Monday, November 21, 2011

Leopard and a Devil Kitty

First, some exciting news! I've been featured on Imogen Lamport's blog: Inside Out Style! Check it out here - thanks so much, Imogen! And don't forget to visit Patti's Visible Monday!

Today I wore the leopard-print dress that I picked up at the VV boutique. Ever since I was a teen, I've never called it "Value Village". It's either "the VV boutique" or "Val-oo Vill-ahj" (like "Tar-jay"). Hee!
This dress was $9.99 - it's a nice bouncy jersey polyester/spandex blend (it washed beautifully). It's a total basic for all year 'round - it even has short sleeves! 

It's layered with a rust-coloured cami underneath, blue tights, and a plain black suit jacket with a belt over top. 
The boots are actually a very dark brown, so all the shades of browns blended nicely. I had to do the pop of blue legs to go with my Megan Mae buttonflower wrist corsage!
I dearly love those boots, but man, my feet are so happy once they're off! The striped heels rock my world, as do the zippers that go all the way from the top of the foot right up the shin.

The stuff:
A good shot of the button flower - thanks to Megan for sending this to me, and thanks to Ally for donating the ties! The ring is new; it was $2.00 on clearance. The bendy necklace was a gift.

Dress (Majora, thrifted), cami (InWear), jacket (Max Studio), boots (Rebecca Blind Faith Hi, Fluevog), cuff (Megan Mae, gift), necklace (gift from Elaine), ring (Lavishy).

Vizzini has been terribly misbehaving lately. Today, he's been jumping onto the kitchen counter (he gets the squirt gun and many loud "NO!"s).

On the weekend, he decided to go after this man's glasses.
Fortunately for that man, he is on TV and not in front of a mischievous kitten.

Vizzini seemed puzzled by the weather report:
He looks very quizzical.

After all the squirting and yelling, he retreated to his paper bag:
And now he is drying off on my lap.


  1. Omg! This outfit is perfect. Animal print, Vogs, and gifted accessories. This was a perfect outfit for the buttonflower corsage! Thanks for the shoutout and congrats on your feature.

    Also, I could totally use my own MST3Kitty. It would make tv much more entertaining. Loling at the head-tilt.

  2. Oooh your kitty is so cute! I bought mine a kitty condo this weekend but they won't use it (much preferring the crunch of the potato bag-silly creatures!) Haha I thought I was the only person who said Val-oo Vill-ahj-sounds so much more sophisticated! Love the leopard-looks amazing on you!

  3. Also did I gush over the boots? Seriously, Boots! Can you fit an insole in them? My All Saints boots came with a thick gel insole, and while they're snug, I can walk all day in them. I'm planning insoles for my 4inch Fryes.

  4. I loooove today's outfit! It's like a slightly crazier version of one of my outfits. :-D

  5. Congrats on your feature!

    I always call it The Val myself :-)

  6. Great ensemble; I love how you've got the leopard print and blue tights together, and wow, those boots. I would suffer for those boots.

    I am sure Vizzini is misunderstood. He looks as if he feels terribly misunderstood, anyway!

  7. Love the color combination! *making mental notes to myself*

    I was puzzled by the weather report myself, exactly like Vizzini :)

  8. You had me with the fabulous outfit photo, but then the cute kitty sealed the deal. (I am SUCH a sucker for cute kitty photos). Your valloo vill-ahj dress is truly a winner.

  9. The pop of blue leg is awesome, and the dress is meow-y good. We have tried every trick to keep naughty kitties off the counters - they just wait till we leave the house then they take what they want!

  10. Cute outfit. And, in a tiny way, I'm on your blog!

  11. Must remember to try cobalt and rust!
    Poor kitteh, hopefully he won't teach his brother his tricks! My sister's kitten re-taught their 5 year old cat all the tricks he had been trained out of doing!

  12. Is it the "vee-vee boutique" or the "double vee boutique?"

  13. I love Megan's corsage and how it 'goes' with the tights! :D

  14. Megan, thanks! I told you I was waiting for the right outfit. :) I know, isn't he funny in front of the TV? He likes to watch football too.

    Tinfoi, thanks! Ours are spoiled rotten and have 4 condos/scratching posts.

    Megan, I know, they are wicked boots - no insole, can't even wear a sock in them, they are so tight. I definitely can't walk around very long in these - the leather is hugely thick and stiff.

    Christa, thank you! Ha!

    Lorina, thanks! I like that: The Val.

    Ana, thank you! I do suffer for the boots. No, Vizzini is a devil cat. He is a Very Bad Boy. Don't be fooled by his cuteness.

    Victoria, thanks!

    Anne, aw, thank you - I know he's a cutie-pie.

    Patti, thanks! Vizzini is getting soaked by the squirt gun - I think he's learning.

    Ally, thanks! Of course you are!

    Cara, I like the combo. No, Inigo is so good - he would never try all this bad behaviour.

    Kasmira, it's "vee vee".

    Ki, thank you!

  15. Love the heels on those boots! And the touch of blue in your stockings~

  16. Woohoo, Sheila, that post on InsideOut Style is fabulous! It's so very you, and all the outfits you picked for it were great.

    LOL Vizzini playing with the TV is just about the funniest thing I have ever seen. The quizzical cock of his head, hahahaahahaha!!

  17. Thanks, Paula!

    Jane, thank you!

    Kristen, aw, thanks! :) I know, isn't Vizzini cute - we can't stay mad at him.

  18. You should look into getting an Ssssscat. We use it with ours (two of whom are constant counter and table jumpers). It's motion sensor activated, and releases a loud stream of air with a touch of citronella that scares cats off counter tops. Your cats are "disciplined" even when you aren't home. Because it is an "Act of God" kind of discipline, it really sticks!

  19. Ahhhh
    I like the understated animal print mix - and your cat needs therapy ! hahah how cute.

  20. Fashion Flirt, that's a great tip, thanks!

    Lorena, thanks! Yeah, I think he does.


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