Monday, November 14, 2011

Red Fringed Suede and Tweed

I think my second-hand acquisitions of leather and suede are becoming something of an obsession.

I now have nearly 20 leather and suede items - that's dresses, skirts, pants, vests and jackets (not even including shoes!) - that I've mostly thrifted and picked up second-hand. I have bought a few pieces in actual stores (my yellow jacket, my $20 dress and my suede jacket).

The most I've ever paid was $59.99 (my leather pants and this leather dress), and the least I've ever paid was $10.00 (this skirt). My newest purchase is right in the middle of that range at $38.50: But it's got fringe! and it's red! and it's entirely fabricated of AWESOME!

This was thrifted at the same time as this orange suede skirt.

I love red, cream and brown together, especially this deep ruby red:
That's my thrifted blouse, leather vest (last worn together!) and my tweed jacket (I had to roll the sleeves up to show the red lining). I haven't worn this jacket in so long that I couldn't even find it on the blog. I question why it is still in my closet...

And this is a very rambunctious kitten:
He's attacking my necklace. I noticed later on in the day that there are a few pieces of fringe that have a distinctly gnawed-on appearance, so this skirt has to be hung up higher, away from little chew-meister kitties.

I wasn't that taken with the actual style of this skirt, however awesome it is. The hips are a little roomy (it's an 80s size 12 which translates to a modern size 8) and the butt shot is not the greatest. I suppose I could spend a whack of money to have it altered, but more likely I'll just wear it a few times, then take it to my favourite trade-in consignment store for a big ol' credit.

The stuff:
My good walking boots. I love the pattern in that blouse - so pretty.

A close-up:
I love how that necklace looks under open collars. Of course, I had to to my leather steampunk cuff and my leather rose!

Check out Visible Monday for other fun fashion bloggers!

Jacket (Jacob Connexion, consignment), vest (Cabi, thrifted), blouse (Tommy Hilfiger, thrifted), skirt (Danier, 80s vintage, thrifted), boots (Miz Mooz), necklace (Plum), steampunk cuff (SkinznHydz), rose cuff (consignment).


  1. I loooove that red skirt, Sheila! One of my new favorites on you. And your leather jewelry too - so cool. And your kitty that likes to customize your clothes . . . I do have one of those already : > Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday, you look fantastic!!

  2. That fringe skirt is really pretty, coordinates well with the vest and blazer. Styled very well with your riding boots.

  3. HolyMoses! That skirt is incredible. I bet it's a joy to wear. Watch out for those nibbly kitties! My furbutts like to chew on my shoe laces.

  4. I see what you mean about the cut of the skirt... but I can't imagine giving up on that beautiful red suede!

  5. As always, I love your accessories..the boots, scarf, necklace...great job!

  6. The skirt is wonderfully dramatic!

    I can empathize with the chewing kitties. Mine have a passion for tassels. They've pulled them off of most of my home decor items. And I just had to repair the leather of one of my purses that was damaged as they attacked the attached tassel. Good thing they are cute!

  7. That skirt looks like a giant blanket of warmth. Must be perfectly comfortable!

  8. I love that skirt - it reminds me of a shorter one that I ha din black. I wished I'd Kept it. The colour is your shade of red.

  9. I love the color of the skirt, perhaps you should still consider altering it? I also love the jacket. You ask why it's still in your closet? because it was waiting for its time. The tweed is very "in" (as if it has ever been really "out"). The jacket looks - I'm seeking the right word - classy and with the leather vest it just rocks!

  10. Oh my tits, you look fantastic! Obvy, you ALWAYS bring the awesome, but this ensemble is freaking sweet. And that deep, rich shade of red looks excellent against the neutrals as well as your alabaster skin and gorgeous hair.

    And the skirt's suede? You have to keep it. It'll totalz keep working for/on you forever.

  11. Harry has nibbled away the sleeves of several jackets. ARGH!
    I love the red skirt on you. The whole outfit is just beautiful. I so admire your style!!!

  12. Oh, the timing! I'm just doing some decluttering and hesitating over moving my leather rose along to someone else. . . You've reminded me how much I like it, although I tend to stick to my favourite silver cuff instead.
    As for your outfit, definitely visible and fabulous!

  13. This is a great outfit. I would never have thought of mixing the leathers, but how cool.

  14. Patti, thank you! I love doing Visible Mondays!

    Thanks, JT! I had the cowgirl thing going on.

    Megan, isn't it awesome? I know, little devils!

    'Doll, I know, it's so hard to give it up, but I'll keep it for a while first.

    Pam, thank you!

    Kasmira, isn't it? I am dreading pulling out my Christmas stuff, because I know Vizzini will destroy it all!

    Cara, it's lovely!

    Jane, how cool would that be! I actually do not own any black leather!

    Victoria, thank you - I think it would just be too expensive to alter suede, and really not worth it to me. Tweed is never out, I agree! Thanks!

    A-Dubs, you made me howl - thank you, darlin'! I will keep it...for a while.

    Debbi, they are such little monsters at times. Thank you so much!

    Materfamilias, ooh, you should keep it! Thank you!

    Paula, thank you!


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