Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en!

First of all, a big thank you to Megan and Kiki, who coordinated the "This or That" Challenge last week! What a blast!

Secondly, kudos to Patti of "Not Dead Yet" Style for her awesome Visible Monday series! I'm only 44! I'm not dead yet! (I'm sometimes a zombie, though, hee hee).

And lastly, a congratulations to the awesome Wendy Brandes for her latest HuffPo article (I'm the last picture in the slideshow) on houndstooth!

Unlike my spectacular Mad Hatter costume from last year, this year I decided to tone it down and just be Hallowe'en-ISH for work. However, rather than join the masses of people wearing black (with a bit of orange thrown in), I chose to dig out one of my vintage dresses (oh, and a shout out to Jody of "Couture Allure Vintage Fashion" for featuring Hallowe'en costumes with vintage clothes!).

So here I am, not quite in costume, but not quite normal either: I last wore this dress here in 2008, for a party. Isn't it amazing? I bought it at Value Village about 10 years ago for less than $10. The lace is very crunchy (and itchy).

I wore an extra skirt under it (this Noa Noa black one, layered under the jean dress) to pouf it out more:
It makes my waist look smaller, but it also gave me lots of swooshiness (I'm sure that's a technical term) when I walked around the office. I gave a few people a good twirl when they saw me!

Vizzini says, "Happy Hallowe'en!"
He's very lovey in the mornings, especially when trying to get at my glass of milk.

The stuff:
Same shoes as last week. My solid black belt was a good purchase 4 years ago for $9.99 in a gift shop in Times Square, NYC!

A close-up of my spooky accessories:
Both rings are now vintage - I have to accept that 80s stuff is vintage (*sob*). I bought myself the snake ring at the local museum gift shop in 1985-6; Mom and Dad bought me the spider one for Christmas around the same time.

Thanks, Cindy, my ex-sister-in-law, for the spider studs! I love them!

Dress (no label, vintage late 50s/early 60s), belt (no label), shoes (Guess), rings (80s vintage), earrings (gift).


  1. Aieee, you look so pretty! That dress is marvelous on you, and looks like so much fun to swoosh in. I think everyone should accessorize with their black cats today. Although your jewelry is pretty goshdarned awesome too. I love your snake ring!

  2. Thanks for participating in my slideshow!

  3. That dress for $10? You are the QUEEN of shopping. You look gorgeous and vintage-fabulous. Even your jewelry is on-theme! Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday, Halloween Edition : >

  4. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! And I love you maxi look from last week too.:)

  5. Ach, you're GORGEOUS! What a great costume alternative.

  6. You look fabulous in that dress and I love the hose/lace combo! I was hoping to see something over the top like last year's outfit, but I understand the new job probably calls for something more conservative. Vizzini makes the best accessory ever; too bad you couldn't carry him about all day!

  7. Congrats on the slideshow picture. It amazes me that I recognize many of the bloggers there. Ours is a smaller world than I expected, which is nice.

  8. What a fabulous vintage find! I think that dress is fun even of it is a bot can suffer a bit to be beautiful!

  9. Now that's an idea I wouldn't have thought of! Perfect! It's such a shame to leave a dress like that just sitting in the closet, so this was a perfect excuse!

  10. Beautiful dress! You look wonderful.

    With you on reluctantly accepting that the '80s are now Officially Vintage. I'm 44, too, and I bought my now-vintage '80s Wayfarers when they were brand new. Yikes.

  11. I love this dress! Beautiful silhouette.

    And thanks for a great idea: using a skirt as a petticoat. I've had trouble finding petticoats and will try using old skirts in their place.

  12. It's sad that our youth is vintage, true. But at least we are kick-butt Gen X'ers! Yay us!

    Love this dress, love it best on you, and love the whole outfit!

    P.S. Near Dark is one of my FAVE horror movies, too.

  13. I always love vintage - and this dress only confirms my statement.
    Now, I must admit that the accessories made me scream (in a good way) - they are just candy.

  14. Thanks, Megan! I had fun wearing this.

    Wendy, thanks for having me!

    Patti, I know, score, right? Thanks for doing VM!

    Keely, thank you so much!

    Sal, aw, thanks, hon!

    Jude, thank you! Next year, I might dress up again (I tend to take alternate years off). Hee, Vizzini would have wreaked havoc in the office.

    Ally, isn't that the coolest thing? I like that we have our little niche group. :)

    Leslie, thank you - it was worth the scratchiness!

    Cara, agreed!

    Ana, thank you. It's sad to accept that the era in which I was a teen is now vintage. Treasure your "vintage."

    Thanks again, Ally! I am still looking for a petticoat for you. :)

    Freeda, thank you!

    Erin, I know, so sad! Thanks so much! I knew we would have similar taste in movies. :)

    Lorena, me too - ha, I hope you are okay with the spiders!

  15. Veshoevius (great name), thank you so much! Thanks for visiting and commenting, too!


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