99! Score!)
Thanks for meeting me, Leslie! You rock!


  1. Wow Sheila!
    You're so fast...
    I only just removed the tags off my loot!

    I will look forward to seeing you dressed in all your fab finds.

    Thanks for meeting up with me I enjoyed our thrift shopping!

  2. Fantastic outfit! I haven't had a meetup yet (Freeda doesn't count b/c she's my sister)... I love reading about blogger meetups, and hope someday to meet a few folks.

  3. I love your shopping outfit. Your sweaterdress is perfection! And those tights are super cool. Nice to "meet" someone new! Looks like you ladies picked up some deals! I can't wait to see what you roll out this week. Definitely looking forward to seeing the new Desigual piece.

  4. I'm happy you did this, Sheila, and surprised you waited so long since you've been blogging a lot longer than I have. Perhaps that's because you live in a more remote part of the world. People pass through NY all the time; three of my four meetups were with bloggers traveling far away from their homes to visit the big city.

    Nice clothes. Love the tights.

  5. Wow, you two really hit the motherlode of great finds! So glad you had the chance to meet Hostess! I love blogger meetups.

  6. It is fun to tag along virtually with you and the Hostess! Lucky you on all those finds. I love Desigual but it is not sold around here. I admire it from afar. I can hardly wait to see you in your finds.

  7. Awesome score(s)! Desigual! And how cool to meet up with another blogger.

    I wish that our Value Villages here in the US were as nice as yours. In my Midwestern neck of the woods, at any given VV, one usually has to step over a drunk to get to the racks, there is tons of broken stuff, things are strewn on the dirty floor, the staff is remote and surly, and the whole place smells vaguely of barf, despair and disinfectant.
    (When you see the shape their stores are in, you can well imagine why their staff might be remote and surly- they have to deal with that every day.)
    It either wasn't as bad or I didn't notice when I was a kid, but now I find it exhausting; and it's a certainly an appalling comment on our society. (I take it as VV's management saying: "don't give the thrift shoppers anything nice, they don't deserve it and/or wouldn't know the difference") Grrr.
    Why does it have to be that way?
    Would it kill them to invest a little in their stores? Their stock comes from donations, after all. I allowed them more leeway when our VV's used to be Amvets (short for American Veterans), because the money went to a good cause, and the more going to it, the better. But now they're owned by VV, and I don't believe the charity ratios are the same, so I'm less tolerant.

    Lately, I find myself starting out for a VV, yet ending up at a Goodwill or Salvation Army instead. Those are usually clean, and the staff regards you as human, so they get my money.

    Sorry for the rant; but if you should ever come down here, you ought to be aware of the Value Village dichotomy. I wonder if it's even the same company...

  8. Lesley, I couldn't help it, I was so excited. :) Thanks again! I had a blast!

    'Doll, I did not know Freeda was your sister! Wouldn't it be fun to meet more bloggers?

    Thanks Megan! I am wearing the Desigual piece today!

    Ally, I just haven't had the opportunity - there aren't that many fashion bloggers on Vancouver Island! At least, not that many that I've met. I would love to meet up next time I'm in NY!

    Deja pseu, we did! It was so fun!

    Thanks, Jane, we did.

    Debbi, it was a great time. Desigual is not all that common here either, so finding a cheap piece was a score!

    Rita, thanks! Aw, that is sad about your VVs. Ours are well-lit, very organized and while not spotless, they are fairly clean. Even the changerooms are quite nice (just a long line of stalls, but with locking doors). Our Salvation Army stores are quite grungy, and I don't shop at them. Our St. Vincent de Paul store is nice, although a little messy. No worries about the rant - from their website, VV seems to be the same in Canada as in the US, so that's really strange that yours are so different!


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