Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Outfit - WW Meeting

Went to my regular WW meeting for the first time in a couple of weeks. As always, I wore something nice and lightweight:
My new-ish teal cardi (last seen here, ha, with the same tights), my bright orange corduroy skirt (last seen here, scroll down - I am wearing that same necklace today, too), and flat shoes for walking.

I also wore my chartreuse jacket (last seen here) because it went so well with my new purse.
I also had long brown leather gloves on for the morning.

A shot of the purse:
The handles and the bottom of it are wood. It was on for 50% off, so I got it for $12.50.

Check out the cool pattern:
I think that green blob is supposed to be a dragon - rar!

Jacket (Alison Wonderland, consignment), cardigan (Kersh), skirt (Jacob Connexion, consignment) , shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, swap from Cat), necklace (Lavishy), earrings (gift from L).

Well, my exciting news for this weekend was going to be that we got a new kitten companion for Inigo, but it was not meant to be: no kittens at the SPCA for another month. I'm disappointed, but we'll go next month and get a new family member.

In the meantime, as I type this, Mr. Drooly-pants is sitting on my lap. Here he is when we got home last weekend and unpacked our Fluevogs:
Kitties and tissue - an unbeatable combination.

Heh, he's digging for mice:
There must be one there somewhere, buddy!


  1. I love all the colours that you're sporting here! Looking good! The kitty is very cute, and I love the action shot!

  2. I'm crazy in love with the super saturated colors you're wearing. Sammypants is a newspaper aficionado. I don't think I've introduced my mom's cats to tissue paper yet. Inigo sure looks like he's enjoying it.

  3. The teal is so pretty and I love the purse, so unique. Most of all love the kitty capers...meow!

  4. Love the bag :-). Can't wait to meet Inigo's new friend - although I'm betting you'll bring 2 new kittens home - you won't be able to resist ;-)

  5. You look great in all those colours! I love your kitty, I have 3 (and a doggy!)! Kisses

  6. I need to post my cat someday...she is sitting and starring at me right now! I always have to think LIGHTWEIGHT on weigh in days...I might mimic your outfit next week!! Love the teal cardi and fun tights!

  7. That bag is one of my favorites! I love anything asian inspired.
    Love the plethera of colors~

  8. What is it with pets and paper, Wendy?

    Allison, thank you!

    Megan, thanks - I love all those rich colours, especially together. Inigo loves the noise of the tissue.

    Lesa, thank you!

    Tat, isn't it cool? I know, I would love to have more, but our condo only allows two cats total.

    Dimi, thank you. Aw, how nice to have so many furry friends!

    Pam, I would love to see your kitty! You'd be amazed at how much clothes can weigh! Thanks!

    Paula, me too! Thanks!

  9. Color, color, color - I totally adore this !
    I look forward to adding more color to my outfits and rediscover items from my own closet.
    Every time you post a picture of Inigo, it just makes me want to squeeezeee him.

  10. Thanks, Lorena! I am glad Spring is here and I can wear more brights. Hee, Inigo would like that - he's very cuddly.

  11. Thanks, Jody, it was a nice surprise that it worked out so well.


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